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Hello Basti, we are waiting for a long time by MercadoPago working in the application, we already have available the hybrid library https://github.com/mercadopago/px-hybrid http://mercadopago.github.io/px-hybrid/

hi mate

ok mate expect it in next update i will add those i hope that plugin is working


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error “delivery addres required” when going Payment Methods though I already fill address

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can you try this quick fixed

open the file mobileapp/controller/apicontroller.php and look for the functions latToAdress

change the line




sorry its components/AddonMobileApp.php


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@webservsol may I know how you did this? how did you add the featured restaurants to the home page of the app? please help

Check the mail send to you via Author Dashboard

reply sent


I backed up and installed the system from scratch and I backed up the database and manually played for each table.

When I went to test the mobile system now and I came across this problem that is in the print below. It is creating ID 0 rather than sequential. How can I fix this problem?

Print01: http://prnt.sc/dww0qb Print02: http://prnt.sc/dww0ps

hi mate

:( you export the database from your old data correct? and you import to your new database correct?

when you export your database from you old server dont’ include the view tables


when you import the data from your new database there should be no error

after you import make sure you run the database update example http://bastisapp.com/kmrs/update

Ok ok ok…

What programming language? phonegap ?

am using phonegap and http://onsen.io/

hi bro. i want to hide state name from address book and from shipping address. i am in germany here only city not state name. how can i hide.

thanku very much

where i upload translation file of app ???

you will need to translate it in admin -> merchant app -> mobile translation

and you will need to translate the file mobileapp-lang-backend.php

you need to copy this file to your existing language file

Hi Basti, I was trying to rebuild app replacing food song and i get error for android build in phonegap. “Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the “Log” button above to view the compile log. If you need help diagnosing the issue, you can post to the support forum with your App ID (please do a search first).”

iOS app was no problem though.

hi guys

anyone encountering issue today when compiling to build.phonegap

Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the “Log” button above to view the compile log. If you need help diagnosing the issue, you can post to the support forum with your App ID (please do a search first).

this issue is the google maps plugin :( its just happen today

in your config.xml change the line

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" >


<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" spec="1.3.9" > add this new line <preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-6.4.0" /> after <preference name="android-build-tool" value="gradle" />

or simply look at the new config.xml example


The build issue resolved however, the customer mobile app now does not show any push notifications from the merchant app. For example, order status change is not conveyed through push notifications to customer mobile app.

did you set the template in merchant app ?

make sure you run all the cron jobs in your server check the push logs first see if you can find any attempt of sending push

Hi Basti

I saw that in the next update will have the mercadoPago for the app has some forecast of when the new update comes out

hi mate

sorry no date yet :( i don’t want to promise any date but it will be soon