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Good luck with sales.

Thanks .

Eclipse or android studio ??

Eclipse if you want then convert it…thanks.

Hi I’m looking for those libraries, can you please let me know where can I find them: http://i.imgur.com/1NPRrj6.png

This is defualt library …thanks

Thank you


Can you import it to android studio and send it to me after i buy?

Yes yes ,after buy contact on mail..thanks

Hi Dear, We found that you have used the Images for Logo and Buttons extracted from our apk. please contact us at contact@4dsofttech.com for further discussion, otherwise we will have to report this to authorities. Thanks from 4DSoftTech

Send mail..

Send mail..

Before i buy, Update fill color tool.

Please contact on mail more information

I want to buy this app, but can you change images click to fill, like microsoft paint

I want to buy this app but i want to fill color by clicking on image part instead of dragging on image, just want to fill colors like microsoft paint

Its possible but customization require for that please contact on mail..thanks

Can you convert it nto android studio? Is this under pure native android code?

Yes buy first after contact on mail

hello, did u use adim panel to adds PNGs images?

No admin panel you can add PNG in code.