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The script is fantastic. I grabbed it for free from “the free file of month”, but like “BryGee” said, worth $5 any day.

Congratulations for the awesome work. I was used to make my personal sites on notepad++ and using my imagination, but to make awesome CSS3 buttons on a fast and simple way, King Button Maker CSS3 is a “must have” tool.

Thanks EndeavorX :) really appreciate it , don’t forget to tweet it :D

Really liked your script! Works perfect! :)

One question: In the Fonts section, how can I add my own fonts?

Also, how can I make all the boxes collapsed?

My site:

Thanks! :D

Thanks for downloading my file , currently it only accept specified fonts , but for my future updates I will add more from Google fonts. Meanwhile if u have any technical issue or problem I can only assist u if u purchase a real license . And also if you want to add the script to your website for commercial use , u need to grab the extended license . Thanks :)

Sorry for posting in another comment, but is there a way of showing the code when clicking the “preview” button?

e.g. when someone clicks on the preview button, the css/html code comes up. Also, instead of showing the size of the button in pixels, can I change it to something like “press button for code”?

Thanks much!

great file. Thanks

Fantastic work!

Thank you so much

what’s the name of the song from the video? :)

I’m not sure what was the song name , but I know it was from Selena Gomez’s album

is it possible to make the background of the buttons transparent?

i appreciate your quick response

yes indeed you have added opacity. But that changes the opacity for both, letters and background. I need the opacity to change to transparent for background only while letters remain visible.

oh ok, thanks for suggestion … I surely will add it to next version . Thanks

Great work. Thanks.


Wow, even though this is free it’s really smooth! Does it’s job and does it well! It’s going to become part of my toolbox for sure! :D

Thank you so much for this great file. Downloaded a second ago because of the mail from envato with all the free files. Really a time saver. I will grab a license if I use it again for commercial use in the future.

Nice work, looks great!

Thanks :) don’t forget to tweet it

Got it free, but definitely worth more than 5 bucks :)

Hi, dude. This is a very good gadget. I’m new here in CodeCanyon and this is my first download. I found it due to the “Free of the month”... But due to I’m a rookie I don’t know how to rate your app with five starts… I will look further… Thanks.

Hi there, Thanks for being interested in my work . Glad that you like it. Unfortunately u can only rate if you purchase an item. But, I do appreciate it if you just Tweet it or like me on facebook . Thanks :D

First of all…well worth the $5. There are a thousand free button generators, but this is by far the best and worth the money…but i have a problem.

I have to use <iframe> tags for my pages. Don’t ask me why, long story. Anyways, the buttons do not work in IE9 (i haven’t tested earlier versions). They semi-work without the frames.

When I say it “doesn’t work” I mean that it simply shows my button text with a blue underline (like a hyperlink)

Nevermind…ignore my last comment. I just replaced the <a></a> tags with <input> tags and it works. So I’m good to go. Thanks!

I saw this on someone elses site who kindly demoed it to me and recommended it.

However for some reason when I added in a second word it went onto two lines.

Before I splash out on the commercial license

Is there a way to set the width for the button that perhaps I just missed?

Hi there, Unfortunately No, You can only resize the padding size not the width size.

Do you know if it is possible to use this button with an aweber form? and if yes, how?