wpsos does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hey – just getting around to using this – have it all configured and working – except one thing – how do I change the page title to be the main heading – I tried inserting the [wpsos key=”main-heading”] shortcode and that failed, it literally shows the shortcode

Hey David, currently the heading field is not supported.


Thanks for the great work! Is there a way to upload a list with keywords and keyword content?

Thank you for answering!

Where is it saved then in the database? On a short view in phpmyadmin I couldn’t find it. Thank! :-)


The data is saved to the options table, the option name is wpsos_klpg_settings.

This plugin don’t work not worth the money that is why they don’t give support. Buy at your own risk.

Sorry to hear that the instructions weren’t understandable for you.

As written in the description there’s a free version of the plugin to try out before purchasing which works the same way but with limited options: https://wordpress.org/plugins/keyword-landing-page-generator/ 100% risk free :)

Your request for refund has been approved as well.

Is this plugin still working properly and supported? Looks like the last update was in March of 2016. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for reaching out. The plugin is not supported, however it should work properly. If you should decide to purchase the plugin and it’s not working as expected we’re happy to return the money. Also, please try out the free version on WP repository—it’s the same plugin but with fewer features: https://wordpress.org/plugins/keyword-landing-page-generator/

Hi, we have this Notice in your Plugin: https://www.screencast.com/t/W9wR6vw9lj4m

Can you please help us? Thanks.


Too bad, doesn’t look like it works any longer or is being updated. Same fate as with 90% apps on here. Sad, because I could have sold loads of this plugin to my seo list.