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@ thivakaran:

How did you build the binary? With PhoneGap Build?

what do you mean binary?

I mean the compiled build.

Somehow it seems that PhoneGap Build is not using iOS 11 SDK.

it should :) verify again


Yeap, I use PhoneGap build.

thanks mate


ok mate :)

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vicktorio Purchased

it is possible to remove the date and time for withdrawal when the request is made to withdraw on the spot

sorry what do you mean? there is no withdrawal in mobile app ?


vicktorio Purchased

when I make the request and place to make the withdrawal request a schedule for the withdrawal, I wanted to leave this optional

sorry can you provide screenshot? as there is no withdrawal request in mobile app


klester Purchased

Friend, I would like to place the product photo on the shopping cart page.

Could you tell me, what is the name of the naapi function and the app, so I can try?

You’re talking the tip, maybe I can.

Just pass the function name that I can not find

hi mate

can you provide screenshot? is this on the cart page?


klester Purchased

That’s it!

Remove the product name and place the product image on the cart page



hi mate

sorry but its hard to explain the code i check the api i did not return any images for this section

first you will have to modify the api to include the image of the food item the file is controller/apicontroller.php and look for functions actionloadCart

and when you include the image in the response of api then display it on mobile app

by modifying the files www/js/app.js look for functions displayCart

Does the current version have any Indian payment gateway? I would like to have Instamojo

razorpay is added :)

does this use onesignal

sorry nope :) am using direct gcm of google

Hello, how do I create signed apk to send to play store?

Add Images to Category in Mobile App? Where to add and what to add since the db reference is already there can you help?

i think the image for category is not included in api response the category image can be found in table _category