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Hi, i’m trying to customize look of coloring book and everything is working good except I can’t paint on some parts of images and same parts are not working as buttons. I’ve tried to save png with and without compression, same with export every combination gives same result. Images are PNG 900px width, transparent 24 bit. When I export game without any changes it’s working good. When I changed images in original exported game it was also working properly. You can check my problem here http://wip2.stronazen.pl/demo/ Please help :]


You need to open the image editor in Construct2 and change the collision polygons. Here is an image for reference » http://i.imgur.com/A6TktNd.png

Let me know if you got it!

Now it’s working perfectly :] Thanks for quick response and great game.

I am glad you liked it. If you need help again let me know. If you have a chance, please leave a review :)

Hi there,

I have a WordPress website and I’d love to have a bunch of your kids activities on the site, is there a way I can implement these in there somehow?

Cheers, Jackmagic.

and just copy and paste the html code to a new page?

and just copy and paste the html code to a new page?

Yes. After you upload. get the path and add it to an iframe.

I purchased 3 of your games ( I think they look great), but I don’t have Construct2, nor can I get it because I use a mac. Could I ask you to please send me an HTML5 versions of the following games to me at tinygradstemp@gmail.com? I tried using the demo files, but they won’t work. If you can send me the HTML5 versions that would be great!

1.) Kids Coloring Book – HTML5 Educational Game 2.) Discussion on 50 States Challenge – HTML5 Educational Game 3.) Feed Mypetdog Number – Educational HTML5 Game

I will be happy to send you the purchase codes to all these via email.

I really look forward to receiving the files from you ASAP.

Thanks! Peter TinyGrads

Sure. I will send them to you now.

Hi Dexterfly, Is it possible to change the images in the game, without the need of Construct2 (i’m on Mac and no programmer). I need a colouring book were i can change the images by replacing them for example in a directory. Like to hear from you

The way Construct2 works, you will you need to download the FREE version in order to change the images. Perhaps you can use wmware to run windows on a Mac computer.

Hello, I’m interest in your app. But I have some questions if your app meets my requirements. 1. Can I upload photo from phone with big size? 2. Can I save the photo with doodle right to the HDD without the save dialog? 3. Is it needs to run on a server?


1. No. You need to insert the phone using Construct2. The users/players don’t have the ability to include images to the game. 2. This is a browser functionality. I don’t think you can bypass the save dialog box. 3. You need to upload the game to a website in order for other to play it.

Can I compile it on phonegap?

Yes. You can export to Phonegap, Intel XDK and Cocoon. However, you need a personal license to export to mobile from Construct2.

Hi, will I get .capx file so that I can make the changes to the game using Construct2?

Yes. All my games comes with the capx, documentation and demo folder

Hello! have some problem when i try to build it in cocoon, Internal compilation error Only changes i have made is the icons and some graphics. Any suggestions?

its strange i use exctly the same setup as you, but “Internal compilation error” tried delete all the profiles and made new ones, sama problem… this has never happened before in my projects… and didnt change any plugins. Tried to delete the whole project and uploaded the zip file an made a new one but same problems, and if i go in to another project that i have and try to compile it, everything works…

Now i got it! By mistake i exported the developer certificate, when it should be the distribution certificate. now everything works :)

Great! I am glad it worked.

How can I make it so that I can zoom in on images I want to color. This is difficult when trying to zoom on mobile devices because when I pinch on the images it doesn’t work. Is there anyway to do this. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

HTML5 games should prevent the player from scaling the canvas. If you know how to use Construct2 perhaps you can program it to work like that but there is no simple solution for it.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this, but I’m wondering how difficult it is to customize this with my own images. I don’t know what Construct2 is and have never used it – would that make it harder to replace them? Also what image format is needed for this? I already have some black and white SVGs created by our illustrator.

Hi, I am glad you liked the game. It is simple to change the images using the FREE version of Construct2. The image format is PNG (transparent).

You would double click on the image and change it with yours. Once done you would export the game to HTML5 (FREE) or to mobile if you have the Construct2 Personal or Business licenses.

Also, if you are interested I can provide simple game modifications for a reasonable fee. Let me know what you think.

Hey, like the game and I have one question. Is it possible to extend the game from left to right without black side bars? Or any other way to avoid that empty space?

Thank you.

Basically, you will need to change the fullscreen in browser settings and include a background image that would fit in any screen. Right now, the game is predefined to a size. So, if you want to be dynamic you will need to change the settings and the background.

Is there a way to add more than eight color photos? Or is it possible to link directly to a single image?


I don’t understand what you mean by eight color photos? Do you mean eight colors or eight images? What do you mean link direct? link do an image on the internet or load an image from your computer?

For instance can there be 2 or 3 pages of photos to choose from? Also can we link directly to a chosen image (click link and it automatically opens up that photo for coloring)..


1) Yes. You can add more pages of photos. You just need to program it in Construct2. The game was built in a way you can use the FREE version of the software. You just need to download, make the changes and export it again. 2) No. For this game, all the images must be loaded previously before you upload it to your server.

Take a look at this other game of ours that the images are categorized https://codecanyon.net/item/coloring-book-48-pages-html5-educational-game/13817576