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Eclipse is now not support ADT update how it will work if i need to update in near future. Thanks,

however its not supported it still working . i still using it as many other developers around the world.

Hello I’m interested in this game, can you generate the APK with my credentials to I upload to Google play?

My credentials to change are:

Admob Interstitial Admob Banner Package Name Developer Name

Please confirm this to make the purchase immediately.

Thank you very much.

hi sir i can do it . but you have to try to resking the game if u have eclipse u can do it yourself.

Hi, I send to you a mesage with my credentials, please generate the APK and send to my email. Thanks.

sir your game will be suspended by google if you did not change any thing inside the game you have to resking it first

Heloo . I want to purchase that great code . but I found a problem when I’m trying the APK demo . the game stopping suddenly ,and I can’t trying enough. What’s the problem ?

hi sir please try the demo in a different device and not try it on genymotion

hi mr KLdeveloper . nice game i love and want to purchase it but i d’ont know any thing about eclipse or resking the game as you say i need your help to change any things needs to be changed In order to be accepted in Googleplay Please confirm this to make the purchase immediately. There is no problem in paying more for extra work _ plz reply

hi sir .thank u for contacting us.we can resking it for u just send us the graphic you want to put instead of the original one. and we can do it for u + your admob banner and interstitial

ok thank u for ur help and advice as soon as I get ready I’ll buy the game and I will contact you .Good day sir.

u welcome sir

admob banner it’s not working!

sir not showing in this 3 scene,

ok i will check it

so ?


Where admob banner or popup are located in the game? I don’t see them in APK.


sorry i can not tell you where are they.you are working using reverse engine and we will sign your account if you didn’t provide source code license

please i got many errors in eclipse while adding project !! how to get rid off them

Do we have to publish reskin?

Your website /www.kermoulab.com/ can’t visit,Where we get buildbox project

Very nice game ,Can I control how often interstitial ads appear? The ads appears after 3 game over . Can you help me and thank you


dvterd Purchased

Eclipse and android studio apk not running

Hi, what all files are supplied with this purchase?

Do you have the source code in Android 8.0 ?

Hi Sir, where can i found the buildbox project?