Kids Puzzle Adventure - HTML5 iOS Android Game

Kids Puzzle Adventure - HTML5 iOS Android Game

Kids Puzzle Adventure - HTML5 iOS Android Game

UPDATE: v1.1 (12.9.16)

The Cordova project has been updated to v4.2.1 for iOS and v5.2.2 for Android. The application was built and tested on iOS 9.3.5 and Android 6.


Kids Puzzle Adventure (KPA) is a Jigsaw Puzzle game template for children, written in Javascript using PIXI.js (a WebGL and HTML5 Canvas render engine).

A perfect tool for helping kids’ to improve their shape recognition and association skills, to learn new words and to rediscover common scenarios in the form of fun puzzles.


  • Create unlimited custom episodes with as many puzzles as desired.
  • Randomly generated puzzles with custom complexities. Every time a different puzzle.
  • Every puzzle displays a word, also read by the browser/device using a native Text-To-Speech tool.
  • Fully customizable and configurable (graphics, sounds, episodes, puzzles, variables etc.)
  • Responsive. Fits any screen resolution!
  • Fast and Powerful, suports WebGL and Canvas.
  • Portable to iOS and Android (and other platforms) using bundled Apache Cordova™ (PhoneGap) tools
  • Light-weight custom game engine, built on top of PIXI.js
  • Well documented

Online documentation

A comprehensive guide covering every aspect of the game setup, configuration and deployment:

Note: Audio files are not included in the product

However all music and sound files are conveniently available for sale on Audiojungle:
  1. Sunny Days at the Funny Farm (by pinkzebra)
  2. Puzzle Game 02 (by D_PEIN)
  3. Playground fun (by Lmz)
  4. Award Logo Game (by sonic-boom)
  5. The Correct Answer (by GabrielGaro)