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hi. great addons. i have a question before buying. its possible the setup the close button of modal popup like my layout:

thanks for info wistlaumann

hi, i’ve send you a mail. can you send me the necessary css code? thanks

Hi, We have already answered your email. sorry for the delay.

ok, thank you

hi, just checking when your website will be back up and running:

It’s a great site, I refer to it regularly when trying to set up my site. You have done an amazing job! I really love your designs. Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks

Hi, thank you and glad to hear you like our item. here is the new link that you can refer to .

Thank you

Thank you!!!!!

Hi! I’m interested in buying this plugin. I have two questions: 1. If I started editing a page with tagdiv visual composer and want now to edit the same page with wp bakery, will it work? Or should I start a new page all over again?

2. Are the icons shown on your demos included?


1- I really don’t have an idea about the tagdiv. If they use the same plugin as WPBakery available on CodeCanyon,then yes you can edit them.

2- Yes all the icons area included. and you can upload your own iconsets too.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply! Tagdiv is a visual composer plugin that comes with Newspaper theme (a top seller theme here in evato). This theme also comes with wpbakery, but since I started my home page with tagdiv, I don’t know if I’ll be in trouble changing this page for wpbakery. Anyway, I have contacted the theme developers to see what they say about it. If I have a green light from them, I’ll buy your add on. Thanks! :)


Yes if they use the WPBakery there is no problem you can use our plugin too.

Hello, i can use a single license for all my sites who works with wpbakery? Or just one site?

Hi, You can use a one license by one domain. If you are willing to have several domains, you need a licence for each one of them.

Thank you

hi, i have a question, I see the info box hover, text color change, background-color and icon color. are there an element to add un link in the same element? I would like to make the samething than the box in Could you help me please


I you are trying to add a link to the Hover Info Box, then yes you can easily there is an option to do that.

Thank you


Harry73 Purchased

​there is a “space” missing between text prefix and fancy text.

actual: pretextfancytext

it should be: pretext fancytext

If u write in the text prefix box “pretext ” (with space on the end) it doesn’t accept it.

Thank you for reporting that, We have already fixed this issue a new update will be avlaible soon.


htusco Purchased

Hi SayenThemes,

I’m figuring out how to solve a couple of issues in the interface of a new website that I’m working on. It has to do with layers and I can solve this with a plugin like rev-slider but that’s a bit of an overkill. Hope you can help me out.

As you can see on the example I’ve built in Photoshop there an image with in the top left corner an orange colored partially transparent cell over it and on top of that a button (saying ‘INFO AVOND’). I thought your layered images addon would fix the job, but I can’t use colored cells or buttons when using this only images and my client has to be able to edit the button content from time to time.

I seems pretty simple, but I’m breaking my head on this one already for quite some hours now.

Can you help me out how to fix this?

The image on the bottom of the screenshot has to contain a video with a partially transparent orange colored cell and text that comes over it. Issue number 2.

Hope you can help me solve this puzzle. Thanks very much in advance.

Cheers, Marc

Hello! Just waiting on an answer to Private Ticket #1948959, which has been outstanding for 3 weeks. I really need to try and get to the bottom of why your plugin is now conflicting with my theme, and has broken all the Video elements. Hope to hear from you soon. Melanie

Hi melanie, I think we have already solved the issue and sent you the patch. Thank you

Hi, quick question, I’ve turned off the features that i’m not using in the shortcode manager, does this slim down the css and load time?

To answer my own question, it looks like no! Is is possible to build that into an update? You offer a great package but I reckon a lot of users only require some of the features and therefore much of the loaded css is redundant and just slowing load times…

Hi, For the backend it will be speeding your experience when creating pages. For the front end we will be creating a new tool that will only load the elements that you use in a certain page.

Thank you

Brilliant, thank you, that will be a fantastic feature, looking forward to the update

Looking forward for new update.

Btw none of your Contact Form 7 demos are working. I just visited your demo pages and there it says that Contact Form 7 is missing. I tried to import some pages and they import fine but CF7 forms aren’t imported either.

Any clue?

Thank you so much, Yes we are working hard to be different from other plugins. You can check out also our new version of the Kameleon theme, it comes bundled with the kaswara plugin with more features and modern options. here is the link :

thanks for the link i’ll definitely check it properly later when i catch some time.

Wow Kameleon is truly Cameleon :) Really great page examples. I see you have predesigned blocks – great!

Like i said people doing designs at your company weight in gold :)

I’ll consider Kameleon for one of my upcoming projects.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

I have a friend that used your plugin in the past and he claimed that your plugin slowed down his website from 2.5 seconds loading to almost 10 seconds, this was due to so many widgets in your plugin. Is this still an issue?

Hi thank you for the comment.

First of all this is a false claim and I don’t think our plugin slowed the website that much.

1- In the previous versions we had more than 1000 Font icons that was always uploaded to the website which added 3 seconds to the loading time.

2- In the last version we have created a system that removed all the font icons and replaced them with SVGs. No icon is loaded by default on the website. Only the icons that you are using in your current page will be loaded, which is way more faster.

3- You can access our website and see if the loading time is ok for you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

Ok. great. Yes, the SVG probably fixed that. Thanks. I will give it a shot.


nongrata Purchased

not working for VC v.6

Hi, A new update is pushed today that supports the latest version of the VC 6.0.3.

Please feel free to send me a private email so I can send you the copy if you don’t want to wait until is proved in CodeCanyon.

Thank you

The plugin not working. Not charge the shortcodes in Visual Composer. Some possible solution?


A new update is pushed today that supports the latest version of VC. We are waiting fot the update to be proved by Codecanyon.

If you don’t want to wait you can send us a private email so we can send you the new version of the plugin.

Thank you

Thank you very. I really needed because I’m working on the final of the web for who buy this plugin.

If it’s possible send me. Thank you

Please email me at Thank you

Hi, I can not get the Filter Images element filters set up, my support is expired and I can not open a ticket for that.

How to assign images to specific filters? Could you help?


Could you please send us a private email at with more details.

Thank you

Hi. There are still issues after upgrading from VC 6.0.3 . Some of the widgets breaks in the admin panel .Could you suggest a solution ? Thanks


The problem was solved with the latest version of the plugin. You can change the core file kaswara.php.

Thank you


Templines Purchased

Could you please specify in more detail the changes for this issue ? Thanks

Hi. Could you please open a support ticket, or send us a private email so we can give you details. Thank you

There is something going on with your plugin, its not showing up in the back end. the elements have disappeared. I’ve created a support ticket and have emailed you at but have not heard back from you. I need to get this resolved ASAP please respond.


All the support tickets regarding this issue were answered. Please consider updating your plugin to the latest version.

Thank you

Hello! I am having a problem where the Kaswara plugin is conflicting with Yoast SEO Premium plugin, when being used with Brook theme by ThemeMove. Screenshot here of the Yoast indicators all displaying in black, rather than in gree, red, orange as is standard. Any ideas what might be going on?

My site is here and screenshot here


Hi Melanie,

It’s really hard to figure out the source of this issue just from the screenshot, Please send us a private mail with your website details and backend info, so we can take a deeper look at this.

Thank you

Thank you for your very prompt reply! I have submitted a support ticket. Melanie

You are welcome, just answered your ticket.