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How do you add line breaks to description?

Please provide a step-by-step guide to add tinymce to description textbox (when adding images/media/news). I already see tinymce folder in king-theme/default/ so what are the exact steps?

1. Go to king-theme/themename/king-theme.php

2. What line do I edit?

3. Next step?

Etc. Thanks.

Please ask your questions in support forum, we will reply there as soon as possible


Any new plugins coming?

Yes coming soon

The means of adding image to inside news content doesn’t make any sense as it’s very difficult and and pop-up doesn’t show properly when writing. Why not let there be add inside image section under the content at least 4 to 6 add content image field that shows after the content itself?

It’s not difficult to add images in content, you just need to select images,

approve me on king support

username: arunsaravanan14

First you need to purchase king media

Hi, presale question: i see other people has ask this, but is it possible to have this script “Private” like a company intranet so there is a login page and no one is allowed to see content or upload media without permission? Thank you in advance for your answer. Sigfrido

Yes it’s possible, u can set it in admin panel

Does it support FTP cloud storage so that upload media can be stored in a FTP server … willing to pay extra for the customisation

Yes its,