Kindie Web - Multi branch kindergarten management software

Kindie Web - Multi branch kindergarten management software

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If you looking for a solution that helps you to manage your kindergarten database then you are at the right place. Managing an entire school is not so easy task and there are lots of systems available around that can use to manage strong admission, enrollment, courses, accounts, communication, student monitoring and others. Why not utilize a complete solution as a single & streamlined platform.
That’s why we came up with “Kindergarten management system”.
Kindie offers the most ever user-friendly school management system, with more than 50+ features, including admission & course management, attendance & leave management, invoicing, inventory, advanced user management with unlimited user roles, mail & notification management, payments, reports and many more. Not having to waste time transmitting content, suffering hard to find organized and scientific management.
It can cater to all your needs of managing your kindergarten school and any other educational institution eliminating the tedious manual processes. Whenever you face any difficulty, our friendliest support team will be with you at every step to guide the process.


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iOS demo
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Web demo: NodeJS (SailsJS Framework) + MongoDB:
If you need more detail please contact us via Whatsapp: +84983870342. Please check all the credentials and download the APK file in link below:

Note: on Google Play and Apple Store, Kindie App is use for production purpose, we have real school run on it, so you CAN NOT TEST from there.


+ School administrators and principals often have to deal with cumbersome and complicated paperwork and records.
+ Teachers have direct contact with children daily for activities such as learning, playing, eating and sleeping.
+ Parents of students who want to peacefully monitor their children’s daily activities and want to know all their activities at school..
+ Teachers and training professionals want to communicate expertise to teachers and parents directly.
+ Entrepreneurs and training professionals want a professional new student management system to raise funds, to convince investors and to introduce their schools..


Right from the moment of your purchase, uou will be guided by our Comprehensive Documentation guide to getting the process up and running.
You will get KINDIE team’s award-winning after-sale service. Your every issue (even the tiniest technical bits) is equally significant for us as we are relentlessly working to make this platform better every day.
With this a platform this solid and the after-sale service that comes along with it, you have nothing to lose. We provide value for every penny we take.

What FEATURE have KINDIE that Different From Others in Market?

UI & UX Ready: Design happens to be your silent ambassador. With the end level users in mind, this platform has been designed with a super intuitive and minimalistic approach. Its user-friendliness is its gorgeousness.
Code & Customization: With due respect to other school management system providers in the market, we have noticed that most of them have put little emphasis on the color palettes and front-end design of the system. So we put some extra care in it because of the look matters for the people who will be using them.
We pinpointed some areas which cause generally cause trouble during customizing these systems. We tried to make the process as easy as possible.
Documentation: The documentation guide is pretty comprehensive and divided into palatable parts. From beginner to advanced users, this documentation guide is generally enough to get the system up and running. We are continuously updating it to cover all your probable


  • Managing User accounts with 4 types of user (Super Admin, School Admin, Parent, Teacher)
  • Student Management (add, modify and import from excel)
  • Parents Portal: parents can access via mobile app to view their children’s information, keep track of their children’s performance and access other information.
  • Schedule module: Create and manage time table on the fly with flexible menu and schedule options
  • News Management: admin can post local news and notification
  • Class Room & Time Table Management
  • Teachers & Staffs Management
  • The menu planner offers parents information about the child’s daily meals
  • The health module simplifies the way children’s medical profile and history are stored
  • Album Management: upload and share daily activity of kids
  • Attendance reports for individual and class
  • Managing School events
  • Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks: chat and contact directly between teacher/parent/school in case of emergency.
  • Managing system settings (general, massaging , language)
  • Chat between other users, teacher and admin
  • Child attendance tracking
  • Fee collection: Fees payment, Invoicing, Report
  • Payment gateway: Stripe
  • System settings: General Settings, Email Settings, Payment Method Settings,Role Permission,Session,Language Settings


### Aug 24 2023 - V3.3.1
Single/multiple image upload is broken
Class image upload is broken
Cannot move/change a student class once set
Album creation not possible

### March 21, 2023 - V3.2.2
Backend: Hot fix message is not found

### V3.2.1
Backend: Hot fix pagination parent not found.

### V3.2.0
Backend: Upgrade bootstrap to v5
Backend: Add export for all modules
Backend: Fix bug update profile
Backend: Remove all mdi (material UI) to font awesome 5
Backend: Update perfomance some APIs >2s

### V3.1.1
Backend: Clean code
Backend: Add module absence: add new and list data

### V3.1.0
Backend: Enhance upload features
Backend: Enhance UI for settings page

### V3.0.1
Backend: Fix bug uploads

### V3.0.0
Backend: Enhance UI for frontend
Backend: Fix form UI class: select multiple class.
Backend: Fix form UI actions: update row action - remove icons
Backend: Fix form UI bus: fix route name.
Backend: Fix Menu builder
Backend: Add setting copy right footer.

### V2.6.0
Frontend: Enhance UI for frontend

### V2.5.0
Add: create sample data when setup school fisrt installation.
Add: Send email for super admin for first install.
Add: Web menu module backend and frontend.
UI: Update UI for branch.
Fix: class + staff by branch
Fix: Superadmin can edit all roles and staffs.

### V2.4.2
> * Backend: Fixed chatbox error no data when typing

### V2.4.1 
> * Menu and schedule is not reloaded when clicking on another item (frontend)
> * Fix: Module title for frontpage does not display.

### V2.4.0 
> * Updated: Frontend now parent can login with account proviced.
> * Updated: View schedule + menu of a class
> * Fix: backend upload image with empty value 
09 Nov, 2020 - V2.3.0
Add: Fix format structure to work with SaaS version (this is still for single school)
Updated: API student health data log (by monthly )
Updated: Fix CSRF tocken (for backend)
Updated: Attendance statistic
Enhanced: Dashboard UI
Enhanced: Import menu + schedule
Jul 30, 2020 - V2.1.2
Fix chart height and weight.
Fix attendance and pickup.
Jul 15, 2020 - V2.1.1
Add standard chart for height and weight.
Fix session login.
Fix UI Menu and Schedule.
Fix attendance and pickup.
Feb 28, 2020 - V2.1.0
Change UI when choose user type.
Add history charts of Height and Weight.
Add active modules from school.
Add login with Username.
Fix login with Driver.
Fix performance messages.
Fix loading of FeeInvoice/Health/News/Notifications.
Fix change information for the Parent.
Fix performance/UI of Menu and Schedule.
Fix statistics of Attendance.
Fix multi languages.
Fix notification of Attendance.
Fix content notifications.
Fix bugs and optimize code.
Feb 24, 2020 - V2.0.2
Report present/absent for parent/teacher
Report monthly tuition fee
Fix: List parents backend: show kid info if each parent
Mar 03, 2020 - V1.2.3
Update: module attendance & pick up.
Send notification for the message module.
Fix: send notifications for the day off module.
Fix: an active day in the calendar menu + schedule.
Update: regex phone number.
Feb 24, 2020 - V1.2.2
Add fee Invoice module: support Bank Transfer + Stripe payment gateway
Add new languages (Spain, Portugal, France, Russia).
Hotfix upload avatar for kid
Hotfix change status of the attendance module.
2 January 20 - Version 1.1.0
+ Add a new role: School Admin: now we have a new role to manage the school activities (without system configuration)
+ Add notification for pickup.
+ Fix multiple languages for notification.
+ Fix dashboard UI.
+ Add pickup module.
+ Add send the notification for pickup.
+ Fix bug attendance module (Choose class).
+ Fix bug multi-language.
+ Fix bug cannot send notification (attendance, add new album).
+ Fix app performance.
19 December 19 - Version 1.0.1
Fix filter album by classroom
Fix set photo upload limitation for mobile app
12 December 19
Initial release 1.0


  • Contact us via email:
  • Support request being processed on working days from 8:00am to 17:00 pm (GMT+7) within 1 working day after receiving the request.

NOTE: setting up an application doesn’t include the product price. You can do set up by yourself or can hire our technical person to do that for you but that will be a paid task.


After you purchased the plugin, go to the Downloads and set the checkbox to on. You can also rate the plugin there.


Don’t know how to setup Kindie Web App? Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. Installation and setup cost is just 39 USD Web Server Includes:
  • Install webserver ( you must have VPS server Centos 7.x recommended)
  • Install NodeJS and independence packages.
  • Install MongoDB
  • Config web server, e-mail SMTP
KINDIE- Kindergarten Management Software Pre Sale FAQ’s:
There are we collecting few common questions about this software.
We are pretty sure it will cover 90% questions answer for your queries. Anyways, if we miss something please don’t forget to comments. Our support team will help you by answering your specific questions. Again, we are looking forward to your suggestions and feedbacks.
Faq’s (Questions & Answer)
Q. Can I use Kinide for my computer coaching institute?
A. Yes, We think its possible to use for your coaching institute and academy related organization.
Q. Remove the branding is it possible?
A. Yes it’s possible, You can change what you want.
Q. Can I Track my Child’s Attendance?
A. Yes, of course, You can see child attendance status from Parents dashboard
Q. Does it have a Promotion offer now?
A. Yes, Already we have a promotional offer.
Q. Have any Fingerprints attendance system on this management software?
A. No (But, we are working on it.)
Q. Push notification added?
A. Yes, our push notification system can informs some important info instantly.
Q. Is it Multi-School?
A. No. It’s single. (If anyone need, should need to buy another license)
Q. Can you develop customization as required?
A. Yes, we have experienced developer; who can provide your required based system.
Q. New student can be imported from template?
A. Yes, we have. New user can be imported from CSV file
Q. Can we use it with localhost?
A. Yes, our software system is familiar with localhost server.
Q. Can this software calculate semester-based CGPA/GPA?
A. Yes, of course. We already added the result calculated formula.
Q. Does it have Partial Fee Payment system?
A. Yes, its available.
Q. Is this compatible with PHP/MySQL?
A. No, we use NodeJS and MongoDB for our software. This is a very great technology for big system and big data.
Q. Does it support RTL or Multi-language?
A. Yes.
Q. When is support for Mobile App released?
A. Yes, Now we are ready, please have a look another item our portfolio.
Q. Is the Stripe payment system enabled here?
A. Yes, it is


Full refund can be given, if the system doesn’t work as it is described, the issue caused by the code and can’t be fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the source code doesn’t work on your site, that caused by any of the following reasons:
  • outdated npm packages, that has an error in the background
  • hosting limitations or configuration issues
  • incorrect configuration
Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already contacted the support here and provided your website URL. If Kindie – kindergarten management software doesn’t work as it described and the problem is with the plugin, that can’t be fixed in 48 hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue can’t be investigated, then you can’t get a refund.
Thank you