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i have just change the server all data are there but restaurants dont find anymore,is there a setting i miss ?

thank you


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You have google map polygon for merchants and wanted to send it to Basti.

Could you please confirm/remind to him or in comments that you have sent him in order to add it in coming updates?

Thank you for helping us all.

i have just change the server but i am having issue: what should i do ?

CREATE ALGORITHM=UNDEFINED DEFINER=`ydsfssdi`@`localhost` SQL SECURITY DEFINER VIEW `mt_view_location_rate` AS select `a`.`rate_id` AS `rate_id`,`a`.`merchant_id` AS `merchant_id`,`a`.`country_id` AS `country_id`,`b`.`country_name` AS `country_name`,`a`.`state_id` AS `state_id`,`c`.`name` AS `state_name`,`a`.`city_id` AS `city_id`,`d`.`name` AS `city_name`,`d`.`postal_code` AS `postal_code`,`a`.`area_id` AS `area_id`,`e`.`name` AS `area_name`,`a`.`fee` AS `fee`,`a`.`sequence` AS `sequence`,`a`.`date_created` AS `date_created`,`a`.`date_modified` AS `date_modified`,`a`.`ip_address` AS `ip_address` from ((((`mt_location_rate` `a` left join `mt_location_countries` `b` on((`a`.`country_id` = `b`.`country_id`))) left join `mt_location_states` `c` on((`a`.`state_id` = `c`.`state_id`))) left join `mt_location_cities` `d` on((`a`.`city_id` = `d`.`city_id`))) left join `mt_location_area` `e` on((`a`.`area_id` = `e`.`area_id`)))

1227 – Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation


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I have 2 questions:

1) Why isn’t my mobile logo showing?

I have the exact dimensions and tried to upload it via FTP and via admin panel too.

2) The Auto Detect Location search isn’t working either. Tried pasting Geocode API, Matrix API, Google Maps JS Api and neither works. How do I get it working?


Hello Basti, when merchant try to makes withdrawals via paypal email, like, merchant->commission ->withdrawals ->make a withdrawals -> payment type ->payment mothered ->email—>submit request, then nothing happens, don’t even say anything like successful or fail. I have activated corn job like please tell me how to fix it because its too important for me to pay my merchant now.

Please upload a valid CSV file why i can not upload and get this eror ?


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Hi Basti,

I would like to get multiple reminders for Orders Sitting idle.

At the moment, I have set the remind admin if a new order is idle for 15mins. I would like to get another reminder if the order is idle for 30min and 45mins.

A multiplication of 2 times and 3 times for the idle notification time.

Where is the code which checks the time? If it’s a simple addon to the condition checking, would you help me with the code change?

Thanks. Guy.


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Hi Basti,

I notice that when a customer REORDER, the category of the first product does not display on Cart, Receipt.

You got a fix for this? Thanks, Guy

hello I changed the hosting company from godaddy to bluehost and i cant install the app i got this messageu

Connecting to database… CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

PDO installed [OK]

Session [OK]

mail() is available [OK]

CURL is enabled [OK]

file_get_contents is enabled [OK]

Creating folder upload Creating folder runtime Creating folder runtime

There seems to be error in checking your server. Please fixed the following issue and try again.

I changed the seetings in the file protected/config/main.php but they are all the same error.

Also when you will fix the php7 issue? when the next release expected to be available

mate its your database connection the error is already there

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.

check your db connection in config/main.php

for php 7 i think some customer is using php 7 and its working fine but some like version 7.1.12 there is issue with array variable



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Hi Basit,

In the Sale Reports, can we add the phone number. Include this number in Search and Export.

Phone Number is the main Key searching a customer these days and it’s missing here.

Is it possible to share the code change if it’s not too much.


Hi Basti,

How can i replace in merchant panel ‘VIEW EDIT HISTORY’ links to after REF#. see pic.

Hey Basti How r u

I am getting this message for the voucher

This voucher has already been used editing the voucher name may cause error on the system

Also I want customer to use it many times not only once

Please help Thanks

Hi Mate, When I order more than two items the receipt page look like below(Please see the screenshot).

It is okay for 1 or 2 items but more than 2 it gives simple page no design. Please help in this. Please find the link of screenshot

Hi Bastikikang,

I want to purchase the entire set of Karenderia system for deployment to one of my clients.

Few questions though, please reply urgently so that can purchase today.

1) KMRS Main System

a) Payumoney support b) when choosing razorpay as payment option, the screen is stuck and wont go to payment gateway

2) KMRS Mobile App

a) does it support either payumoney or razorpay as an option. no one uses paypal here in India.

3) Do you have any guides to help in understanding the api key generation at google for your apps so that compilation on phonegap can happen properly and also push notifications can happen seamlessly.

4) Any plans of having an app for Admin, just like we have for a merchant.

Many Thanks for such a nice system.