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I am trying to change ‘news’ to read ‘Articles’. Is there an easy way to do this for all locations on the site where ‘news’ appears?

Sorry first we need to confirm your purchase, if you bought bundle version please write same comment in bundle page

support forum nickname: elwayno


Hello, Is there any way to upload and play Webm files?

No, I tried to upload a webm and it didn’t works too. Anyway this is not answering my question. I don’t want a wordpress theme… Is there any way to make this script working with webm or not ? I think it’s a popular demand, you should consider this seriously… Webm is far more popular for blogging than mp4.

We can make it for you but our customization service is not free


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I keep getting this and checked several times: “Could not establish database connection. Please check the username, password and hostname in the config file, and if necessary set up the appropriate MySQL user and privileges.” Any thoughts on resolving this?

Open king-config.php and check mysql details, also there can be hosting problems about mysql, pls contact your hosting provider

I want to purchase this item. before that i have some questions. 1. I don’t know how to install on server, who will help me to make it live ? 2. For how many website i can use this item ? 3. Can i add additional features on it ? 5. Can i customize it any way i want ? 6. Finally i have some additional requirements: 1. Admin can create users from admin panel. 2. User can convert video to gif and can post to any category. 3. User can create memes and can post to any category. you can send me an email to : I have very low budget. Thanks.

1-What means for multiple pages i need to buy extended license ? I can’t add pages (like create meme or create gifs) in regular license ? 2- How much do you charge to install script on server ? 3- I want to run 2 websites like (Kingmedia+Redbuzz theme) & ( Kingmedia+Royal theme) how can i do this ? What should i do ? I need to purchase two time ? 4- I don’t want to allow users to change theme from their account, I want to control this only form admin panel can i do this ?

1 more than one website you can use if you buy extended license,

We can install for free,

It’s already like this,

Thank your very much for answers I will purchase.


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Can a HTML theme work with this script. cause I have an html theme that I want to used

You can’t


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support forum nickname: pichok



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The images is not appearing in the single page. And in the theme yosemite the thumbs of upload images is not appearing.. How could I solve that?

Send us your page url and login details via message box in my profile we will check

Hello , Can I customize language pack by myself ? ( I need to use Thai Language)

Yes you can

I am trying to sign up for the support forum, name swhelp. I am having problems with knowing where to install the files on the server. The documentation just states in the appropriate place. I need to what files belong where. Do I upload the upload file to the root? There should be more clarity on this then what the documentation states.

Approved, don’t upload UPLOAD folder, after uploading files, insert mysql information in king-config.php

login deejaymix pls approv

If you purchased bundle version pls write same comment in bundle page


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hello :) i want to install this script on my vps hosting, but i can not do that because database error, but i can do that when i install on localhost. please help me

Check mysql database information

Error The administrator hasn’t yet approved your account. Patience is a virtue!

First you need to purchase king media

how do you activate the search bar please?

There is search bar in left menu, click menu then you will see