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@mooovn: you make a link: ?logout


Before purchasing, is there a way to tell if a user is logged in and show them certain menu’s or page links that no one else can see?

I noticed that the assistance of this product is not ‘very good and I like many of you, I still have many problems.

I put on a forum if you are interested in solving problems together!

the forum is I wait for you

Exactly what I was looking for. It works great!

Would the future version support SHA256?

hello just purchased but I got a problem. everytime when I access that php file is asking me for the credentials. how to stop that ? if I access already a file why is asking me again to login ? thanks

just solved. instead including
require 'Key.php'; Key::lock();
into the script between php tags I changed and added another php tags only for this code and is working, never asking me for password.

<?php require 'Key.php'; Key::lock(); ?>

How to disable password autofill ?

The “Live Preview” is not working anymore. Please fix this, thanks !

the demo not functioning

demo not working