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Hello. I wanna use the startapp version o fthis game but why does it have to load so long between screens unlike the admob version?

Hi, thanks for interest. Both ads start loading at same time but there might be some time taking operations in startapp to load ads on screen. There might be lack of inventory of ads for the startapp to my id. I can check once on this but according to me there is no coding level problem, we just need to call that’s all. Thanks, Vishal

great app ,great support from author

Thanks a lot :)

I have some problems attached screenshots



Also in the documentation does not describe how to remove or add categories.

The error seems like you have not attached the “google-play-services-lib” library to the main project. For more information please email me on vishbodkhe@gmail.com

email sent, please add me to skype: mig2479@hotmail.com

Added. Please check.

hi have you got a video tutorial on how to set this up in eclipse because all I get are errors after following the in instructions you have provided?

No. Video tutorial not provided for set up. Please email me on vishbodkhe@gmail.com to discuss on error. Thanks, Vishal

The startApp version stops the run, even exporting the default version that comes without touching anything in the code.

OK. Please let me check. I have sent you email

The problem has been solved by vishalbodkhe, your support has been incredible and very fast

Thanks a lot :)

in the demo apk, level 6×6 always error…why??

ok..i will wait..

Hi, thanks for your support. I have added more images to some of categories and now no error in level 6×6. I can send you to add in project and you can run without error for now. Please email me so that I can send you vishbodkhe@gmail.com. I will work on add/remove category part later and update item. Thanks, Vishal

[2014-07-31 02:20:05 – google-play-services_lib] Project has no project.properties file! Edit the project properties to set one. [2014-07-31 03:27:35 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] Proguard returned with error code 1. See console [2014-07-31 03:27:35 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] proguard.ParseException: Unknown option ‘(’ in argument number 12 [2014-07-31 03:27:35 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] at proguard.ConfigurationParser.parse(ConfigurationParser.java:191) [2014-07-31 03:27:35 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] at proguard.ProGuard.main(ProGuard.java:484) [2014-07-31 03:30:58 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] Proguard returned with error code 1. See console [2014-07-31 03:30:58 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] proguard.ParseException: Unknown option ‘(’ in argument number 12 [2014-07-31 03:30:58 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] at proguard.ConfigurationParser.parse(ConfigurationParser.java:191) [2014-07-31 03:30:58 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] at proguard.ProGuard.main(ProGuard.java:484)

why?? when i export project

Hi, For Startapp Ads on your code have a banner ads? Please reply ASAP.


Yes. Banner and interstitial ads enabled.


1. To enable/disable in App purchase is by setting this: IN_APP_SUPPORTED = true to true or false, right ?

2. Where can I can control additional categories and levels after user did a purchase ?

1. Yes You are right. 2. If you enable IN app Purchases then you don’t need to do anything after user purchase. Only you have to read the document to create in app products and put ids in code.

the level is started from 4×4. is it configurable to start it let’s say from: 2×2 ?

the level is started from 4×4. is it configurable to start it let’s say from: 2×2 ?

Yes. It is configurable from AppConstants.java file (default row & default column) values. You can only set the values which are added in strings.xml values. You cannot put any values to this constants otherwise app will misbehave. Please email me if you need more information- vishbodkhe@gmail.com. Thanks Vishal

I set IN_APP_SUPPORTED = false since I want to make this app as free. But after I did that, banner and interestial ad not displaying anymore. What has gone wrong?

Please check your email.

Thanks a lot Vishal for a nice support and kindly help! :)

I have some problems In Eclipse all SDK installed

See logs from Eclipse after import project

[2014-11-25 21:10:02 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob] C:\Documents and Settings\User\??????? ????\Android\??????\Kids-FunMemoryGamePack\Kids-FunMemoryGame_AdMob\res\layout\category_layout.xml:47: error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adSize’ in package ‘sale.app.kidsmemory’ 2014-11-25 21:10:02 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob C:\Documents and Settings\User\??????? ????\Android\??????\Kids-FunMemoryGamePack\Kids-FunMemoryGame_AdMob\res\layout\category_layout.xml:47: error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘adUnitId’ in package ‘sale.app.kidsmemory’ [2014-11-25 21:10:02 – KidsMemoryGame_Admob]

How add google-play-services-lib as library in main project? If can give me little instruction

Screenshot attached http://imgur.com/XUBcObV

I will message you today for teamviewer access then I will solve your problem.

Hi , i have bought you game, please i want when i select 2 same pairs of images to stay and do not disappear , is that possible !

I need to check. I will reply you in couple of days. I just back in city. Thanks, Vishal

please how can i remove completely in app purchase from the app !

Please how i can disable in App purchase !!

Really Sorry for late response. You need to make public static final boolean IN_APP_SUPPORTED = false; “false” for disabling In App Purchases. It will remove ads as well. For enabling ads you need to return “false” like below method in AppUtils class:

public static boolean isAdsRemoved(Context context) { SharedPreferences prefs = context.getSharedPreferences(MEMORYGAME_PREF, Context.MODE_WORLD_WRITEABLE); if(AppConstants.IN_APP_SUPPORTED){ return prefs.getBoolean(ADS_REMOVED, false); }else{ return false; } }

Hello, is this developed in Eclipse?

Yes, it is developed in Eclipse.

hi what is your email I have question about reskinning thanks


irox3r Purchased

Hello, i have one problem:

The import com.android.vending.billing.IInAppBillingService cannot be resolved...

IabHelper.java online: 32

CONSOLE: aidl.exe E 5312 2656 io_delegate.cpp:102] Error while creating directories: Invalid argument

how to fix please ?

OK, thanks. Please check your email.


irox3r Purchased

Eclipse’s error, not the game. Thank you!

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, can you give me an Android Studio version? I am finding it difficult to import it into Android Studio.

I have not started on Studio porting yet. I think once I done will update item. But for now I suggest please check Studio articles on how to import eclipse project into Studio. It will help you for sure. Thanks

I am having a lot of trouble doing the import to Android Studio. Can you import it successfully and send me the zip folder of the Android Studio project?

I tried many articles suggestion already.


Google Dev Console showing below msg :

Security alert Your app is using an incorrect implementation of in-app billing. Please see this Google Help Center article for more information. Vulnerable classes: com.android.vending.billing.util.IabHelper Affects APK version 1.

Thanks for your purchase. I will update the app with fix this issue soon and then you can get updated and ready app for sure.