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Hi there,

The script look great though, but kinda weird that i didn’t see user sign up page?


The sign up option is not available right now. Now only one user or a team can use the note.

theres no search. when your have hundreds or thousands of notes in there you need to be able to search for something specific?????

Thanks for your feedback. Its our initial release we will add search function in next release.

4 items per page? That might be ok for mobile, but looks very silly for desktop. Is there an option to adjust this in the admincp or settings? Also, I know that it’s a demo, but I’d like to actually see a note be created, maybe add a video so we can see how things are shifted and the new note is created.

I like your minimalist design.

Thanks for your feedback. Please check it out our video documentation ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ddiQxduQc ) if you have any doubts in how the create, edit, update, view are works. For the security reason, we are not enable the database update option in demo.

put the option to download the pdf and word note I buy

robertinho2015, we will add the option in next release. we are working on it.

Check also presentation on designrazzi: Best PHP Scripts

Ok thanks for your post about my script.

cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)


I hope this is built on Laravel 5.1 version?


purchasing now. thanks :)

Hi, I had a few Questions before Purchasing your App/PHP Script.

First of all, I think its a great App/PHP script. I was wondering if I place this on a new clean domain name with a hosting company, Example Hostgator. I was wondering two things.

One Can I run this as a dedicated App and have unlimited Users using the app on my server, also am I able to offer a Free and Paid Version? Or is there another way of monetizing the App/Script via Ads and Offer the features for free.

Second: Am I able to host it charge others for the software and they run it on their servers as opposed to me running it on my server but have my custom look and feel when they purchase it from me.

If the Second option is not possible, can users create they’re own dedicated sections and have teams under them examples if business were to use the script/app that I plan to launch.

What would be the difference from a Regular license and an Extended License?

Thanks Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Now the script only one user can use. There have no option for use it to multiple users. We will consider it in our next release.

You can get the licence details from: http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

You may charge your client for your services to create an end product, even under the Regular License. But you can’t use one of our Standard Licenses on multiple clients or jobs.

Hello mate, i loved your design and simplicity. So have read all the above comment. Is a big shame your product dont have multiple user or user registration.

I want to ask, can you give an estimate time the new release will be out for the user update.

Our next version in under development. It will be release soon.

Is it possible to create third party user registration on the item so i can use multiple user registration. If yes what file or what would i need to edit to archive this, This urgent please. thanks

Now listen to me mate… look the response from my host provider. http://prntscr.com/a8knwg and http://prntscr.com/a8kofq

Now we’ve moved the file from public_html to another location and install your script to my main domain.

Now when i client on page 2 for the rest of the note here is what we have.http://prntscr.com/a8kpd9 error page again.

CAN YOU PLEASE JUST HAVE LOOK AT YOUR SCRIPT. You probably need some .htaccess direction to make it work.


You must set the public folder as the root directory. I can’t help and rectify your server side issues. Because I’m not familiar with that.

If you have subdomains please use it. The cPanel doc are available here: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/ALD/Subdomains about create and set the a directory as the root.

Hello Vaaip, just want to say thank you for your support and i really appreciate your hel mate.

I wanted to ask one more favour, is it possible for the diary to filter by date and time. For example if i select a date to be today the 03.03.2016 and time for 10am. And another diary for the same date but different time to be 12pm.

I want the 10.00am before the 12.00pm. At the moment is not doing that. How do i fix this.

Pls help thanks.

I am interested in buying this App, but i need Multi user where team can work on a notes, and I also need the ability for drawings to be done on canvas in the notes. Let me know if you will implement this.

Customization has limitations in some cases. So, we are currently not doing customization on existing scripts.

But we planed to add multi-user option in next release.

Although, Please send a mail to me with your requirements. After that, I will check we can implement that requirements by customizing the script or not.

Hi There,

Its a nice app. I just got. Couple of questions for you author:

1. Your 10 months old comments say that you will make it with search and more. Was it done?

2. I have to install this to a directory. Like my site is www.xyz.com. I am getting logged in via FTP and created www.xyz.com/content and uploaded all the files in there.

Please tell me can i install this in a sub directory and what to do with files in public folder? Do i need to pull them out from public folder and paste them to sub directory where all other keep notes files is. Please help me.

1. No, Its still in it’s initial release. Although, we are trying to release it’s new version, now in under development.

2 Sure. For more information: https://medium.com/laravel-news/the-simple-guide-to-deploy-laravel-5-application-on-shared-hosting-1a8d0aee923e#.qbyry11w2

Thats too much of information. Please tell me simply in 3-4 steps what to do; please!

Laravel is recommending to set public folder of the application as the root directory. Please read the documentation included in the download package carefully.

And also we are recommending to deploy it in a domain or sub-domain instead install and access it in a directory.

I seem, here you can set a sub-domain to www.xyz.com/content/public

If you don’t know how to set the document/domain root as public folder of the application or how to set a sub-domain, please contact with your web host provider and they will help you.