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Hi, what do you mean with no backend? If I buy this template works like your video demo? Thanks

@farm37 thanks for comments

- what do you mean with no backend? -> It means no webservice (api) for this template, only json data file included.
- If I buy this template works like your video demo? -> Yes

Thanks, the json file can be hosted on server? Or only loads locally?

Only local load file :). It has structure model, your can customize.
Ex :
//Using AFNetworking
[placeRequest searchPlace:searchKeyword response:^(id responseData) {
for (NSDictionary *dict in responseData) {
    Place *place = [[Place alloc] init];
    [place deserializeDictionary:dict];
    [_dataSearch addObject:place];
[_tableViewSearchResult reloadData];
If you would like buy full application + back-end ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/con-yeu/id973326297 ), contact noho501@gmail.com

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

How does it takes all “places”? Are they added manually from the beginning in the app code? Or can it be added by users or added through web site admin panel?

Hello, this is template, manual add place (json file), no admin panel

Hey i bought your project The “Kids Place” and I it doesn’t same the App Store demo?

Hi, This is just template without coding (i have a note on the item detail), so the app on the AppStore that’s full source code including admin backend

How I can have it ?

Contact me via email noho501@gmail.com