KB Tab For WooCommerce - Knowledge Base Addon

KB Tab For WooCommerce - Knowledge Base Addon

Addon allows you to re-use any knowledge base posts in to WooCommerce product Knowledge base item and display them in product single page tab section. You can add unlimited number of knowledge base posts as product knowledge base items. Then using drag drop feature sort them according to you’re choice.

Addon comes with Premium & Unique BWL Searchable Accordion jQuery Plugin. So that you’re user can easily find their required contents from long Knowledge base lists. Also pagination feature gives the flexibility to present large no of KB items very easily.

In admin panel, Addon automatically integrate two custom columns(No of Kbs and KB Tab Display Status) with each WooCommerce product. This options gives you a quick overview about product knowledge base status. you can easily show/hide KB tab using Quick and Bulk Edit option. You can also doing this while add/edit product information.

Addon also brings extensive option panel that allows you to configure KB tabs according to you’re need. You can set KB tab order, set RTL mode, set Pagination, Set theme, set animation and many more.

Note: This is an add-on. You must have at least 1.0.6 version of BWL Knowledge Base Manager to use it.

  • Zero Configuration & Easy to use.
  • Re-use you’re existing knowledge base posts as WooCommerce Product Knowledge base items.
  • Premium & Responsive Accordions to display knowledge base items.
  • Quick & Live Search Feature.
  • Unique Pagination feature for knowledge base Accordion.
  • Unlimited no of Knowledge base items with drag & drop feature.
  • Extensive Option Panel.
  • Custom KB Columns in WooCommerce Product Page for the best user experience.
  • RTL Supported.
  • Custom Tab for Product Knowledge base items.
  • Knowledge base tab Position ordering feature.
  • 6 Pre-defined Themes for knowledge base Accordion.
  • 14 animations for knowledge base Accordion contents.
  • Custom text highlighter for search text.
  • Support latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.
  • Premium & Quick support directly from developer.
  • Step by step documentation.

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2016, December, 20 - v 1.0.6
- Fixed add new KB button issue.
- Fixed remove all KB items issue.
- Fixed total KB count issue in product column.
- Improved Addon Performance.
- Improved Documentation.
 2015, May, 01 - v 1.0.4
- Fixed KB content formatting issue.
- Fixed search result issue.
- Improved addon meta box.
- Improved Addon Performance.
- Improved Documentation.
2015, November, 20 - v 1.0.3
- Improved Addon Performance.
- Improved Documentation.
2015, November, 06 - v 1.0.2
- Fixed Pagination Issue.
- Update Documentation.
2015, August, 12 - v 1.0.1
- Fixed Knowledgebase Tab Title For WooCommerce
- Update Documentation. 
2015, May, 06 - v 1.0.0 - Initial release