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I wanted a volume controller to buy happy

Sorry for english, I’m still learning.

I’d rather leave the logo instead of those ridiculous covers from LastFm. Developer is not ashamed to charge an absurdity for this player ?? which neither satisfactory support has given.


It’s mentioned that we pull covers from the world’s largest online music catalogue: lastFM.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the time to invest here for customer service, but we made sure to add docs, and make everything easy to use. Our products are verified by Envato Team. Anyone with very basic jQuery knowledge can use our jQuery plugins.

It was only a criticism that the LastFm covers, however “big” they are, are of poor quality. From what I saw there are many related criticism, not only mine, but if you insist on LastFm, do what right! Good luck.

Hello, this loads playlists automatically from a directory with mp3 files with automatic mp3 tags and covers?

I purchased the kast plugin for wp and i would like to also get the source code for the java script. i need to make modifications for the streaming server and artwork. would you be so kind to send it? buburuza@yahoo.com

Hi, I’ve recently bought some radio live streaming script for HTML5 and found out that I only can edit css, not html. Does your plugin offer a full customization to fit any design I want?


J2O Purchased

Hi JaguarScript,

Kast is great, but I just wondered if its possible to enable a js scrollbar option here: https://c2n.me/3Ricrl1 or similar.. ? because it’s not obvious that you can scroll down with a mouse scroller.. I mean, if there was a scrollbar you’d know you can scroll down to see previous played tracks.

Thanks Jay

support icecast?

Hi there. How can I set the player to display exactly the same ID3 tag art embedded in the file hosted on the centova cast server? Some cover artwork is wrong on kast player while on server is ok. The change occurs in the player. Thank you.


Frenanip Purchased

Please help me, the player kast don’t show sound, it show covers, tracks, artist, but not sound

Are you sure it’s Kast’s problem?


Frenanip Purchased

it’s ok, escuse me

question you can the player without the need to click on the image or button to sound or show the player, example web entry and exit content and automatic cargeel player

Yes you can