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very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Ok! I’m gonna try this one! :-)

Hello, thanks for this great job. However, its showing an error on demo ERROR

The request could not be satisfied.

This distribution is not configured to allow the HTTP request method that was used for this request. The distribution supports only cachable requests. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: YvUmi7IlRmpfth3c9SRvEA5PbGDhKY9saWf0gcFdTbbh4qYnv-Jigw==

Hey! Thank you for the note. Submitted the fixed live preview and it will be live shortly :)

Sure, no problem. Thanks for fixing it.

^^ damn thats messed up, lol

I’ll take that as a compliment ;)

I do this with PHP and mod_rewrite on some non-WP sites I run Adwords for and let me tell you this does work! Super easy way to increase quality scores for your ads and makes your landing page 10000x more relevant & effective! It’s exciting to see a clean solution for WP users, this plugin is definitely worth more than the $17 investment. I’ll be buying this. If you use Adwords, YOU SHOULD TOO!!!! Relevant landing pages = cheaper cpc and higher rankings.

Yay! Thanks for the kind words :) I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t buy it yet – so when you do, please let us know how it goes using it, and if you have any questions :)

Pre purchase question: Hi, nice idea – I’m wonderin though if this plugins does produce tons of duplicate content? I guess one would have to change at least more than 50% of the content?

We’re SEO obsessed, and we can confidently say, as short answer ‘no, not at all’! (We’ve used this tool internally for a long time, so we’ve tracked the results.) The longer version is: if you just change one-word on each landing page and have thousands – then yes, that’s a risk. So use it smartly. We use the plugin to easily change the headline, a paragraph or two each, an image, etc, and we usually do hundreds (not thousands) – so, at least within those bounds, there’s no problem. Any other questions? :)

Hi, we can’t delete the keywords we added. it says “Are you sure you want to do this” and nothing happens after you click “yes”, there is plenty of memory in php.ini and wpconfig and we are in a dedicated server. Peease help

Hey! Thanks for your comment. Please leave us your email so that we can send you the details. :) (Or let us know via team@wpsos.io.)

A new version of the plugin is uploaded to Envato as well now. For updating the plugin, deactivate it, replace the old files with the new files, and then activate the plugin again. Let us know via http://www.wpsos.io/plugin-support/ if you have any additional questions :)

Pre-sale question: can you give me a demo website which used this plugin? Thanks!

Hey, sure, you can check our own website. Here are 3 different versions with changing texts: http://www.wpsos.io/intro/crisis/ http://www.wpsos.io/intro/site-down/ and http://www.wpsos.io/intro/site-keeps-getting-hacked

What will be my url for adword ads ? If my LP url is “http://xyz.com/landing-page” and my keywords are Orange, Maids, Laptop ? Will it automatically trigger page as per keyword ?

Hey! In your example, the URL-s for the ads would be “http://xyz.com/landing-page/orange” , “http://xyz.com/landing-page/maids” , and “http://xyz.com/landing-page/laptop”.

Question.. How will this save me time over just duplicating a page and changing out my keywords in the context. Also, how do you handle not being penalized by Google for duplicate content? Do the pages block robots?

Hey there! A few things.

First, on how this saves time, in two ways. The first way is, is this helps most if you have target a lot of keywords. If you only target two, then this is only a minor help. But if you have 50 or 300 or 2,000 then this saves you hundreds of hours. Secondly, if you do it manually and you want to make a change, you need to recreate that change individually on all the pages – but here, you only have one template so it’s super fast!

Secondly, on the SEO: none of our users have had a problem with that, and we run it on accounts with 5,000+ keywords and landing pages and never had a problem. But there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Google could penalize pages that are almost identical, but we use the plugin to not only change the headline, but change paragraphs – so they look unique for Google! Second, we use SEO-friendly URLs: Google may penalize pages that have URLs like /page/?landingpage=cheap because it could ignore everything after the ”?” (the query string) and treat all the /page/ pages identically, so it won’t realize they’re all different—but we avoid that system and the URL structure is /page/keyword/ so as a result, the URLs are very google friendly! Third, if you are still worried about it, you can set that template to have a robots meta tag to tell Google to ignore it. (Our plugin doesn’t do that, but other plugins do; although this is a good idea for a feature to add!).

Any more questions? We’re here to help!!!!


This is a godsend! I’ve seen apps similar selling for $100s so this is a deal. Wp prem plugin – I understand it’s not going to replicate a plugin attached to a page but could I choose one of the pages generated and manually add? Does it list page generated inside of Pages tab?

Hey! Thank you for your kind words.

About your question: could you please explain the question again? It was unclear for me right now what you asked. :)


Hi! I was wondering if you can use this plugin with any wordpress template?


Yes, works with ANY WordPress template :)


tobot Purchased

Please contact me. Your script is buggy as i have written it to you a few days ago. Thank you in advance for the invastigation

Hey, good that you found the email. :) Will send you specific information via email shortly.


tobot Purchased

Great ! Is it possible to use my Homepage as Default Landingpage too? Currently your amazing solution is working as Permalink Folder only. When i´m using my Homepage, Permalinks pointing to an Error Page. Maybe an issue regarding to Siteorigins fantastic Pagebuilder ?!...

The plugin requires a non-homepage to work. That’s because the second place in the URL is reserved for WordPress page/post names (according to the most common permalink settings). Meaning that if your site is mycoolsite.xyz, then in the URL mycoolsite.xyz/sample/, it’s assumed that “sample” is a page’s/post’s name. Thus the plugin does require having a separate page and a link in the format of mycoolsite.xyz/landing-page-name/keyword. Not related to the Pagebuilder you are using :)

hi i would like to buy it but use your tool as a synonym for my user , let say for example they search on google Surgical navigation system , but i want another user who tape Neuronavigation System will end up on the same page i created for this product. Please let me know if it is possible thank you

can it be only the pictures and some words to change on each pages ? i will sure buy it i have 5,500 keywords to rank and associated synonyms. you can imagine how your tool can save me time thank you for your help

The pages are just standard WP pages – you create them. The plugin helps take one page and replicate it across thousands of URLs, and make any regular changes across them: “on a page with a URL like /page/x/ , instead of ‘Phrase here’, put ‘Something else’ in the same spot; and so forth” – allowing you to easily create thousands of unique pages, without manually creating thousands of different pages! :)

thank you will buy

Hi there, pre-buy question: Does it changes the page <title> tag too with the keywords ?


Hey, thanks for the question. The keywords are changed only inside the page’s content.


eirikv Purchased

Hi, I’ve tested the free version, but it seem I cant use it as I wanted…

I want to use an URL in the content field, to get a different iframe content based on the keyword used

<iframe src="[wpsos key="content"]" width="100%" height="400" scrolling="no" class="iframe-class" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Can you solve this? I will purchase a license. Thank you

Hey, thank you for reaching out. Currently the plugin supports only one template and one page. Also we’re currently not planning to include integration with the translation plugin. Sorry! Hope you’ll find a way around it.


eirikv Purchased

Then, what about adding a rewrite rule so keywords work for all pages?

I’ve tried this, but still no luck….
function wpsos_klpg_rewrite_rules(){

add_action( 'init', 'wpsos_klpg_rewrite_rules' );
What do you think? Can you share a rewrite rule that will work?

eirikv Purchased

For the translations plugin, the slugs would possible work if the the rewrite rule are for all pages?

For translated text in the shortcode key content boxes, this worked…
[:en]<h1>English </h1>[:es]<h1>Spanish Title</h1>

I managed to get this to work as an example:

function wpsos_klpg_rewrite_rules(){

        $s = unserialize( get_option( 'wpsos_klpg_settings' ) );
    if( $s['template'] ){
    $page = get_page( $s['template'] )->post_name;
add_action( 'init', 'wpsos_klpg_rewrite_rules' );

But one rewrite rule that will work for all pages would be perfect ;) There so many pages

Hi – just installed this plugin and was wondering – do these dynamic pages get indexed by google? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Yes, the pages should get indexed.

Is there a way to insert more than one set of keywords at a time? I’ve got a ton to do and it’s moving pretty slow… maybe using phpmyadmin?

I have thousands of keywords (locations) ... Is there any way to import or add these in a faster manner than one by one?