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Hi, this hape i my player please help me Warning: Missing argument 2 for qt_widget_title() in /home/romanticas/public_html/wp-content/themes/on-air/functions.php on line 263

Warning: Missing argument 3 for qt_widget_title() in /home/romanticas/public_html/wp-content/themes/on-air/functions.php on line 263 KAST – RADIO PLAYER

This is unique. It has nothing to do with our player. Please contact your theme provider.

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Hello, I congratulate you for your work: this plugin is the most genius of all shoutcast readers! I use it on Wordpress and it is great! I would like to know if it is possible to create a link from the image of the album to a search of the artist currently on the shop of my site. For example: I want a link that sends to: https://www.mysite.com/?s=nameoftheartistcurrentlybroadcast

Thank you.

Check Kast Events, we can’t help more than that.

I buy your player for shoutcast but isn’t working with my streaming URL is not sending any metadata song info or artist info this is my streaming URL http://listen.shoutcast.com/laquemueve

What’s your SHOUTcast server address? Not the direct streaming URL

I am considering purchasing your radio player, but need to know if it uses the default Last.FM API key or if there is possibly of overriding with a private API key.

My station gets 1000 – 1200 visitors a day (max 35 consecutive), will the default Last.FM key be adequate for this size station?

There’s no option to override the lastFM API, but you can edit the JS file, it’s so easy. However, we never had any problem with lastFM API, and lastFM docs don’t mention such thing.

Hello: I bought the radio player for wordpress. But unfortunately, it does not read the metadata of the songs.

How do I solve it?

Thank you



Could you please provide us more information?

You should go back to the SPOTIFY or iunes api these platforms show the correct covers of the songs, Last FM is lousy, many of us bought your player for this feature, you should consider it in a new update.

“Spotify Metadata API reached end of life on January 20th, 2016. All requests will return a response with status code 410 Gone.” Spotify

And we can’t use the new Spotify Web API, because all requests to the Spotify Web API requires authorization; the user must have granted permission for an application to access the requested data. That’s the problem.

But there are still other better alternatives like itunes or Amazon that if they show the correct covers, they two are better than Last FM. You should consider it.

We will consider your request, but don’t wait on an update anytime soon.

I installed the player in wordpress and the metadata does not work with the name of the artist and song … I appreciate a quick response


Hi .. Anything new to my request? ...

You have new SHOUTcast version. Everything should work smoothly.

Are you receiving the metadata? If not, then enable “direct” option.

Are you receiving the metadata, but no cover image? Then check your metadata, and try to make them more accurate.

I installed the player in wordpress and the metadata does not work with the name of the artist and song … I appreciate a quick response

Purchase code: cfdfd29d-03f0-46f1-90e9-06fa96df27a3

Could you provide us more information about server?


hereigns Purchased

I purchased this product because you state it supports SSL shoutcast streams. with https enabled in your plugin, I get audio, but no meta data,

Does your SHOUTcast stream support HTTPS? Not all streams support HTTPS.

  • Does your website use SSL or not?
  • Did you try “direct” option?
  • Did you try “betaProxies” option?

Everything should work.


hereigns Purchased

I previously sent a message about this plugin not working on SSL shoutcast server. I forgot to include the shoutcast url


We got it


hereigns Purchased

I just fixed the problem.

Good to know that.


hereigns Purchased

Dear Author,

Thank you for the radio I purchased. Overall, I really like it and will be happy to give you a good rating. However, there are a few problems I am experiencing and would like to see if you have an expert solution. 1. The timing is off on displaying the next album art. It typically arrives about 1 – 4 seconds early before the last song is completed. 2. I have 5 local artist that have album art. Is there a way that I can pull these images from my media library? I am already using my image as the “fallback” image for when I do my teaching. 3. Some of the song titles are too long and will not show the entire title. Is there a way to adjust the bottom part of the player so that the long titles will appear under the play button? 4. Finally, I have noticed that the player on the iPhone causes my webpage to load slower, but on my laptop, it loads quickly as it should. This is my Website address: https://www.danielsblog.org

And, as per your instructions here is the link that you require for support. https://tribulationradio.org:9404/index.html?sid=1

Sincerely, Rev. Daniel W. Blair rev@danielsblog.org


Thank your purchasing our product.

1) Timing is off? Could you explain more? Kast rechecks your SHOUTcast server every 8-30 seconds. Kast isn’t always connected to your SHOUTcast to save bandwidth.

2) You need to use the API, or let a developer to do that. That’s custom. We don’t provide customization.

3) If you want to customize our product, we can’t help you. You’re allowed too but you need a web developer.

4) A lot of people love and appreciate our unique work. We will try to improve Kast code and service in the future.

does not fulfill what is offered in the service. No artists or song names appear. Nor are the images seen. The developer does not respond in time. I feel cheated…

We have responded to your comment. Don’t worry, we aren’t cheating anyone here. You are just having a problem in your server connection.

Pre-purchase question: How it works the pop-up player? I can’t see a demo on the live preview. Thanks.