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That’s app source is free by : androidsoft.org The url : http://androidsoft.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/coloring/ We will report your account in codecanyon if you don’t stop selling it now

Please go ahead an report it. You are not the developer of the app and I can prove it!

we dont have google-play-services_lib , so there are a lot of error .. can you help me :’(

I’m using Eclipse :/ can you give me your email to send you the screens ?

I’ve replied you by email.

okey thank you

Interstitial ads do not come out that great banner please help

I am confused why interstitial ads

It also contains banner Ads. Interstitial is set to be displayed on game exit but you can set it to be displayed in other parts of the game.

they are a problem at save button ! we can’t found the pic in galery

Please take a look at the code in file ColorActivity.java, line about 641, the “saveBitmap” method. That’s the one dealing with saving the coloring page.

where is the “google-play-services_lib” ?

plz “anjelika2k7” reply me i need the “google-play-services_lib”.i’m using eclipse

all is done but there are errors.is there any solution

What kind of errors? Must be some configuration errors on your side, the source code contains no error.

Did you manage to get rid of those error? If not, let me know so I can help you.

ads admob not work i add my code and all but not work

can you sir give me your email for i send you some picture, and thanks

You are running some AdBlocker software which does not allow Ads to be displayed. Uninstall that program from your device and you will be able to receive Ads (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10717358/uncaught-referenceerror-afma-getsdkconstants-is-not-defined)

hi, I have buy this app.can you help to change moment the intertital ads? I mean , you set intertitial ads load at public void onBackPressed, how I can change it to onload complete?


can you give me a sample?


or can I email you to resolve this problem? can you tell me your email addres? thanks

http://codecanyon.net/user/anjelika2k7 you can use the contact form in the right hand column to send me a message.

Sorry, doubt. 1 – It contains the latest version of google play services? 2 – I can add more drawing templates easily ?? 3 – Payment in templates, you only see offers. It is possible to add more than one user template payment within that option? Thanks

Hi, Sorry for the delay in reply. 1. You can update to the latest version of google play services at any time and use that library. 2. Yes, adding multiple coloring pages is described in the documentation and is a straight forward process. 3. Not sure what you mean by “add more than one user template payment”?

I’m having troubles adding a new category, I’m using the “NO IAB” version and my problem is:

INSERT INTO categories VALUES(1,’Coloring Book’,’Lot of different fun pictures to color’,1,’000_default’;

For a new category, i don’t now what to put on the 000_default. Can you give me an example? Thanks

No, what I am trying to say is that the category is used to distinguish between paid and free coloring pages and nothing else.

Can you talk on skype for a few minutes? This is the only thing that i couldn’t solve. The rest is working perfectly!

Yes I can, I will write you my id. The point is that category CAN NOT (has no effect) be used in the non-paid version of the app. And in the paid version it makes the difference between paid and non-paid coloring pages.

A few days ago I have purchased the product, I have followed the entire process perfect eclipse video installation! google play has also been released, but In-app Billing How can I test customer transactions, and the amount recorded success? thanks


Thanks for the purchase!

Please follow this guide: http://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/billing_testing.html in order to test the in-app billing functionality.

Is there an option to add more colors and replace any existing colors. Can we replace a color with a pattern.

Hi, You can replace the colors pretty easily but it will be harder (needs more coding) to replace it with a pattern.

Ok thanks. One more query, Is there a feature to zoom in and out image to make the coloring easier.

No, sorry, there’s no zooming supported. The game is designed for children and most of them have no idea how pinch to zoom works. Anyway, that is a nice feature to have but is not implemented in the app at this time.

How can I add more categories on DB? I’ m trying to use non NO IAB version I’ ve copied AIB Db structure and It does not work. Write me too please your skype id, or please take a hand to solve this prob. Greetens

I’ve sent you a private message.

the apK file not work in my samsung galaxy S3 can you give me the last version after purchase

Hi, it is the latest version, what exactly does not work on your device?

Hii we have purchased your app ,,but android studio 2.2 is not able to load it ,,it is saying that android plugin is depreceated and use com.android.application and manifest file is also not loading up

Sorry for that, I will update the source code tonight! In the mean time you can find the working build.gradle file here: http://pastebin.com/c9Xv03wt

waiting for your update.

Hi, I’ve submitted the updated version 4 days ago, it should be approved by Envato team soon. Thanks!

what’s the function of the in app purchase? It removes ads or unlocks new pages?

Hi, if I remember well it does both (removes ads and unlocks new categories).

hello anjelika2k7 i want to buy your source code “kids coloring book” can i use it many time (export from it many apps and pulish them) and thanks

Hi, according to the Envato (CodeCanyon) rules (https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular) you will only be able to reskin and publish the app one and not multiple times. Please contact Envato in order to obtain more details as these are their rules and not mine (author). Thanks!

you should to add multiple lisences. did you have this source code in other market or somewhere that i can buy from it multiple licenses

Hi. I’m trying to import the project to Eclipse but there are many errors, and files are not the same as in the videos, can you help my please?

Hi, sorry for the delay in reply. I don’t think Elicpse is a viable option right now as it does not support the latest Android releases (the ADT plugin is not anymore maintained by Google) so you should try Android Studio. I added the Eclipse version for compatibility whenboth IDE were supported but don’t think you will be able to develop by using Eclipse anymore.

hello, did you have a test apk?

Hi, yes…please check the “Live preview” option.