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please validate my account i bought the bundle

when u purchase this script. it comes with support doc right? do i still have to go to a different forum to have support scared coz i m seeing post here asking you to approve something.

Yes there is support docs , but if you like to ask extra questions or download free plugin you should join our forum

Hi – presales question – where do I manage users in the admin panel? I want to be able to see users profiles and add/edit/delete them

you can edit users in users page and users profile

Please explain in more detail. I have to login as admin, then go to front end? Then click on what? What does the user page look like in Admin mode? What can I change as the admin? It appears a lot of people are asking the same question “Who do I manage users”. So please give me the details so I can make a pre-sales analysis and decision.

you can see the demo here;

user: admin pass: admin

first create an user. after login go to top users page and go to users profile click edit user , you can delete , block , or change user informations


meishboy Purchased

How to remove or replace the logo from images that are posted?

Upload your logo file to images and insert url of your logo in admin>layout

Hey, this script support firebase?

We didn’t test

Can you test it?

sorry we are too busy , and I have not any idea about firebase

approval for forum bibi9527


When is the next update coming up? Would really appreciate if you could consider these suggestions in your next coming update. Consider adding a proper way to manage users and contents directly from the admin panel, also consider adding the use of an editor in creating additional pages (it’s only possible now using html+inline CSS).

Currently one has to manually insert a post id to get popular,featured and trending posts to show up, you should make it a bit more automated with the option of assigning them directly from the posts management panel.

In the buzz theme and redbuzz theme there should be an option to arrange a list post in a descending or ascending order.

A more insightful website statistic system would be much appreciated, don’t mind it being a separate addon that can be bought.

A user bio should show up with the users name in a post by that user without having to go to the users profile, also there should be an option for the user to add their social media accounts so users can link to them.

The users ranking system could be improved by making it sortable by weeks, months and all time. Same with popular posts.

Finally admins should be able to decide what users content gets pushed to the homepage, the rest should remain in their individual categories.

It’s a lot of suggestions but you should at least consider them, your script is probably one of the best scripts I have come across on codecanyon.

Presale question: What’s the estimated price for a personal customization?

Thanks for advices, we will consider all

Is it possible to add a fields to the posting (IE Price, Location)? I want users to be able to list items for sale locally