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Hi friend.

I have several doubts about it that you would like me to clarify.

1. Each time a user places an order, the payment money goes directly to the restaurant or goes through a central payment gateway.

2. As I do to calculate the shipping cost to make the payment to the delivery people, there is not this function.

3. If the payment is directly to the restaurants, in this case the payment of the delivery men should the restaurant do? Or how is the method.

The truth is I am a little confused between the payment to restaurants and the payment to the delivery people.


Hi mate!

1. Yes you’re correct mate, once an order is place, customer will choose a

payment gateway offered by the restaurant such as paypal, cash on delivery and


2.To charge the customer with a delivery fee, you can find this in

merchant panel -> Delivery Charges Rates

3.The payment depends on the merchant type

membership = this means all payment will receive by merchant directly and merchant will need to set the payment settings in merchant panel

commission = this means all payments will go to admin/website owner and the payment settings will be use is in admin panel

commission+invoice = same as membership and they will receive invoice that they need to pay to website owner

Hope this helps you :)


change order status in just one click, rather than opening a window when you click edit, the links would appear. Example: Approve / Decline. The merchant by clicking Approve, the order was approved without having to edit, select the status, and click send. Could it be that way? One click?

Hi mate!

Sorry but that is not available at the moment but we’ll take

a look at it :)


would have to put in the next update? Or could you give me a quick fix?

Hi mate!

We’ll take a look at it :)

You will have to code or get a developer to add this.

you will need a developer if you want to change something

Hello Basti,

when i place a order and check in the merchant dashboard click on the view link then i print this order print link is not working and i will also set the logo on my invoice then i click on the browse button nothing on the button i will send the image of the my error please check it. here is the screenshot of the button:

email me here your admin login and ftp access

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified

please check your email is i send to all the detail

reply sent

Hi had an issue on “Free Delivery”. when I put merchant>settings > delivery charge then I can see delivery charge on the app. but when enable delivery charge rate table and put each row with km and charges (1-10000km), in the app its showing Free Delivery, even in 1st place I did use my current location

check your google api key

if your google api key is not working it cannot get the distance

Hi Basti wich files call to assets. folder all pictures,all css and js files. please guide me wich files im search in the script. i want to change assets path in my can u give me one example how i change this? Thank you

Hello basti, I need to resize product images when uploading to 172×172 pixels, I need this. help me!