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Per down vote on your Media don’t deduct points, any fix?

did you made any modification? it’s working

Nope. Installed new twice, same issue. When I put all points to 0 and only put -50 for per down vote on media, it don’t deduct points. Buggy.

Send us your page url and admin login details via message box in my profile we will check


sevimoglu Purchased

I can not upload 3 mb videos ERROR: SyntaxError: Unexpected token S in JSON at position 0

You need to contact your hosting provider to improve upload limit

for King Media 3.1 to download images over 2 MB: edit king-theme.php line 549 Replaces: maxFileSize: 2097152, by maxFileSize: 8097152,

It’s already changed, if you use nulled version it’s illegal please buy a license

Hello, I bought your product. I need Russian language for the site, can you send me?

You can download in support forum we approved your account

I want to complain about your script. You keep saying it’s built in plain php but I have hired several developers to edit the script and all have said that its actually a predefined software and uses different framework, as it takes proper documentation first to understand the flow.

You have not provided any technical documentation so how can this script be extended? It should not be sold on codecanyon without technical documentation since its not even a recognized framework. So I demand a plugin documentation or I report this script and get it removed from sale.

Waiting for plugin documentation. And don’t reply you have no time to write one, you had 4 years since its release. Thanks.

There is not such framework method has been used for kingmedia. Theme design is nothing more than just overriding a class methods. However, HTML is hardcoded and inline within the PHP functions. Which may gives you some trouble initially to find and understand them. Once you understand than you will find it more easy.

There is no rule to create technical documentation for sale your script on codecanyon. You can contact envato. King media using pure php code.