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Hi Basti, Thanks for previous help 1) I want to ask about discount for individual item. How to make discount(numeric) to discount(percentage) wise.

2) I want to discount differently for different size. For same item there is different size and different discount so I want to apply item discount to different size. Please see the attached link of screenshot. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lb3ukMRExwmJk5L7JyHUx3h-xbbtK-zg

3) There is no search product bar in app. Like we have search product bar in website.

4) There is no “Information”, “Voucher” section for Merchant in App.

5) There is no “Cancel Order” option from customer side. If I want to cancel order then how can I cancel them ?

6)There is error when you select more than 1 filter option in filter it will give “Network issue”. For 1 filter select it is working but when you select more than 1 one it will give error.

7) While placing order if there is little slow network or suddenly when network goes off then it gives” Network issue” but when we check the back-end of merchant/admin the order will get place

8.) There is no “Sponsored” ribbon in mobile app.

Please help in these above points

Help in these above points ASAP

hi mate

1. i think you need to first apply this in web before mobile app for mobile app in apicontroller.php look for actionLoadCart

just look for word discount_less you will need to change the code to make it percentage

2. this will be tricky, you will have to add a new column in array during adding food item in merchant panel and save it as json format in database in table _item look in the price column how i saved the price

3. it will be added in next update

4. same as 3

5. this features is not yet added in kmrs might added in next update and it will be in kmrs first before mobile app

6. please provide screenshot

7. there is issue with your api send me your api so i can do a test

8. yeah i really forgot about this will do add this in next update


Hi Mate – Urgent issue

There is a big issue. When I set a package of “limit seller by sell” by certain number, let suppose 5 order. After 5 order it checked correctly on site “This merchant has reach the maximum sells per month”. But in Mobile app there is no restriction. Even after giving “limit seller by sell”. We can order unlimited product from app. Please help and reply soon

email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified


reply sent

We have migrated our site to new hosting, and we are now getting a 500 Error while clicking on the mobile app module in the Admin -> Addons -> mobile app

solved it

awesome! cheers mate


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reviews not working on mobile app ? getting network connection error

send me your api url and ftp access i will do a test

reviews should work fine cause its only inserting records

email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified


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Hello basti, I hope you are doing well my friend :)

I need your help. I try to checkout from an android phone with PayPal and I get the error “We’re Sorry” “Your selected payment method was not accepted. Please choose a different method.”

I have set the paypal credentials and client id to the admin panel and also the commission to the restaurant I am purchasing from. I followed your documentation to the letter and still I can not figure this out…

What should I do to fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance mate !!

can you provide screenshot? what is your currency code? usd or ?


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Hello!! Sure. Here you go http://prntscr.com/iggdz7

My currency is Euro which has already been set up to the admin panel.

Thanks :)

you are in paypal page so that means the error came from paypal plugin not on my code :)

are you paying via credit card? or your paypal account

Hi basti, (Urgent – Need solution asap)

When I order more than 2 items on mobile order it says “Network error issue”. It is okay for 2 items or 1 items. But why this error when item is more than 2 different type Please see the attached image and link ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vhly0UOMnbAG-rba2H1Yc15IXUl5JVHn )

Only showing loading and after that network issue. But order placed in backend


Thanx mate…. Its working :)

n.p :)

Hi, please help about mobile app for client, we enabled all the APIs for Android app, set the key on xml file but when try to tap on “Use my current location” the geolocation fail. When try to checkout we try to select the direction in map but again error “Geocoding fail”, the user never can place the order because can not calculate distance from restaurant, We try to leave empty the field of delivery distance covered by the restaurant but the app still shows the error message, even without having established distance limit.

can you provide screenshot of the error?

make sure you enabled the following api

Google Maps Distance Matrix API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Places API Web Service
Google Maps Directions API

Hi, yes I enabled all APIs for app, geolocation works fine when go to Map option into restaurant page, trace the route from restaurant to my location well, but in app home page geolocation fail, and fail too in the option to get my address before checkout, regards

send me your mobile app api i will do a test in your api

email me here https://codecanyon.net/user/bastikikang#contact

leave a comment here once you send it so i will be notified


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Hi, could you please provide the steps on how to change the background photo when the up is open (the page where you have to indicate location). I tried to do some modification in app.css but it is not working for me. Please give the exact steps. Thank you in advance!

can you provide screenshot ? where is this so i can get correct answer


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I would like to put a background photo in this page http://prntscr.com/igprp3. So I do not want to have the orange header and a plain white section under it. I want one background photo with the size of the screen. Thank you.

in www/css/app.css

add this at the very bottom

#page-home .navigation-bar{ background:none !important; } #page-home .home-header{ background:none !important; } #page-home .page__background{ background:url("images/yourbackground.png") no-repeat center center; }

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Basti, social FB icon page of Merchant i can see on the website Merchant info. but on the Mobile App i cannot see the fb icon for page of merchant. how to set and where part? (note: this is not on FB signup)

i think this one is still missing in mobile app :(

Hey Basti! “when i browse restaurant i can see number of restaurant. it get stuck on processing if number of restaurants more than 40 else i can see the result of restaurant.” can you halp mee please

you mean it does not load all the merchant?

if yes try this

open the file www/js/app.js

look for var lazyBrowseMerchant = {

change the height

calculateItemHeight: function(index) { return 1200; },

from 1200 to 1000

thanks but i have the same problem , can i send you a secreen shot ?

Hello, to publish app in app store (Apple Store and Google play) do you have tutorial? Do i need coding competence? Also to translate the app? Thanks

Hi mate. mobile app is working very good than expected. Thanks to that. can u please make a notification popup when users added products from shop1 to cart and when they are going back to shop2(since the items in the cart will get cleared automatically when they go to shop2 from shop1). link for image: http://prntscr.com/ihn3l3


latest version android app.. showing error.. not loading app…i give you email personally with screenshot.. can check?