Discussion on Kids Puzzle - HTML5 Educational Game

Discussion on Kids Puzzle - HTML5 Educational Game

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I want to add to receive donation can I add this like facebook and twitter share?

Please send me an email to jogosgratispro at gmail with more instructions

Hi I want to monitize this game with pop up can I do this for game? I usually see monitize website with pop up but not game web. If yes can I add anti adblocker to make pop up appear

You can include advertisement on the page. However, it’s better to add ads to mobile games instead of HTML5 games.

We can setup and customise this app. You can contact us via email-makemerealworld@

I sent you an email

Good luck with your sales

It’s game offline ? Play any device ? User can play without internet? If no can you creat offline mode

No. This is not an app, this is a HTML5 game. No need to install or download anything but the player needs to have internet access to open it the first time.

Hi here is the file

Can you also tell me please how much to add 6 extra puzzles I will supply image’s just need you to make puzzles out if them

Thank you

Here is the updated file

Yes. Please send me an email to continue the conversation about the game customization. Our email is jogosgratispro at gmail.

HI download you provided still has facebook and twitter logo as wrell as more games button I think you uploaded wrong version. I sent you email could you please email me html files which does not have facebook and twitter logos on main screen as well as more games ?

Thank you

I just replied to the email

HI can you please tell me how to remove facebook twitter and more games from bottom please?

Sure. Here it is: 1. Open the source file (extension capx) in construct 2 2. Look for the layout home on the Project windows (usually on the right hand side of the screen) 3. Double click on the layout home 4. Once it is opened. Click on the button you want to remove 5. Delete the buttons using the delete key on the keyboard or right-click and then select the delete option 6. once you removed the buttons you don’t want to use anymore, you need to export the game again

Exporting the game 1. Click on Export project on top 2. Select HTML5 website 3. click the Next button 4. Select the folder where to export the files 5. Click the Next button 6. Click the Export button

Let me know if you need additional help

Thanks for the info I just tried that and it’s crashing my firefox it keeps loading more games in new window and every time I close it just loop loads the game it also has this Powered by Construct2 on splash screen which is anoying can you please avice?

Yes. please send me an email with your file. I’ll fix it for you. My email is jogosgratispro at gmail.

I changed images and exported to HTML5. It show “Powered by Construct2” at the beginning. How can I remove it? Purchase for Construct2?

If you send it to, I can export it to you without the C2 logo. my email is jogosgratispro at gmail dot com


I have purchased the source, but can’t works in IOS.

Please help.


Hi there, What do you mean can’t work in IOS?


pre-sales questions, if I add more images, does it shown like in the game ? I mean does it shown as paces like in the demo, or need some codes to be like in your demo?

Not exactly. You need to open the source using Construct2 to include/remove the images. If you want to have more images than it current has, you need to code it. We are available for freelance in case you need help customizing your game.

okay I want to have more images than it current has, so what does it cost, I need to add many screens, and each screen has many images.

please send me an email to with all the project details. thanks


Is there any way to easyly update puzzle’s graphics to jigsaw style instead square?

And then make differents difficulty levels?



Yes. There is a way to do this. Can you please send me an email with all the details for this project? This way I can provide an estimated of the cost and time it will take to get it done.

My email is


Thiago Prado

Hi I want to purchase this game, but I want it works on android not html5. I can upload it to google play store and play it as google play store app not in html5 web application. Can you do it? please give me demo that I can test it

Hi there, Yes. It can be done in Construct2 but it is not straight forward. You need to export to mobile, then use a service like Cocoon to create the APK. Also, you can use Construct3 to generate the APK directly.

In CodeCanyon we are selling HTML5 games only. If you need our service, please send us an email to with more details about your project.

Thanks script work but I want to monetize with intertisial ads how to do this please give me tutorial

how can i run this offline? ( from Chrome)

Modern browsers don’t run web files anymore due to security reasons. You might be able to run it using FIREFOX.

Hi Sir,

Have you APK file for testing ?


Not yet. As soon as it is ready I will send it to you

Hi, can I add my own pictures? Are the steps easy?

Yes. You can add your own pictures. 1) You need to use Photoshop or similar editing tool to cut the images in the right size 2) You need to open the game in Construct2 in order to replace the images. If you just need to change the images, you don’t need to change the code. There are 4 basic sets of images (one big colored, one big gray, one thumbnail and 12 colored small pieces)

Yes. I can do that for you. Can you please send me an email to with additional details? Thanks,

Hi bro, i would like to add more the photo puzzle, can i do that ? Maybe over 60 photos. Better if we have a categories for puzzle (eg: Apple, Computer….)

Hi, Yes you can do that. If you need additional help with your project, I am available for freelance. Send me an email with all the details to


Thank you!

fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you!


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