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Offline Credit Card Payment en Disabled Card Payment?

I disable this option but when merchant will complete page it appear again.

The ckeck is not save

Basti in new version where I cant put information about my account if the merchant choose deposit of bank the place when I put this information change???

I am about to buy this but can I have Wordpress with this? Can it be hosted on a Wordpress website or no?

Hi Just a few queries, 1. Is there any way exists or I can modify that Admin can set delivery charge by area? 2. How can I set my own SMS gateway? Basically my gateway API uses PHP GET function. 3. Is there any function that Admin can approve customer order before it become visible to the Merchant? 4. Is there any way to Admin can assign delivery man? disable auto assign?

Appreciate your kind quick attention.


Hello Basti…

I have Set Commission on SubTotal but it is taking from total_w_tax…

I need to get the commission o the subtotal (not including delivery fee)


to make it clear

1. Platform takes delivery and commission

Commission = Sub_total (i fixed this i had the setting wrong when i sent first posted.)

Merchant Gets = subtotal – (commission + GST) we need to add TAX to the commission charged.

2. we also will need to make some further changes because we have

Delivery orders = 25% commission (restaurant pays) + $5 Delivery fee (customer pays)

basically we get the delivery fee because we manage the drivers and pay them.

on the other hand we will work on a 12% commission for pickup/dine in.

Maybe this is something for the Driver Module… where Admin Owning the order/task keeps the delivery fee. AND Merchant owning the order/task the delivery fee goes to merchant balance…


ps: we also happy to renew the support. how is that done? via envato or you have a paypal account.

please tell me a price for this integration mentioned above. thanks again for the great scrip.

Please guide us we are planning to implement payU payment gateway based on poland. doc for links

Guide as to implement this payment gateway without breaking updates.

@alexvalencio Isso é fácil de resolver vc esta com a função de pagamento com cartão offline ativada no seu painel de admin e se algum restaurante não for aceitar este tipo de pagamento vc deve desativar no painel dele segue alguns prints para vc entender.

Hi Basti

We need the restaurant to respond to the evaluations and not be able to edit and delete and it should also have a notice on the initial screen of a new evaluation because as this today he does not even know he had an evaluation could write down for the next update.