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Hello, good afternoon, thank you for your help, I bought the Kms web but it is not creating the database, it is stopped in the second step, you are not creating the database tables

Hi mate

i think your mysql version is different and your mysql strict is enabled if you have

options to turn off mysql strict that will be great

once you turn off mysql strict in your server try again the installation


I can not enable strict in my mysql because he is in a housing is asking super user. Can you help me with this, please?


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Hi basti! How long, see your email please.

hi mate

please wait for basti and he will be connected in a while

I’ll be waiting for his response from my e-mail I sent him.

Hello Can you tell me how to disable the ability to select dates and time? I do not want this message to appear:; ’’ Sorry, but you have already selected the past time ’’ and the order can be made without requiring the customer to select dates and time.

The same change is required for the mobile app

Thank you

hi mate

thank you :)

i will not suggest to remove the delivery date and time instead you can just hide

this by using css display:none

I wonder how I can make it appear in the category a description of the product shorten

hi mate

what do you mean? can you send screenshot?


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Send support email

hi mate

please wait for basti and he will be connected in a while

hi ive purchased your script but i found issue when i login from merchant account there is no specific page to see orders can you please send me link of that page where merchant can see his orders and one more thing is there any option in food item to % Discount because i find numeric Value on Disount

hi mate can see the new incoming orders in merchant panel -> dashboard of now, only numeric discount is availble in kmrs


How can I use category for both restaurant and grocery. Is there any way to differentiate ?

hi mate

am confuse. what do you mean? can you explain further?


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Hello, there are several names here on the website, which are not in the translation defaut file. example when I make the filter of the restaurant appears the result, saying that a quantity of restaurant, the name restaurant, has not been found in the translation file, so I have several others.

hi mate

can you send me a screenshot of the word you are trying to translate?

Web Site: Find by street name I Agree To The Terms & Conditions

Merchant: Food Category Scheduler Category Scheduler Tick when category is available Enabled scheduler Check/Uncheck All Choose option (Higheste price (option of) Sumu and divided by 2) Order Confirmation Page – Pickup Address

you can change it via your language file


$lang[‘Find by street name’]=’’;

$lang[‘I Agree To’]=’’;

$lang[‘The Terms & Conditions’]=’’;

words that are not found in language file

you can just add it at the bottom to translate

Hi, I have purchased your system and am having a very hard time with the installation. I have followed all the steps you offered and it is just not coming together properly. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

hi mate!

see this video on how to install or read the document on how to install kmrs

How to install KMRS

Hello, how are you? I registered a restaurant, and the opening hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., when closing the application the application informs to check the opening hours. I already researched the internet and found this: there informs you that you need to swap $ now in ffunction isOpen to $ now = time () I tried everything but I could not! I await your reply!

hi mate

you cannot set opening hours past 12 am else it will not work. please set your

time only within the 24hrs in a day

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please wait for basti and he will be connected in a while

Basti, Why is the Twillio Account SMS Notification gives Error Currency look here

hi mate!

that is the currency sign

It does not read special character like dollar sign

Hello… I have below issues, please give me solution.

1. When user place the order, merchant is not receiving any email. 2. Google api is not working.

Thank You