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Really cool effects, they’re all compatible with IE 7 and IE 8 as well?

Hi George.

Thanks, i hope to update the file with some more effects soon.

The Hover effects will work on IE 7 ,8 however its the transitions that will not. (the moving effect, so to speak). Since the browser used needs to support CSS3 transitions, also the magnify and de-magnify get boxed rather than a nice round effect, still nice… but not as much as i would like them to be…. also the triangle effect becomes a box.. which makes it loose that effect on IE 7 ,8.

I ran into a problem in IE8 where some of the images by default are loading like this:

Not a big deal since the effects I mainly wanted to try out still work perfectly! Good job, but you might want to put some conditional IE7 /IE8 statements in there to patch up a few things. Overall a good buy for 3$ for sure.

Looks great, I like it, now lemme see how it works :)

Is there any way to use this in a Wordpress website and if so how?

I second Kerremans Request. I have a logo on a WP site which is using HeadwayThemes Base and would like to have the effect of the logo enlarging on a rollover. How would this be accomplished? I bought the item to see if I could do this myself, however, I do not know where to begin. I have the files but where to place them is not included in the HTML instructions that came with the download. Are there novice instructions? Questions: 1) When I: ””get source” under the desired hover effect in the html page called index.html.” would this be off of a certain site? Where is this page?

2) Once this code is copied, might I then put it in the “Custom Code” area (in my HT Base visual editor) along with the images logo code?

3) Is the css.css file loaded into a specific area in my file structure? or is it all copied and pasted and placed in the style.css or other common css file of the theme using?

4) I suppose the image url is changed from the copied code? Any suggestions on where to start from where I am would be helpful and appreciated. I really want to start using this sort of product after I get past this hurdle.

Is the author answering one of the questions above? If so, it would be nice to let us share it.

Will this work for magento? If so, how?

good luck with sales bro