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I want talk about a small customization before purchase the script

Contact us via message box in my profile


Venewood Purchased

i have checking my database i have 13.749 users! i can not manage from admin panel ! :/ is a disaster.

You can manage in users page, also we will make changes for users with next update


somsan Purchased

Hi sir dreamhost is good or not ? Please suggest?

We use dreamhost for demo page you can check


somsan Purchased

yes thanks so much. hello can you put plugin search videos from youtube engine and download ? i waiting your good reply from you

Hello … i’m exploring your awesome script , and i want to tell you everything to make a better for the top .

and please approve support site (user : laith )

2nd : in the languages are you support Arabic language ?

3ed : tell me if you work on a new update and what can make the script better ?

Thanks author

Why the video is not in the script ? In the demo one its be in but in the purchased version its not appear ..

How i can add upload mp4 video easly in the script and store a database foe saving it ..

That liscens can give me a fully work on my purchased script and edit and share ehat i want right ?


Please give me your database on demo theme cause i need alots of users appeae in my website … thank you too

I wish you answered pefectly on my qusetions . Thanks author

You can download Arabic lang from support forum,

You must enable video upload in admin panel

No you can’t share our script, it’s only for one page

We can’t share our database


raypas Purchased

The administrator hasn’t yet approved your account. Patience is a virtue! Please approved my account – raypas


Hello, very good nice script!

I like the option to users points can cashout to PayPal, and in the admin panel configure the minimum and request payment, and the points per post. Can create add-on similar?

Thankyou for the replay!

Other option is when a android visit have a option to send via WhatsApp to other. Thats by awesome option. I will buy this scripts in a few time ^^.

WE have whatsapp share codes in support forum but we can’t make paypal system at this time

Thanks for replay. In the future they could implement an add on so that the user has the option to withdraw profits with their points, that would be excellent.

I would but if I could get a withdraw system for points.

Is it a way to lower users points through admin on site or through Cpanel?

There is not withdraw system but yes you can change users point

hello. i just bought King Media and want to download free plugin, please approve my userid so let me download your plugin for this item . thanks

You can change in account page

how to hide watermark yourlogo on image uploaded ?

You can find the answers in support forum please search it

please approve my account. Thanks