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I want to adjust the position of the image upload time

You can move in king-theme/themename/king-theme.php

To add upload a photo from your url.

Paste image url in textarea

do you offer functionality customizations for hire?

Hello! It will be possible to apply the functionality “Make a post” from Kinglist themes to Kingmedia theme? Kinglist really like, but I need the functionality of adding text posts, not only images and photos.

its possible

for customization send an email :

in you demo on home page recent media slider is coming and right side panel top and recent media is coming but in your theme there is no feature if then please guide how to activate it. please do needful asap.

Hey man

I have some questions :)

1) Can the cover option be “optional”? Can the user choose to ignore it and post without uploading a cover?

2) Then there is this bug when you try to move an item:

3) And lastly: Can there be upvote/downvote like in the list theme, on each of the posts in the homepage? What i mean, is that i want the user to also upvote/downvote from the homepage, not necessarily to enter in the post in order to upvote.


1- they can upload but it will show no thumb

2- we will check,

3- yes it’s possible

I see. So is there an option that if a cover is missing, the first picture ( or the only picture) can be set as thumbnail automatically?

Hi, i have purchased slider plugin as suggested and its working fine. However i want these modifications-

1. Add Image/ Media page to be same as default theme?


2. Remove Upload Cover Image needs only Add media/ Images which gets updated on homepage thumbnail along with title and description?

Is it possible, as i need it to be done quickly!

We can’t make these changes but it’s fee

Contact via email

Do you have AWS s3 upload and rtmp – cloudfront streaming support?

Not yet

in the demo, you cant change the cover picture after you put it. can you fix that?

You can change in edit page same image as thumbnail

hi guys, I wanna buy this theme but I need write any texts, not only media. Can we change it?

Yes you can we have a extra field plugin so you can add text with media

I would like to extend my greatest anger to the maker and author of king themes , all you products do not work , I have bought them more than twice but all have failed in vain please help me out on this issue and please don’t keep quiet please !!!

My email is my whatsapp +971566956946

If you write the issue here we can help you, you didn’t ask any question, our all products are working well, contact me via email;

It can not add videos to Facebook or not.

You can add

$this->output(‘ ‘); image don’t come with https !!! please help me out ! $cover carry http image

og:image echo small image , i want to use big one

1. my facebook login don’t work 2. og:image meta for facebook use tumb i want to use full image 3. i want Custom URL structure. on the formate of /${date of Publish}/${catagory}/${title}.html for example /2016-11-23/entertainment/miley-cyrus-new-album.html

? English

Hi, I would like to know if you can put a favicon, and how would you do it?

Upload favicon.ico to main folder

The theme is updated at the same time as the King MEDIA script?

No waiting approval, it will be published soon

This is only theme or complete php script and theme?

YOU can add with this theme

I have test openload iframe on your demo site direct ( but it do not work. So its impossible to watch online on own site. Maybe your player do no allow or script is problem.

It works! Great script sir. Thank you