KF8-Fixed Layout Image Zoom Graphic Template

KF8-Fixed Layout Image Zoom Graphic Template

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KF8-Fixed Layout Panel Magnification Graphic Template

U-DO-It – Description

This pre-formatted template is for comic, manga and other graphic books which uses the Amazon panel magnification feature. It can also be used for other style books as well, just use your imagination. Create a book that showcases your artistic talent. Show people that your book is not only a work of art but a thing of beauty that functions too. A big thank you to Miyaow for her fantastic comic art. It was a joy to work with her, although I did tell her it was going to be done months ago. If you are interested in her comics or need her services You can go here.

Send me a link to your book, I will post your book here.

Technical Specs-KF8-Fixed Layout Panel Magnification Graphic Template

  • Horizontal and Vertical KF8-Fixed Layout Panel Magnification Graphic/Comic/Manga Book Template for the Kindle Fire, Android, Amazon Cloud, etc.
  • Choose between:Pre-Formatted
    UDOITBook_Horiz_Seperate css pages
    UDOITBook_Vert_Separate css pages
  • How to layout your selections in Photoshop.
  • Use a math formula to chart your image offset settings.
  • Do I need to buy expensive software? No. You only need a text editor and the Kindle Preview app but it wouldn’t hurt to have a program that let’s you see the results while formatting your book.
  • Copy and paste code and simply just change some info!
  • When you first get the file, go to, UDOIT Documentation Folder and open the index.html in your web browser or you can just start watching the UDOIT Tut videos.
  • Illustrations in the preview do not come with the template but it does have some basic images for visualization purposes.
  • Full image tag.
  • You may need the font “Komika_Hand”, You can get it here.
  • Photoshop Actions.
  • Printable mag chart for your dimensions.
  • Special characters list.
  • Points_px_ems_percent_fontsize chart.
  • Practice selection layout magnification Photoshop file.
  • How to videos.
  • Programs and Hardware used plus additional Licensing information

    Apple and PC Friendly