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How levels of nesting are supported? In other words, if I can I put tabs / accordions in themselves, how many levels deep is allowed while maintaining the ability to uniquely style each level?

Nested into itself is not supported


Can i nest keva tabs inside mate tabs?

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this, but I have some questions:

1. I want the tabbed content to span the entire web page. Can you customize the tabbed area so that there’s no borders and the content covers the entire page.

2. Can you use this plugin using shortcodes? Including advanced customizations?


I want to purchase this plugin but before I do, can you use a custom image versus a tab title? Please advise and thanks.

Hello, sorry for delay.
You can to use font awesome or custom html code but only in single quotes.
<img width="20px" height="20px" src="" />Title

On example it is in double quotes but you should to use in single

Hi, can you make the tab closed by default, and then only open on click?

Hello, sorry for delay. Yes you can to use that. Set 0 in “Active Tab By Default” option

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It works fine on 4.7, did you have any php errors or javascript errors in the console of your browser?

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good job. success in sales

Thank you