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What framework did you use for this conversion?

Hi. The game got issue (game over show) when i play 5 sec on mobile. I test on samsung device S4 and Nokia (Wp8) also the same issue. Can you check your game on mobile android and wp8 and fix it. thanks

Thanks for noticing this issue. We are uploading a fixed version just now. It will be available as soon as Codecanyon approves it.

@codethislab looks like apkcreator to me

Hi CodeThisLab,

QA found some more issues:

- Tap-freeze on Samsung S3 mini. - Minor graphical problem with the bombs explosion on Androids stock browser. - It sometimes happens, that the drawn line won’t vanish for as long as the tap input remains.

It would be great, if you could fix the issues. Thanks in advance.

replied to your email


We find an issue on Win8 / IE10: loading is blocked on 72%. Could you please help us fixing this bug?

Many thanks.

Are you experiencing this also on other our games?

I don’t know because we don’t try your other games. We just need to fix this bug

I asked this to understand if this bug occurs only on this game or also on the others. This should help us to analyze the issue.

Are this game include .capx file project?

Sorry, we don’t use construct to build our games.

Nice game, I did purchase it but I have a problem about sound.

Playing soundrack.mp3 works properly in local but id does not work online. Is there same setting that I have to do on my server?

other sounds are ok, work on both environments.

Let me know, many thanks Stefano

problem occurs with all browser. I put RESOURCE_TO_LOAD += 9; in js/CMain and now it works.

infact file to load are 10, not 9

Maybe your device have some issue with codec and can’t load soundtrack file. Are you experiencing this also with a different device?

Great game! I love it!

hi you can get the psd file of fruits? ;)

Hi! please send an email at

hi, just purchased game and was hoping to get all the game PSD files, if possible.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing our game! Please send an email at to get more info about PSDs files

Hi Codethislab!

A few questions:

1) How many fruits are there in this game right now?

2) Can we increase the number of fruits in this game? Will it be your custom work or it is easy to increase number of fruits?


Hi Parth, 1)In the game there are 6 fruits. 2) It is possible to add more fruits, but they must be rounded. This customization entails both a graphic and programming work. For further info, write at

Hi, do you provide portrait only mode?

Hi! Please write us at :)

can I create an android vesion of this game and publish it on google play store or it´s only available on browser?

Yes, some of our customers use phonegap/ludei or cordova to port our games to mobile successfully. The extended license allows you to charge users to play or buy the game.

how to implement this on phonegap

HI! We know that some of our customers used Phonegap, Iudei or Cordova to make app out of our games successfully, but we have no way to help you in this operation

Hi , may I know if the fruits object can be change to other object like bubble?

Hi! You can easily replace all the sprites with other of the same format and size. You’ll find more info in the documentation:

Hi, can I get the game inside a wordpress widget with the CTL plugin ARCADE?


Hi, what do you mean exactly? Because games installed with CTL Arcade are already widgets.