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we can use it for RTL languages like arabic ? we change just images or we must change text in the code ?

Hi, thanks for interest. unfortunately we don’t test it by RLT like arabic. but you may need some modification of the code Than it may be possible.


I have 2 quick questions:

1. How difficult is it to implement the source code to Android Studio? Have you tried doing it?

2. Is it possible that you publish an APK file (to Dropbox or somewhere else) so that we can test the app before purchasing it?

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your question & our answer is that, we don’t try it by android studio yet. But obviously you need some modification of the app code.

hi it is possible by android studio too…if you good knowledge of that.

he apk test link

I received a very nice thank application 2 Admin application and extension of project outcomes What is the difference between what they Stpe it works

I think one of the startApp advertising other advertising AdMob

Yes you are correct. Stp- startapp & adm- admob.

Please Send APK demo Link..

Please Send APK demo Link..

Hello…plz see the item details page on front….

Do you use Admin panel to input data, or all information is placed inside Eclipse.

Hello….all data from in app…there are no admin panel such online.

Do we need change image files, etc. before publishing?

Yes..off course.just change image & ads id with your own package name.

Will it problem if I do not change the images?

Hi, I thinks you are a newbie.why you worry about this? Its simple.just search on the internet.you will see the reliable lots of source & change that by own.

Hi, can we have it in android studio?

Yes…You can upload it on playstore after reskin & also This template is Eclipse based & studio version is not included in the project file, but you can also work with android studio. Yes all sound has in the main file which is need to the app.Thanks.


Welcome dear…

dear if i purchase can u create with my logo and contact us page

Explain plz….do you want to reskin? or customize? plz mail us at : support@golakar.com

Hi. how to customize the app, when I will buy it? Which program I will have to use?

Hello dear, Already describe details at item description page as this is eclipse project & also help file including like how to reskin & customize the project. So, if need any other customization work, you can feel free to contact us.

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

Hi, Thanks for you interest.Yes you can modify everything & If you want to resell to your customer please mail us at: support@golakar.com. Then we can discuss everything for next step.

what’s his voice that can be replaced with other languages, for example, replaced with Indonesian language?

Hi, Alphabet words sound is system wise voice which can not change to other language but others can be change with your language such numeric & other voice which found on RES> raw folder. We also want to update it with capable other language but currently busy to another project. so, it may be update as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.

Ok, thangs

does app support admob

Yes, off course.

is there any admin panel to add multiple question .or to update.. :)

No dear…its offline app.

Is this android studio project?

Hi, you can also work on android studio by just import existing project.

This is template or working application with source code

Hi, this is a android app template including source code.

ok but i need running app how it possible

please check item details page…

Uhhmmm hello sir, I just wanna ask a question first before buying this.. is the source code of this game can apply in UNITY 2d? ....or in Android Studio?.... or is it only be used in eclipse java language only? thank you in advance for your answer sir..

Hello dear, Welcome to our code world. You can also reskin/ remake this app with android studio if you have good knowledge about android studio.