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Great item. Very much interesting. It could be awesome if with CMS. By the way, can I use this for lottery of 6/45? I mean delete all after 46 or optional choice for the number etc something like this?

No leaderboard available for game ctl-keno! I only bought this for the leaderboard feature for Ctl. Help please!

Hi! We are uploading a new version that includes the leaderboard. It will be soon available

Thank you!

Hi, Same with Adventure Space Slot Machine, the scoreboard not updated. First i play i get score is 395, then I do a refresh to play again with the initial 100 coins, and I won a coin 95 bringing the total number to 195 coins. This means my score increased 95. But why on the scoreboard score remained at 345. Shouldn’t it be the score to 345 + 95 ?

Not only that, when I was still playing a score unchanged, though it appear popup “Saving Score”

Hi Sorry, that’s my bad, the scoreboard it’s only record highest score. The scores like this is very good. I realized after playing a few times. Forget my previous stupid comment. :D

no problem ;)

is it possible to declare the win Numbers?

i am sending you an email right now with a screen i like to have so you undesrtnad

i sent an email please check and answer me as soon as possible.

I can host their games on my website for my users play for free? I will use iframes. I can?

Hi! You can both embed the games in an i-frame or use our WordPress Plugin CTL Arcade that allows you to add ad-banners, leaderboard and a rating system

Hello, can you make a 3D game of Hong Kong racing or a virtual stock quiz

Hi!Currently we haven’t planned to build such a games, but we’ll take your advice into account. If you are interested in a quotation to build these games for you, please write at

how can i set min bet for this game

You can set the min bet in the setting.js file. Variable: var BET = new Array();

how can i set max bet value for each bet

You can set the min/max bet in the setting.js file. Variable: var BET = new Array();

Is there anything like Deposit/Withdrawal and user balance? so that one can play with real money. If it’s not available, can this be added?