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Hi, i think it will be good to have an option to run after X mins and not in every video.

Thanks for advice

Are we allowed with adsense ads like these? In a iframe?

It is good plugin. It is showing the ads before video is starting. Is it possible to show the ads in the mid of video i.e. in-video ads? The place of ad will be bottom portion of video either 728×90 or 436 size.

Possible but you need to modify

There will be in future an option to upload video as add? I see on other media scripts with this feature…short video with link and after my media clip

it can be thanks

When? I asked this feature long time ago and not upgrade.

sorry for this ,

will this support video ads ( vast ) in the future ?

We will check

RedKings Sir, I want to purchase king media theme and plugins If i purchase your theme 18$+5$ so i will get a license and then will i be able to run the licensed theme on my both websites i have 2 diff domain on shared host and planning to launch 1- funny image sharing 2- fail/demotivational image/video sharing

what is the main diff in extended license in easy straight terms

Just bought this plugin but it dont show adsense, all other adsense shows ok but on the plugin just shows black, please advise. Regards

thanks all working now, you know the link to videos you only allow youtube vimeo facebook etc, how can i had more, like playwire, openload, etc

Hi, can you also aprove my account on support area, its the same username: netboy69


Hi, is there a way to make this work on royal them when no video? before worked with image and video but with royal them only video. Regards

Don’t use responsive adsense , u can use 300px or 320px adsense

i know, thats not the question, all is working fine but does adsense allow adsense over images or video? because that what the plugin does.

I don’t know the adsense rules

Can we allow this type of adsense ad on before start video ? Is it safe for adsense?

Actually I don’t know the adsense rules but I think there is no problem to use it with adsense

Can i use this plugin on other wp themes ?

no you can’t it’s not a wp plugin

Works on royal king theme?

Is this also available as Wordpress-plugin?

Good luck with sales

Is it possible to only make ad show up for media and not images?

Yes you can choose it in admin panel

Not working. Just a black screen with the 5 sec countdown and I’m not using responsive ad

Dont use responsive ad

I want to buy your plugin but please make video upload or link to video allready uploaded if i want to put video ad in more than 1 fun videoclip, and not only html code some of my clients give me video to upload before my video or image post.

when i copy adsense code to the plugin , nothing show when open media except skip ad button with counter to # 5 only and no ads shown for 24 hours

don’t use responsive ad ! you can use 300px or 320px ads in this

any idea for include youtube videos as add ?

Not yet

can ads close automatic after certain second without need to click skip ads ?

Yes but need modifications

How do I install this onto my site? Thanks

Installation is too easy, you will just need to upload this plugin folder to kong-plugins then you will enable it in admin > plugins

Just it , if you cannot install we can help you

So this will work with wordpress?

No this is not for Wordpress, it’s for king media script

why in mobile the ads below the video ?

Page url?

nevermind only in my phone , tested with other phone is working fine