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Hello, can you help me please, how i can make this changes:

1) Reduce the spacing between words. 2) The chords are aligned in a line with the word above which it is located. 3) And so that these changes are preserved when switching Transponse

Maybe I need to pay support for correction?

Sorry for the delay. It looks good to me. Please contact me via private messaging and I can assist if you still need it.

hello, i have try free version of your plugin, if i buy premium plugin, can i remove blue padding on chord? i don’t want any collor on chord. wait your feedback

Colors are changeable and removable in the premium version.

Will they update for new versions of wordpress? Installed the demo in 4.6.6 and the transpose does not work well.

It works fine in 4.4-4.8 for me. Private message me please if you still need assistance.

i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website –

You can use this plugin in any WordPress installation, which can be in a sub folder on your server.

I’m using the free version, but would be willing to pay for the full version – if I could get the “Transpose” feature to work.

Right now the “transpose” buttons are showing, but are grayed out. I briefly hacked the code so that the buttons would not be grayed out by removing this line: 173: ‘attributes’=>’disabled=”disabled”’ The buttons are not grayed, but clicking them does nothing.

I’d purchase the full version to get this working.

Running: WordPress 4.8 | PHP 5.6.30 | Apache/2.4.25 | MySQL 5.6.35-cll-lve

I’ve tried using the TwentySeventeen theme and with no other plugins running.

Yes it works on WP v4.8.

Hmm, I’m saying that I’m on WP v 4.8 and it does not work.


I’m running: WordPress 4.8 | PHP 5.6.30 | Apache/2.4.25 | MySQL 5.6.35-cll-lve

I’ve tried using the TwentySeventeen default theme with no other plugins.

I’m using the free version, but would be willing to pay for the full version – IF IF IF I could get the “Transpose” feature to work. Currently the TRANSPOSE feature doe not work.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood you due to the shortness of your reply.

When you say that “it works”, do you mean the PRO version works on 4.8, but that the free version does not work on WP v4.8?

Or that the Free version works on WP v4.8 – for you ?

Can you elaborate please?

I see that somehow I answered ‘yes’ to your comment that was not a question. It was late last night. A more helpful comment would have been, “I’ve tested this plugin (the one on codecanyon, not the free one) and it works perfectly on Wordpress 4.8.”


I would like to test your Keymaster plugin pro version. The colors and transpose function is important for me but i want to test if the plugin works well with my site.

Is it possible to receive a demo version of pro.

Best Regards, Ahmet


I just bought a plugin, and I have a problem

The lyrics has a spaces like this … A7 Bsus4 UUUUU UUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I need like this … A7 Bsus4 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

How do i fixed it ?

Thanks , Best

I’m waiting for support

I’m waiting for support

Not work No Support. Why still selling ?

Helo, i have some problem here. the Print page CSS selector is not working.

this is the option on wp-admin panel

need your support ASAP.

this is my second problem: hope you can update this plugin with 1 new featured like FONT RESIZE so we can just click the button if we want small size.

i need your support assistand for two problem here. can you give me fast respons support? because you never answer any comment for 3 month.

Eklenyi yükledim fakat bir yönetim paneli yok. Akorları nereye gireceğiz nasıl oluşrutacağız bununla ilgili hiçbir açıklama bulunmuyor.

I installed it but I do not have a management panel. There are no explanations about where we will enter the chords and how we will create them.