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Is there a option to saves the IP(s)? For people that abuse the ticket system?

Okay, had a quick go at this, might be a bit rough, but it should work. I may include this a bit better in a future update though.

In new.php after;
$ticketDate = date("r");
$ticketIP = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

Then make the SQL query below look like this: http://tbx.me/sjQUA6.png (This is using PDO only)

Then inside admin/ticket.php where it looks like: http://tbx.me/8ys.png – Add this after it; http://pastebin.com/6RFw89mf

And then still inside ticket.php, change this: http://tbx.me/LUoX.png – To look like this: http://tbx.me/WQ5yiG.png

You will need to add another field to your users database called ‘ip’, which the length can be 26, type VARCHAR and default to 0, if you cannot do this, email me through my profile page and I can do this for you.

Let me know how this goes as I have not tested it yet. :)

Hope this helps!

Great! But can you add them to pastebin.com?, so I can not blame you for making mistakes :).

After moving to my new house I’m able to test your code, and no it’s not (fully) working. I will send you the link of my site.

Demo not working..

Sorry about that, demo will be back up tomorrow morning when I have access to the files.

demo still not working

Demo is working again :)


Interested in purchasing. Need to see the demo though. Is there another link I could use?

Demo is working again :)


Hello, I’m thinking of buying it for my workplace, how much effort would it be for me to make user logins without using email addresses? The internal server I’m using has no mail facilities, basically. If it would only require an hour or two of my time to rewrite the authentication, I’m happy to purchase/ your product. :D

The email address is only used for sending a link to the ticket and when it’s been updated.

The logins are auto generated usernames/passwords. :)

is thera a way of removing the CAPTCHA feature? all together if not needed?

Can you install this for me? Please! I will buy it right now if you can!

As long as you meet the requirements of the script as well as having FTP access for me, I can install this for you.

Once you purchase, if you email me your FTP details from my profile page (http://codecanyon.net/user/iAlex) I can do this for you. :)

Do you have Skype?

How do i make different admin accounts?

Ill buy it now

Multiple users was never officially supported, but can be added using the install script over again.

My skype is ialexpw.

How can I manually install the script without the installer? Please let me know.

You should be able to get the SQL commands inside the install.php file to do this manually.

Mail Function not working.

It just uses the standard mail() function in php, it might be worth checking to see if this works on your hosting.


Im interested in this. I have a few pre-sales questions.

1. How easy is this to integrate to a member/user system?
2. Do users get an email when tickets are created/updated? Is SMTP option available?
3. Everytime the same user (with same email) creates a ticket, do they get different login credentials each time?


1 – If you mean an existing user system it shouldn’t be too difficult – you will need some knowledge of PHP and MySQL though. :)

2 – Emails are sent, SMTP is currently not available.

3 – It depends if they are logged in or not at the time of creating a ticket.

Hope this helps.

Something strange

PDO and PDO SQL are installed but received this error

ErrorException [ Error ]: Class ‘PDO’ not found

COREPATH/classes/database/pdo/connection.php @ line 71

66 // determine db type 67 $_dsn_find_collon = strpos($dsn, ’:’); 68 $this->_db_type = $_dsn_find_collon ? substr($dsn, 0, $_dsn_find_collon) : null; 69 70 // Force PDO to use exceptions for all errors 71 $attrs = array(\PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => \PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); 72 73 if ( ! empty($persistent)) 74 { 75 // Make the connection persistent 76 $attrs[\PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT] = true;


That does not seem to be to do with keyTicket? It does not have any folder path that relates to “COREPATH/classes/database/pdo/connection.php”


Hi, Is there any option to import tickets from incoming emails from given mailbox ? kind regards, Matthew


Sorry for the late reply, if you mean piping emails to tickets this is not possible from keyTicket currently.

Demo is down….......

demo and owner’s site is down

Demo should be back up this weekend :-)

Hi This is aravind, i am looking good ticketing system for need integrate in my crm also

I have a question before purchasing. This isn’t my first time making a purchase on this site…. So, am I able to make this into a multilevel ticket system on one domain? What I am meaning is, using 1 website with about 10 sub domains and 10 databases?

Demo is #TangoDown. Please fix.