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Book Doesn’t Fill Kindle Fire Screen Without Double Tap

I obtained the ebook rights back from our hard-cover publisher (Scholastic) for two Christmas books, just before Christmas. I decided to wing it and throw the books up without this template (I used the InDesign Kindle plug-in), because time was of the essence. We made it to no. 14/16 by Christmas day, in Children’s Holiday Kindle books. And no. 2/3 in Children’s Dog/Cat Kindle books. My bad reviews were either weird bogus ones or due to formatting. So overall, I can’t complaint. But this needs to be perfect for next season.

So, yesterday I took the time to tweak the templates per the Update.pdf file and used them to reformat one of the two ebooks. Used image-only horizontal template.

The issue I had WITHOUT this template was the landscape image wouldn’t fill the whole Fire (or devices using Kindle App) screen unless double tapped. I expected the template to fix that. It did not. Images are definitely sized properly—each page consists of two 72dpi images, under 127k, 600HX512W, for total of 600HX1024W. . Here’s the book (download sample on Fire to see w/o paying): http://www.amazon.com/Twelve-Dogs-Christmas-Creatures-ebook/dp/B00AL62CZY/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

It would be really nice to be able to do both landscape and portrait (with full screen-or close to it-of half a landscape page when holding device in portrait mode) in one file. That seems far down the road, but key for really good picture books.

However, it seems absolutely crucial that the reader be able to see the images in complete full-screen mode without double tapping, especially on the Kindle Fire (not HD).

Please advise. I really like the template (sans having to revise it per the Update.pdf). Gave it five stars, but with these caveats. Thanks! R

I forgot to mention that the book looked perfect sideloaded and on preview, so the slight shrinkage is apparently happening during the Amazon unpacking/repacking/conversion voodoo.

First, what Kindle Fire version are you using. If you are viewing with the Fire HD 8.9”, yes, you will get letter boxing on the top and bottom. This is because the aspect ratio is different from each device. Although you have formatted the images to be 600×1024px the only reason why the images are not full screen could be that the opf or css file has been accidentally changed. If you want, e-mail us the complete book files. The KDP upload process does have it’s issues but that should not be one of them (to our knowledge).

using regular Fire. Will do with files. i didn’t mess with the opf of css file except re: removing extra pages and making the directory tweaks as instructed. What it’s doing (and did when using the InDesign plug-in) is adding the book title at the top of each page, which seems to be adding the border (it’s not really letterbox, as it’s a uniform margin on all four sides)

UPDATE: with UDOIT (Jason’s) help, this is now working perfectly. I went back and added back in some elements that I’d deleted (e.g., the second endpage and the cover—i was just using the KDP cover feature). Not sure why that would cause the issue i was having, but it now works and i kept the data trf fee the same, so no complaints. Thanks!

I cannot locate the video files within the download?

They should be located in the (UDOIT Tut Files) Folder then (How To Videos) Folder.

Hi, just downloaded. I can not see any table of content which is necessary. Can you add that or how do we solve that?

You do not need a TOC for Children’s fixed layout “picture books”, it is unnecessary.

Hi, thanks for reply. I don´t agree and it is a requierment from the author for book with many pages. And it is standard for any ebook format. I will have to figure it out somehow.

hi- i’m trying to decide which template to buy.

i have a children’s book and the text will be in various places. i think the regular one would work, but does it include the text magnification? i’m ok with getting the comic one, but don’t need the image magnification, just the text magnification.

what would you recommend? thanks!

contact via e-mail.

Hi, I was excited to learn about your templates. Could you clarify on something though?

I plan to have my text and image side by side, a landscape page being split into two squares. One for text and one for image. (sort of like The Twelve Dogs of Christmas page layout, but with image on the left, and text only on the right). The Twelve Dog book does zoom on the kindle app on iphone but not on the my 7-inch Android tablet(google Nexus).

I’ve also checked out Sean’s book, (lovely book. :) again on kindle app on 7-inch Android tablet. The page is fixed and doesn’t zoom in. And It’s hard to read at many places with the comic-style fixed dialogue boxes and the finer details on the images. (His book is not available on iphone so I couldn’t see how the zoom in/out function works)

So my question is: Is there any template with text and image magnification that would work on possibly all Tablets?

Thanks so much!!


Please e-mail UDOITBOOKS@gmail.com for better communication.

Bought this item this morning. Posted on Amazon this afternoon. Thanks so much for this. I wasted 8 hours yesterday!

Here’s my link below for my book. Please use it as example. Thanks!!!


Thank you.

Do we have your permission to screen capture your cover off of Amazon and archive it on Flickr? That way we can link the cover image and the Amazon link.

Hi I’m having issues extracting the file package , I’m getting errors. file package may be corrupted

Any luck? What operating system and file extraction are using?

I LOVE this template!

FYI: I use Dreamweaver to change views and Paintshop to create the images. I am not really great at either… but I am practicing!

I do have one question. I can’t seem to get the chalkboard font to work. I comes out looking like comic. I thought maybe that was chalkboard, but when I change it, it still looks the same.

Any ideas?

I have Kindle on my Android tablet and my first attempt looks fantastic!

Thank you again! Kathryn (Kateri) Maloney :-)

Kathryn, Did you load the font onto your system? The chalkboard font does look a bit comic’y. You can always change the font. For better tech support and communication please e-mail.

Everything worked out great! I needed to change the font extension. :-) Thank you!

If you are willing, can you post or send us a link to your book. It’s always nice to see what our authors are working on.

Awesome Fix Layout Children’s Kindle Template Jason.

I’ve tried other so called fix layout templates, one paid and another came with a book. But your fix layout template blows them out of the water because it works easily and looks awesome.

A while back I had an idea wanting to do my first fixed horizontal children’s book and kept running into a brick wall every time I started. Especially if I had a problem understanding how to use it or needed help, there wasn’t any one I could turn to for help.

This all changed when I discovered KF8-Fixed Layout Childrens Kindle Template. On how easy it was working the template after watching the quick to the point how to video’s and looking over the pdf info.

Then more awesomeness came when I needed to ask a question or wondering if I was doing things correct, I could ask you Jason and always get a quick helpful reply. This is a gold mine resource to me, a beginner in fixed layout kids books, knowing there is someone behind the product you can contact.

If you are reading this and on the fence thinking if you should get this fixed layout Kindle template. I’m more then happy recommending you jump off the fence and grab it for your next children’s book now. Yes it’ll make your book look wonderful and it’ll save you a heck a lot of time putting your book together. 5 stars easily.

Thank you for the kind words Jim, I hope your book is turning out great! Good luck publishing and like always, if you need help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


You say in the instructions that “no matter what size your images start at, they need to fit within 1024×600 or 600×1024. But you are cutting the pictures in half. Do you mean that each half needs to be that size or the original full picture needs to be that size?


Start off with a 1024×600px document size in photoshop then place your image/art work within that doc size. Then cut it in half.

Is this template available with the extended license? And if so, how much does it cost, and how would one go about purchasing it?

Please e-mail UDOITBOOKS@gmail.com for better communication.


I followed the instructions, I used the horizontal images only template, 32 pages. I uploaded the book to amazon as a .mobi, four days ago, it is not giving a preview (look inside) and the length is showing as 1 page. Have I done something wrong? I uploaded another kindle book a day before not pictured and its showing fine.

Here’s a link to the book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MHQZN7U

Please check your e-mail inbox.


I had a simular problem to Avis2002 I followed the instructions, I used the horizontal images only template, 32 pages. I tested the book in the previewer and it showed up just fine—Real Good. However, I uploaded the book to amazon as a .mobi, via my email upload and it only shows 1 page in Kindle on my ipad and my desktop. Any advice you can give on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

After your contact, please check your own e-mail inbox. The Amazon mobi file can not be uploaded using e-mail.

hi, just got ur KF8-Fixed Layout Children’s Picture Book Template. Wanted to ask if ur book allows hyperlinks to different pages. e.g. question and answer page quizzes thanks.

Can this template be used for a 15 to 25 page cook book without any issues for kindle?