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i nedd spotify request , lastfm is obsolete method over the 2007 to 2011 but the new methods is itunes, spotify and amazon . please update lastfm no working for me on all artist . thanks

I’v replied to your other comment.

i replyh again.

lastfm https://ibb.co/mLseHk and https://ibb.co/nt4Fq5 but spotify modified whith token https://ibb.co/gPBvq5 and https://ibb.co/ic3fOQ i need upgrade whit spotify please lastfm no run good is fail

We have fixed lastFM API. More covers will show. Just wait for the new update.

i wait this bujt i prefer spotifhy thanks i wait

lastFM API is great too. Wait for the new update, use it, and then send us feedback.


salvesp Purchased

Dear edriandj please update and share your moddedd and workly script wit Spotify

Open src/kast.js file and then find line 1963, then replace the 3 functions that we have mentioned.


salvesp Purchased

Dear support..i do not understand…on your original kast.js on your 1963 line i find this text: getImage = function getImage(images, largest) {

On my custom file this text i find on line 2096..now on this line what to do replace? i delete this thext:getImage = function getImage(images, largest) { and replace with:getImage() ? Please clarify me.

Thanks for support.

functions name didn’t change. what’s inside functions has changed, Make a backup of your current kast.js file, then replace the functions. Select and copy, then select and paste.

Hope this helps

the is not my, this player this other friends purchase this and agre, the code for auth whith token of spotify, the seller is poor support no change y optimize to spotify support other buyer yes again this changes but i not programer for you, i simple buyer. thanks salvesp any solution for my. wait seller changes.

not working for me ! message bject {error: 6, message: “Track not found”, links: Array(0)} null , whit spotify working fine whit lastfm not showing images . please help me!

helolo jaguarscript lastfm show less artist images but this are old images new images not showing in spotify yes, you are planed change api to spotify, itunes, amazon? lastfm is bad idea thanks

We are not sure if this is lastFM problem, this might be your metadata problem. lastFM is great, many apps used it. Spotify Public API has changed.

Now in lastFM we try to show the track artwork, album cover, or artist image. It’s still awesome.

Hello, is it possible to limit history playlist to specific number ?

The Covers are images only, whe i bought this player, it was because the covers were great, now, i don’t like them, Do you plan to add spotify api very soon?

The covers are still great, and they are updated weekly. LastFM is awesome.

Please correct your SHOUTcast metadata.

This is serious? Kast Player cost $41,88, I was thinking of extending the warranty, but it’s going to cost me more than when I bought it to $18, and at that time I liked more locs covers that showed

Okay, Thank you for the feedback.

seller other apis ? callback is posible? example ifs lasgtfm not image run amazon , ifs amazon not image, run itunes, if itunes not image , run spotify , if image not ifs load current image? is posible? any cost? thanks i paid fot this thanks

Please update to the last version of Kast, and correct your SHOUTcast metadata.

not my metada is ok, my radio is originl mjusic , titles metadata the problem is lastfm help

What’s your servers? Could you give more details? lastFM is working great for us.


Osku58 Purchased

Very bad LastFM support and the price. Never again on this price. I have my own and Spotify works fine!

You have bought Kast before the price change. lastFM is great, your SHOUTcast metadata is bad and incorrect.

Please correct your metadata before complaining.

hey jaguar lastfm fm is bad is ob solete albums and artist images is old not new , no is good , but your is very poor support , your not programing any solutions , but sell this code again. please support now lastfm is downgrade to the code we are buy for you. upograde please!!!!

report me? you are crwazy , i wneed support for my product i buy for the player whit spotify, you ba re downdrade the player this is obsolete apis, i have , yours coment for my streaming bad url, but url of the streaming url ok not showing artist images you are silence for this, you are scamed for we, i buy your product your support this your evasive my question, answerme ? not hiden for words , support me, and upgrade player, i comment any day in this post, your is scamed this product. other user have comment equal or similar to me, whats the problems? BAD SELLER


I’ve solved the problem. But you still insist on Spotify API even though Spotify API has changed.

If you want our support, then buy our support, your support is expired.

69 US$ the price change 50 US$ are you crazy?

Kast is connected to premium proxy servers to fetch metadata from your SHOUTcast server. It’s not just yet another SHOUTcast player.

WOW $69,00… Not all that glitters is gold. ;)

Bad feedback is good, it helps you to understand why you are not selling and what you need to change to improve. Instead, no feedback is very very bad. No feedback means that you have no clue why people don’t like your product/service. Even more, no feedback means that people don’t even care enough about your product to waste five minutes complaining about it. No feedback means that your product does not provoke any kind of controversy. And to me this is bad, very very bad.

Oscar Wilde: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” But…. sorry my friend. No more comments.

Thank you for the feedback. Hope you enjoy our product.

CDOWESCAST – JAGUARSCRIPT is false testimonials, the proxys for the kast is public one is the heroku and other is de crossrigin , i buy other player and the seller on yours tos and faq enum this , proxys is public not private , seller this true or false? you are dispiute this? this seller on product https://codecanyon.net/item/shoutcast-and-icecast-radio-web-player/20179903 expalin the product is server cross origin is public and free not payut for this . jaguarscript bad support and bad testimonial.

Your support is expired.

you are up price to support , you have biy support , yours upgrade player not downgrade, support new is high cost, yours scams up prices to any buy this .

The artwork don’t work. I use the lasted version, but the cover isn’t showed. www.shalom690.com/index.php How I can fix this? Thanks

I’ve checked your player, it seems you have set a custom image.

However, are you sure you have the latest version? You should at least receive images for the artists.

Dear Author!

Sorry, I’m not very good speak English!

In the past few months, we have changed servers. We have found it hard to find the SSL of the server, which is richardradio.radioca.st

One problem is that there is no “port” for him. If I enter port 80 in player settings, it will disconnect, can not connect. I’ve also made music a bit tricky. Metadata is not accepted, even if the server writes. Could you help us to operate this way?

Regards: Balogh Richard

Hello, you might want to use Kast proxy to fix this. However, your server has no available streams richardradio.radioca.st

I have a problem, the listeners say that, when, they change of wifi to Internet Movil to vice versa, the sound turn off, but, does not recover, they have to update the page, I think that is not right, should automatically sound again, once detected another source of internet.

I believe we have fixed that in the previous updates. Kast reloads the streams if it was offline.

Are you sure your offlineCheck option is enabled?


Frenanip Purchased

Yes, it ok, but, now each 10 or 20 min, show a messenge that says, Temporally Ofline, and dont show titles and cover, past 10 or 20 min, it’s recovery, please helpme

Could you provide us more information about your server?

We are not sure that the problem is with the Kast player. You can check betaProxies option.

Do you have support for AngularJS built website. Any idea how this player can be integrated to it

You might want to follow “how to use jQuery plugins when using AngularJS” guides.

We can’t help you with that

Is it possible to show the speaker’s photo? If so, could you give an example?

Kast already does that

Is it possible to show the speaker’s photo? If so, could you give an example?

Do you mean a custom photo of the radio announcer?

Yes, from every radio announcer.

Kast already shows track/album/artist images

I have problem in codecanyon-14396614-kast-extraordinary-shoutcast-html5-radio-player-for-jquery-material-design, album does not appear. How do you regularize it?

What kind of problem?


globalpr Purchased

Would be good to have a small icon near to volume icon on top player bar that allow player to be opened in a popup window. When the popup opens, the web player need to stop playing music and the popup player need to start playing music automatically or manually.

Good idea