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Hey hello, sorry i dont understand english too good. I have readed your description about your plugin. I need a plugin where i can play my own music tracks from my server. Example: I upload some my favorite mp3 or other formats and then i can add my music tracks on different pages. Homepage = Welcome track.mp3 on the other page About Us = myother Track.mp3 etc…... Is this possible with this plugin!

Thank you

Hello JaguarScript, last week i bought kast plugin for wordpress, i installed on my website, but Last fm BBDD only recognise the songs where artist is alone but some songs have multiple artist or colaborations and they appear on title’s song, for ex: Steve Aoki feat. Lauren Jauregui – All night other example: Ozuna, Farruko, Arcangel – Mayor que yo 4. So if plugin only send to LastFM BBDD first artist and title’s song, its display artworks properly, for example: Steve Aoki – All night other example: Ozuna – Mayor que yo 4. It possible change LastFM BBDD queries type?



I purchased KAST, its not correctly displaying my now playing stats and constantly showing im having a offline station. Can somebody help?

Could you check your host address, port number, and version number?

Hi @JaguarScript,

I was a idiot, i edited stuff before i put it into the player, its all fixed! thanks for your concern though

That’s okay.

Thank you for your purchase! And thank you for choosing Kast Player.

You’ve chosen wisely.

Hello. How can I set the player to display exactly the same ID3 tag art embedded in the file hosted on the centova cast server? Some cover artwork is wrong on kast player while on server is ok. The change occurs in the player. Thank you.

can you add download link to the kast player?

What do you mean?

in the player can you add download audio in option per player? buy now

Dear JaguarScript,

(Unfortunately) We are located in Europe and have to ensure all used plugins‘ compliance with the GDPR / DSGVO. I was not able to find any information about this concerning your plugin. Are you going to provide information concerning this during the next weeks? Or is your service already compliant with the GDPR? Or maybe only partly?

Thanks in advance, Sanny

Hello BashMedia,

We are glad you asked that. We don’t have to mention that it’s ‘GDPR compliant’ because we don’t deal with any personal data at all.

Perfect, thank you!