keyTicket, Simple Support Ticket System

keyTicket, Simple Support Ticket System

keyTicket is a lightweight, portable PHP/MySQL ticket support system.

It packs a lot of features in a very small package.

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Main features;-

  • Simple Web Installer to be up and running in no time, even for beginners.
  • File transfers are implemented for you and your customers, easily turn them on/off
  • BBCode support is another optional feature, including tags [b][/b], [i][/i], [u][/u], [list][/list], [s][/s], [a][/a] and [img][/img]
  • Multiple admins can be added.
  • User accounts are generated automatically once a ticket is created.
  • Users & Admins can login & view all their past and present tickets.
  • Admins can lock and delete tickets.
  • Automatic update checker, will let you know when keyTicket is out of date.
  • Easy to use form for users, makes it painless to create new tickets.
  • Built in Captcha to keep out bots and spam.
  • Easily translatable, language files are kept separately!
  • [Optional]Uses PDO for more secure & faster queries.


Feel free to try out keyTicket at;


Or login to the admin area:

User: Admin Pass: password

Version 1.2

  • Converting MySQL to PDO for more secure and cleaner queries.
  • Cleaning up code.
  • Letting you choose allowed file-types from the config file.
  • A page to add extra administrators.
  • Adding simple email validation
  • Improved BBCode—links, strikethrough, lists etc
  • Trying to implement all-round mobile support.
  • Improved installer page
  • Any other suggestions, let me know :)

Version 1.1

  • -Corrected spelling errors, and empty variables.
  • -Corrected install.php, so you will no longer have login errors.
  • -Fixed XSS exploits in messages.


  • -Added dutch language (thanks to deNickNL!)
  • -Updated documentation reflecting 1.1
  • -Fixed auto update check
  • -Fixed sql Injection possibility on admin page