Discussion on King Media - Viral News Video Magazine

Discussion on King Media - Viral News Video Magazine

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When will the following issues be fixed? contacted support a few times with no response…

Make the submit button on dulled out or non clickable on upload until all media has been fully uploaded to stop the problem on post being submitted with out all media attached?

Fix the problems of thumbnails being removed if you upload media but forget to add categories or tag. When you submit it tells you you have missed this part but then removes the thumbnail so you have to cancel and reupload content?


We reply all emails except custom changes, thanks for advices we will consider


haleywcw Purchased

Is it possible to add Google Cloud Storage?

We have amazon s3 for now , maybe in the future we can add google storage

Before I buy, I would like to know some few things please.

1. Can I import my blog posts and images from wordpress?

2. How do users/members earn points? Do they earn points for registration, daily visits, Viewing posts, Commenting And as well social share? – I really need this option embedded in the script

Aside the above, the script is great and I want to buy and move my blog from wordpress to it

1- You can but it’s little bit complicated ,

2- they can earn from creating posts , writing comments , receiving positive votes, receiving comments to their posts and views not with shares

if you like we have also wordpress theme , you can check here;

NitroTok Purchased

will the new king media allow gif’s to auto play on the home page? as they don’t currently

It can be thanks for advice


An error below appears when trying to post anything new. Nobody knows how to solve it. Can anyone help to fix this bug or problem?

Thank you

“A KingMedia database query failed when generating this page. A full description of the failure is available in the web server’s error log file.”

Thank you for quick respond. Already sent

hy.. please reply my ticket.. i have some problem.. ffmpeg was active but thumbnail cannot ganarate for video.. and i also cannot upload file more than 100mb.. i not using cloudflare and my php limit upload already increase to 2GB.

We reply all tickets in 2 business days, and we will reply your ticket as soon as possible

When I edit user in admin panel it says anonymous, page not found

also, when making a poll, the images are cut off, especially a vertical image doesnt show full image

you can create a ticket with your page url and login details here;

How can I increase the maximum length in a post? My texts are cut if there are too many letters in it.

This is not support PHP 8.?

Next update will support

Hello! Having issues with the new update refer to the screen shot below
side note, is this supposed to be blank?

after editing the CSS, it seems to have worked

margin-left: 10%;
margin-right: -25%;

It’s side bar , you can add widgets and it will okay

can we login with facebook and twitter etc

yes you can download here login plugin ,

Hello, could i maybe get support on my ticket

This is my second purchase of the script. The first website is running king media and working great, i got help from you guys about 2 years back for adding paginations to it and it worked. I’ve now bought the script again for my second website and tried using the pagination code you guys gave me years ago to the new website but it doesnt work anymore.

we replied

hi , why no want help me with this?

i want create an audio player on homepage but i need url code do uploaded files on homepage but i cant find this .. some help?

We don’t ask money we are just telling you reasons why we couldn’t answer your question, we already added audio player on homepage you can check that code in that file

If you want to say in what page can find this url code for media file i m be very happy with this. i search in all pages and i dont find this.

you can find the answer in

function get_musics

from king-include/king-template-base.php

How to add google analytics? Does It have widget?

We have special option for it in settings

This looks good and would be a better option than using wordpress to create a speedy multi user content site for sure.

A few pre sales questions:

1. Is data managed well? For example if the user or admin deletes an account or post is all the images and database data associated with that account or post all deleted?

2. Do you have any anti flood measures in place to prevent bots creating loads of posts or messaging or following everyone on the site etc. For example users can only post x amount of posts or image uploads per day. Or a captcha appears if too many actions are done all at once?! This would not only help prevent bot spam but also stop denial of service attacks.

3. How is content ranked in the various sections?! Sometimes content can go viral and get a lot of views/likes but because it is time based it would be odd to have it constantly appear at the top for example a post about happy new year 2020. Do you reset the ranking lists each week, month to keep content fresh?

4. Popular tags pages.. somethings that I find happen on other scripts is that 1 user will just spam a hashtag right to the top by posting multiple posts over and over again. A good way to stop this would be to count how many unique users have used that specific hashtag each week and then reset the list every week.. meaning 1 user only has 1 vote to make a hashtag popular not unlimited each week. <<<this could also be a good idea for ranking the lists for other content.

5. The recent section.. is there an admin option to turn that section off or atleast choose only featured/verified or the top 20 most popular authors to be displayed on that section only not everyone?

1- deleting most of all ,

2- yes we have antispam options in admin panel you can see screenshots here;

3- it’s always changing posts has hotness option, if a post got too much views and comments in short time range it will be hot ,

4- thanks for idea

5- need customization for that , we have verified users option it can work with it

Does this program support PHP8.1 now?

we are working on it

Hi there,

In News [content] section I saw only “insert image” and “insert table” option. Is there any way to add other options there? e.g: h1-h6, p, links etc. That News content section area using any rich text editor plugin?

Thank you so much for the quick response.

You can add new options it’s tinymce text editor

how do i enter the admin area, i want to better appreciate the functions

There is an issue with your support page, I have installed the files and had to drop the database several times. If you save the general section more than once the system breaks.

You need to renew your support , then you can create ticket here with page url and login details we will check your page and server ;

So, basically you guys are making money off the support instead on focusing on fixing the issues. It’s been almost 10 years with the same issues, how is that possible!!

There is not any issues with king media script !! It can be your database error we can check it if you renew your support even our support not including server issues but we are checking! Our demos has https and all working very well ! Be sure that you have uploaded all files correctly?! We are not making money from support, as you can see you purchased king media 8 years ago for 14$ but we are still trying to help you


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