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i set everything as on demo,new app dont get login! keep scrolling on the screen!!!! i check each file and they all set,site is up working!!!! what could be the issue please ??? any settings on admin side to block user registration ? order is already enabled…could you please answer and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mate there is no update yet in merchant app ?

can you send me your merchant app api and login i will do a test ?

and ftp as well

remember merchant app has separate api its stand alone if you update kmrs it will not affect your merchant app :)

i have one more question! if any new payment gateway entegrated ,does developer need to also change some code on mobile apps or it will just read it ???

thank you

sorry right now am not available contact me after the merchant app updates

btw if you tell your developer to study one of the payment gateway am sure tell will you its very easy as its functions based only


when merchant app update comes? i need to catch the time then… thank you

hi mate

might be next week


The app does not translate to portuguese-br like I do, I recently got the latest versions but only the backend works, the app does not translate even configured all translation files, what do I do?

hi mate

sorry to hear about that the translation will be change in next update just like kmrs and mobile app

as the current translation is not working well :(


Hello all we have create a integration for this app (Android & iOS)

you can print the Order Receipt via bluetooth printer models (ZJ-5890T (POS-5890T) & ZJ-5805DD

if you want this integrated let me know

nice :) can you give me the link of the printer ?

email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified


reply sent

Can the merchant view this on a tablet?



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Hi Basti

Are you anticipating when to launch the new update?

hi mate

sorry i might move it again :( sorry for delayed something came up i was not able to work this past few days


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Team, I’m having problem assigning drivers in the merchants app. I don’t see any team or drivers, any solution to this issue?? Thanks

i think i already posted the quick fixed here can you search in comment sections?


tymiles34 Purchased

what key word should I search by?

search for getTeamByMerchantID


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The app does not open with me>>>> http://store6.up-00.com/2017-07/150038550704021.png


faleh Purchased

In console its showing me error like below Uncaught ReferenceError: krms_config is not defined at app.js?ver=1.0:9

var ajax_url= krms_config.ApiUrl;

I am waiting for the answer— The application does not work

mate i just compile merchant app for my client just now and no issue at all

send me your merchant app files so i can check


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hi mate, when merchant app update comes? to fix the translation issue.

hi mate sorry for delayed i have to adjust something in kmrs in order for the update to match in merchant app

i don’t want to promise any date yet for now but it will be release soon


Hello guys, Has someone like to pass me a config.xml working for ios. I’m having trouble publishing. It is always rejected because of icons.

email me here i will send you a sample https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified

Hello not getting eny notification sound when new orders comes

Cron jobs running. Still not getting notifications sounds,

Current Cron Jobs Minute Hour Day Month Weekday Command Actions 38 3 * * * /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/quickinstall/scripts/checkupdates.pl Edit Delete */15 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/processpush Edit Delete */24 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/autoassign Edit Delete */23 * * * * crul http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/processautoassign Edit Delete */22 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/checkautoassign Edit Delete */20 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/processbulk Edit Delete */18 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/driver/cron/clearagenttracking Edit Delete */19 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/processbroacast Edit Delete */15 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/processsms Edit Delete */22 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/processpayout Edit Delete */24 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/processemail Edit Delete 0 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/merchantexpired Edit Delete 0 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/merchantnearexpiration Edit Delete 0 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/cron/idleorder Edit Delete 0 0 * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/invoicecron/generateinvoice?terms=1 Edit Delete 0 0 * * 0 curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/invoicecron/generateinvoice?terms=7 Edit Delete 0 0 1,15 * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/invoicecron/generateinvoice?terms=15 Edit Delete 0 0 1 * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/invoicecron/generateinvoice?terms=30 Edit Delete 0 0 1 * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/invoicecron/generatepdf Edit Delete */24 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/mobileapp/cron/processpush Edit Delete */21 * * * * curl http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/mobileapp/cron/processbroadcast Edit Delete */16 * * * * CURL http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/merchantapp/cron/getneworder Edit Delete */23 * * * * CURL http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/merchantapp/cron/processpush Edit Delete */19 * * * * CURL http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/merchantapp/cron/getnewtablebooking Edit Delete 0 0 1 1 * CURL http://delivery.surabhihotels.in/pointsprogram/cron/processexpiry Edit Delete

And can it’s possible to run notification sound until merchant accept or decline the order.

Hello not getting eny notification sound when new orders comes

run the cron jobs found in your merchant addon :)


And auto refresh new order also not working.

One more question from merchant app I am unable to assign any team it’s showing you don’t have current team. What should I do. Already I have created team and driver.

this is because the merchant app is not yet update

you can fixed this by editing the file components/merchantApp.php and look for functions getTeamByMerchantID change the whole functions to this

public static function getTeamByMerchantID($merchant_id='') { $and=''; $driver_allowed_team_to_merchant=getOptionA('driver_allowed_team_to_merchant'); //dump($driver_allowed_team_to_merchant); if($driver_allowed_team_to_merchant>0){ if($driver_allowed_team_to_merchant==1){ $and.=" OR user_type ='admin' "; } elseif ($driver_allowed_team_to_merchant==2){ $driver_allowed_merchant_list=getOptionA('driver_allowed_merchant_list'); if(!empty($driver_allowed_merchant_list)){ $driver_allowed_merchant_list=json_decode($driver_allowed_merchant_list,true); if(in_array($merchant_id,$driver_allowed_merchant_list)){ $and.=" OR user_type ='admin' "; } } } else { } } $stmt=" SELECT * FROM {{driver_team}} WHERE user_id=".self::q($merchant_id)." AND user_type='merchant' AND status IN ('publish','published') $and ORDER BY team_name ASC "; if(isset($_GET['debug'])){ dump($stmt); } $DbExt=new DbExt; if ( $res=$DbExt->rst($stmt)){ return $res; } return false; }


I send you greetings, my problem is with the push messages in Karenderia Order Taking App,

The app receives ok the push message of the new command

But when updating the status of each order is not informed via push message to the client, the client does not receive any message.

What error did I make?

I thank you for your help.

first check if you have template for push in merchant addon and make sure you run all the cron jobs found in merchant addon

in next update all template can be found in admin -> templates

Hello, another detail, the new version of KMRS, does not have the default.php file in protected \ messages \ default as an achievement that reads the translation made in the administration panel (mobile translation)


hi mate

translation will be change as well for mobile app in next version :) i have to change it cause the old translation is not working well

Hi Basti, I added a field in the merchant table and I would like to pick up this field by clicking the browse all restaurants button (browseRestaurant) how can I do it.