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Hello once again,

I’ve noticed the plugin will only appear in normal content field, which won’t work with woocommerce normal text field. Do you know how I can implement this? Also for other tabs?

Another thing, you could implement a way to also display tooltips for classes or IDs… would be really really useful and I don’t think it is that hard to implement.

Thanks friend!

Hi. Thanks for ideas. I’ll check how to implement ones.

No problem. Btw if you wanna help testing it out just gimme a call

Hello, I like to know if this plugin support Tooltip display on WP Datatables with MySQL file at server side processing (content is fetched after the page is loaded). I am using CM Tooltip plugin which is not able to show Tooltips. I would like to buy your plugin if it will work in this case.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hello I have a couple of questions.

Am I am to have multiple paragraphs within the tootip? And also can I have the tooltip on 1 word meaning. If I have the word Bio, I want the tooltip over that word showing a bio?

Thank You

Hi. I didn’t catch your question. Please check demo. It shows what you can do with the plugin.

Will this plugin be updated for the new wordpress?

Hi. This plugin works with new WP. Currently my demo website is driven by latest WP 4.2.2. ;-)

This looks like a wonderful plugin. I have a pre-sale question, is there a way I can show the tooltip on click as opposed to hover, on desktop not only mobile devices.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


How can I set a keyword like ”#9”.

If I set it and save, it says “Keywords: none”

and… could you add the feature to clone a tooltip.. would make the creation much easier

Hi, is this item still supported and will it be updated as needed – Thanks!

Hi. All my items are supported and work with latest WP as advertised. ;-)

I wish to purchase – Will it work within Woocommerce product descriptions?

A feature to clone a tooltip would make it easier I agree


I have just bought your plugin, but I’m not really happy for the moment. I have tried another free plugin several hours ago, which did the job. And i expected from a premium plugin like yours to do more than it does actually.

First thing first, there is no option to define where the tooltip will appear. Actually, it seems more a random positionning than something else. In the free plugin I have tested, there is a possibility to display the tooltip to the up/down/left/right of the word. And the tooltip is centered with the word(s). Not like yours.

Ok, we can add our custom CSS. But except by inspecting the code in a console, we have no idea on which class/selector to change.

Finally, you are giving to your plugin some styling options, which are great… but you haven’t put any way to clone a tooltip! This has been asked 8 months ago, and you haven’t added this feature? Come on, the process of making a tooltip in your plugin is a waste of time. By duplicating an existing one, or at least by giving us the possibility to autogenerate the CSS from an existing tooltip, it would be far better.

Well, i’m a bit disapointed to see how a free plugin can be way better to a premium one. Need explanations.


Hi. I got your feedback and include some features into todo list.

Are you working on these features right now? Or are you just working for your Layered Popups for WordPress? :p

I need this update as fast as possible, or I’ll ask for a refund. I have bought 16 plugins here at CodeCanyon, hundreds of bucks, and this is the first time I complain about a premium plugin. It’s not that hard to implement the requested features (n°1 and n°3 at least), it’s like 2 hours of work… for a plugin which hasn’t been updated for 1 year and a half.

Just tell me the truth, do you really plan to add these simple features soon? Or not? Be honest.

Thank you.

Not soon.

The current version is nearly one year old. Is the plugin still further developed?

Rarely but yes.

Is there a limit on the number of ‘keywords’ I can register in one website with this plugin?

You can create as many keywords as you wish.


It seems it’s not compatible with visual composer plug-in Do you have any idea about this?

Could you please provide access to WP dashboard and URL of the page where I can see the problem.

it is on check the word ‘furry’ there is one I put the shortcode in the visual composer text window that shows the tooltip, but in the next line the word furry without the shortcode doesn’t display the tooltip. I hope the tooltip to appear anywhere in the website with the keyword ‘furry’

could you tell me where I can email you to send the access info for my WP dashboard?

Your tooltips plugin seems awesome and impressive :)
I have just sent you a private message.
Waiting for your reply.

Hi. Replied. ;-)

Does the plugin have global options for display delay and closing delay separately?

Unfortunately, no.

hey, just bought this nice little plugin :) i want to import a list of 100 tooltips. i would have been able to do it but the post type isn’t public. is there any way i can change this so that i won’t have to write each tooltip by hand? thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.