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the game is looking owesome.. I m gonna buy it…

is it support admob…?

yes.. admob integrated init..

Can we add ads?

admob is already integrated you can add iad too.

demo? How do we know if it’s killing drone or our money?

lol. i will upload it on itunes than you check either its killing drone or your money :)

App is crashing on a device upon load. Any ideas?

let me have a look

app is working perfectly


It’s looking like a nice game. I am interested in buying this. But, i have few questions:

1) I searched for this Game on the app store on an iPad. And, the game did not show up in the results for iPad apps. I had to download to download it by selecting apps for iPhone only. Have you not submitted this app as an Universal app? Or it has some issues relating to iPad that prevents this app to be shown under the category for iPad apps? Please comment….

2) I also test this game by downloading it on an iPhone 5C running iOS 7.0. And, the game did not play any sounds. It seems it has few bugs. Please comment….

Also noticed another bug in the app, when playing it on the iPhone 5C. When we pause the app, we are shown the Ad Mobs ad. But, when we close it, instead of the game being resumed, the game gets over. Please comment about this as well….

3) I am ready to buy, but will you be able to fix these bugs and then provide me the source code?

4) Also tell me Is the App Code re-Skin friendly. Can one easily customize and change the Graphics?

5) I would like to implement iAd on the welcome screen and also on the game play screen. Would also like to implement some additional themes or backgrounds and allow those as an in-app options. Can you implement that?

Sincerely, Imran

Update: Please ignore the point no.2 regarding the Sound. I discovered it’s working. Actually, at the time of testing, the voice button was set to MUTE (which i discovered later-on). So no issues with the sound being played. Please reply to me about point no.1, 4 and 5.


Buddy, it’s been close to a week that you have not replied.

I have downloaded the project and when i try to run the project. I am getting some bunch of errors. Here’s the scereenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txl1ch7vvtt9zqa/error-screenshot.png

Please give me step by step instructions on how to fix this?

I may wait for few days and then decide to contact envato if you don’t reply and provide support.


Download google admob sdk from https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/download#downloadios and replace the file in project name as “libGoogleAdMobAds.a”

what about if i want to add other enemy plane {maybe 2-3 different enemy plane/others} ? is it possible ?

yes you can add as many enemy/plane or other as you want..

I’m interested in this… are you planning to update it to support iOS 8/New Devices?

just select the target iOS you wanna play on and click on build. The Game will be ready to use your required iOS.

is it works on ios 9?

we haven’t tested it on ios 9 yet… but you can check by installing it on your device