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Hey, I have a question:

What are the steps through construct2 to change the image of a puzzle? It’s complicated? Or is it just an image change?

It is a big image cut into many pieces using Photoshop. If you know how to use a graphic design program you can get any image, cut it and replace with the current ones. However, you will need to make some changes in the code due to the number of pieces the image will have.

I hope it helps!

Thank you for the fast response, unfortunately this does not quite work for me, because the goal is my end user upload an image and the game via JS do the puzzle. Know any game made by construct2 or other framework that does this?

I have seen one here at codecanyon sometime in the past that you could do something like that. I am sure then name but I remember seen it.


I purchased the game and now I´m really surprised it´s not possible to change the image. No documentation, no demo file how to get the pieces of the image cut and replaced. This really should have been clearly written on the items detail page!

Best regards, Jan

Thanks for purchasing the game.

First, this is a full game not a template. And Yes you can change the image, you just need to change the number of pieces if your images differs from the original. Yes, there is a document that specify every item in the game. The code is commented and easy to understand.

It is very simple to cut the image using Photoshop. To make it easier you should keep the big image the same size as in the game.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Hi, in you docs it says that it was made with construct2 r195 but when i opened it says it needs version 217. So when i edit it with r217 and save it it no has a contruct2 splash screen instead of loading bar – because the later version of contruct2 does not allow changing to loading bar in free version. Could i send you my edited file and you can export it for me (assuming you have a paid version of construct2!)

I updated the demo and documentation folder. As soon as it is available you will be able to download them.

hi thanks – but i have edited the construct 2 file. But when i export it it puts a construct2 splash screen instead of the loading animation. Can you i send you my edited file so you can export it with a custom loading image?

Yes. I can do it once for you.

or mabye you can have a version of the construct2 file that will work in an earlier version of construct 2?

That way, i can export it without the splash screen.

C2 doesn’t work like that

Maybe you have the 195 version before you updated it? I would like that?...

well done! GLWS ; )

Thank you

Hello i have buyed HTML5 Games Kids Puzzle Game i have a Mac but i cannot play Why? Purchase code: 26e3c0c3-26c4-4af4-b4aa-a3bc1c1b88f4

In order to play the game you need to upload to your web server. If you don’t have one, you can either upload it to dropbox or google drive. Another option is to open the files using Firefox.


We are looking to purchase a few games for our new site but these will all need to be completely rebranded / reskinned.

The games I am interested in are: Kids Puzzle, Memory puzzle, Puzzle Adventure, Colouring book.

I am wondering how we can customise these or if you would do this for us. Can you please give me some information/ a quote?

Thanks, Meric

Hi Meric,

Yes. We are available and interested in working with you. Can you please send us an email at jogosgratispro@gmail.com with additional details?


Hi, I only see 1 image. So is that the game? Can we easily add more pictures?

Hi. this game have two sets of images. This game is a little more complicated to make changes because the way it was setup. I have created another kids puzzle there is easier to reskin, here is the link » https://codecanyon.net/item/kids-puzzle-html5-educational-game/17728459


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Hi, first great game. Could you help me with something? I read all the comments, the only way to cut the pieces in hard mode is with photoshop? Piece by piece? And i would like to know more about the other kids puzzle you said it is easier to reskin, it´s easy to change the number of pieces too? Thank you.

Hi, Yes. Yes. Yes. The other game is this one. It is easier to cut because the pieces are squared. https://codecanyon.net/item/kids-puzzle-html5-educational-game/17728459

malu17 Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply. About the other game, the documentation show how to change the number of pieces? Like 9 to 18 pieces? Thanks.

There are 12 pieces for each big image. We don’t teach how to make changes to the game but feel free to do so.

hi, can i compile it into ios version?

Yes. All the games were built using the game engine Construct2. It is free to use and export to HTML5. However, you will need the paid version to export to mobile (iOS, Android and so on)