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Hello, where do I get this certificate? https://imgur.com/a/rEayY

its in your apple developer account you need to create this one


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Is it possible to add feature in the customer app like in driver app that shows the driver linking the restaurant and the customer when the driver clicks on the restaurant address. When the customer clicks on track driver it just shows driver distance from him with the eta. It’s confusing as the driver will still go to the restaurant before heading to customer.


QCPS Purchased

This is what it looks like when you want to track driver in the customer app http://prntscr.com/gzabw4

QCPS Purchased

This is what it should look like going by the driver app http://prntscr.com/gzacn6 That way the customer can see the driver going to restaurant before coming to him

ah ok noted mate will do change it

I would like to know if there is a possibility of putting two forms of payment into the system. Card and Money. Is there such a possibility?

sorry what do you mean?

Em Português: Quando a pessoa for pagar pelo Aplicativo, ela tem a opção de Cartão de Crédito e Dinheiro não é isso? Eu gostaria de saber se tem como a pessoa escolher as duas opções ao invés de apenas uma das duas.

Em Inglês: When the person is paying for the Application, it has the option of Credit Card and Cash is not it? I would like to know if you have a choice between the two options instead of just one.

ah sorry you cannot choose two options you can only choose one payment method that would messy


How are things going? When are you going to release the update with the freight per neighborhood?!

its done already mate i just adding more features and its almost done

might be this month



Already release the version and then make a new update with the others you are trying to add …

I really need this version freight by neighborhood.

mate sorry but its better to wait for full features it will be this month



You have to generate them. If you already have an Apple Developer account I can help you (for free, don’t worry). Contact me at gurgelramiro@gmail.com

I have a question mate

I want change second splash time to time like after 2 or 3 days.

i changed the second splash path, from www/css/images/banner2.png

and create a folder in root directory of karenderia and put that image there, and it changes easily and showing when i open the app first time, but when i put the new image there , it shows old image.

mate the second splash screen i only showing the banner.png that shows also in home page of the app

try to edit this file and use your another background files



Exact i have take full image banner2.png in place of banner.png from external source, and i want daily update that image, but after uploading the new image it shows old one.

mate you cannot daily update the image :) when its already compiled

Hello, it is happening from the time the app crashes when viewing the items or inserting into the cart. I saw here about the configuration of “LimitRequestBody”. What would be the best configuration for it in htaccess? My server provides 64 MB. Would you have an htaccess template?

mate crashes means it close the app? if yes there is issue with your api or your app


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how do I disable the creation of these logs? https://imgur.com/a/6Huag

Basti, or who can give me some information, when the customer performs a per-address lookup, the results of the closest merchants appear. But I need to display only the first trader, is it possible to do this with some change in the code?

sorry you mean display only 1 results?

Only the first result, only the result that is closest to the searched address

I need to make the app display a result, the merchant that is closest. If there are 10 or 20 merchants, I want only the first, the nearest, to be displayed

I’ve added images to categories, but no category images appear in the application. Only the text appears, how can I make this correction?



I’ll write to you again because, perhaps, you did not see my message for you. I read what you wrote, I am in your situation and for this I would like to help, after so many attempts gone bad, it seems (I say it seems because it is still working, but the first results are great!) that I found a good guy who is making changes in my . I leave you my email imbrogno.a@virgilio.it Send me a message, if you want, and I will give you his contact :grin:

You gave the following error in the phonegap: What do I do?

Error – Plugin error (you probably need to remove plugin files from your app): Fetching plugin “cordova-plugin-fastrde-checkgps@1.0.0” via npm Installing “cordova-plugin-fastrde-checkgps” at “1.0.0” for android Failed to install ‘cordova-plugin-fastrde-checkgps’: CordovaError: Version of installed plugin: “cordova-plugin-geolocation@2.4.3” does not satisfy dependency plugin requirement “cordova-plugin-geolocation@1.0.1 ”. Try -force to use installed plugin as dependency. at /home/ec2-user/.npm/lib/node_modules/pgb-plugman/node_modules/pgb-cordova-lib/src/plugman/install.js:581:33 at _fulfilled (/home/ec2-user/.npm /lib/node_modules/pgb-plugman/node_modules/q/q.js:787:54) at self.promiseDispatch.done (/home/ec2-user/.npm/lib/node_modules/pgb-plugman/node_modules/q/ q.js: 816: 30) at / home / ec2 (/home/ec2-user/.npm/lib/node_modules/pgb-plugman/node_modules/q/q.js:749:13) at / home / ec2 -user / .npm / lib / node_modules / pgb-plugman / node_modules / q / q.js: 509: 49 at flush (/home/ec2-user/.npm/lib/node_modules/pgb-plugman/node_modules/q/ (internal / process / next_tick.js: 98: 9) Version of installed plugin: “cordova-plugin geolocation@2.4.3 “does not satisfy dependency plugin requirement” cordova-plugin-geolocation@1.0.1 ”. Try—force to use installed plugin as dependency. – You can fix this here

I got it in the comments, thanks!

Em Português: Olá. Existe alguma forma de modificar a parte dos Pedidos? Explicando melhor. Se um cliente se cadastra neste exato momento e faz um pedido, vem uma Hashtag contínua do Sistema. Se o sistema já vendeu 30 produtos, o cliente novo que entra agora no sistema pega o # pedido 31. Sendo que, já que o cliente é novo, este deveria ser o primeiro pedido dele.

Em Inglês: Hello. Is there any way to change the Orders part? Explaining better. If a customer registers at this moment and places an order, there is a continuous System Hashtag. If the system has already sold 30 products, the new customer entering the system now takes the # 31 order. Being that, since the customer is new, this should be his first request.



I want to edit the layout of the app, change some place items (position). I saw that 2 files are responsible for this: index.php and app.js. However, when editing app.js, whatever line it is, the app stops working, getting only on the splash screen. Is there any other way to edit the layout of the app?

Because when editing the app.js, the app stops running, as simple changes as deleting the lines:

        $.each( val.services, function( key_service, val_services ) { 


'; }); }

this controls the icons below the staging logo displayed in the search result.

Is there another way I can edit this file, app.js to get what I need?

Thank you.