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does it have a system for automatic delivery of the keys to the customer?

bookmarked, good luck with sales.

I like your work, GLWS !

Add automatic delivery after purchase. very useful

Amzing script, good luck with your sales :)

Great and very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Very good :) GLWS!

Will the script allow for variable key length?

Currently, no.

Is it that there is an option to allow the redirection after that a valid key is returned?

All this is is a class. It allows you to generate and validate keys. There is no way to distribute them unless you implement it yourself :)


Looks like the Application Name isn’t taken into consideration in the script, not in the demo on your site anyway as changes to the app name still show the key as being valid.


The application name is not taken into account, as it is just a pseudo identifier used by the script. If you want to limit it by application name, simply add a value in the options called “name” or similar.

That’s not what the documents suggest in your demo site – I quote: “Rememember to make sure that your application name doesn’t change or your serial will no longer be valid.”

Apologies, that’s an issue with the wording on the docs. It will be corrected in the next update.

Problem NEWBIES like myself have is… Do you have examples as to where and how to interject/Input the class into Files/Php-Scripts/Apps I want to protect?

And, would this work on RenPY Scripts (Those Visual Novel types). I have family with xOUTus, they creates Visual Novels but protecting the script is where the problem comes in. There are ‘NO’ serialized based codes for it, as far as I know)

The real simple parts NEWBIES need direction on. Thanks in advance.


This script is not intended to be used by newbies. It is a class, and the implementation is up to the user. We don’t provide any support for this.

There are examples in the documentation on how to generate/test serials, however it’s up to you to implement it. It can work with any PHP script, but you’ll have to integrate it yourself.



Very awesome code, but can you please fix/repair the demo? Thank you!

Demo is still not working. :(

very nice idea! good work!

Demo doesnt work

demo does not work