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No Map Show in When

Select select address from Map

missing api key in you config.xml

watch this video this is for driver app but the process is the same with mobile app

driver app how to compile using build phonegap https://youtu.be/pWUThq0JByI

Hi Basti, Is razorpay web version completed?

am not sure yet am still adding more updates but be sure there will be new updates

Thanks, Btw facebook has updated the api to v2.8 and i couldn’t follow the setup document. In website facebook login is working fine but in mobileapp its not working. I have confirmed that facebook app id in config.js is correct.

hi mate

the setup for facebook in app is different you need to create another facebook project

i next update i might have to change the facebook login to use native pugins


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This work very fine with Monaca developer Environment.

yes its is :)

How do I disable date and time of delivery?

default for delivery is already Disabled but for pickup the time is required

But is there any way to disable the day and time for delivery?

mate the default delivery time is already disabled please verify again

the only require is when the transaction is pickup


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Hi mate, food addon is not showing in the mobile app?

mate can you verify again there is no issue such as this

I’m looking into buying the Karenderia website and all of its addons.

I’d like to have the website but I’m unsure which app to purchase? There are 3 different ones and I don’t want to have 3 different ones on the app store – is there one app where users can login and order and where restaurant owners can see orders, accept or reject, etc?

Thank you

hi mate

first you need purchase the main item https://codecanyon.net/item/karenderia-multiple-restaurant-system/9118694

the Karenderia Mobile App is addon for kmrs


Hello Basti, I have a problem already reported here. I believe you have not yet understood the correct nature of the problem.

1 ° The application works perfectly, the translation is perfect, however when installing the app by google play store the client will open the application without translation. In English.

2 ° Closing the application and opening again the problem will be solved, however we can not accept this as a resolution of the problem. We all know how demanding customers are.

3) The fact of opening the app and being in English would already be enough for me to uninstall the app and give a 1 star rating to it in the play store.

4 ° I have looked enough research in the last comments on the subject and have already tried their guidelines and no one actually solves the problem.

5 ° I will forward you the screens with the settings and also email the Admin access to check the configuration.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6utSK_VGb6kQ1NQSE5LRVFUZUE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6utSK_VGb6kcU1WcENUQlpndW8/view?usp=sharing

hi mate

i understand the translation will be change in next update as well in kmrs

as the current translation does not work well

Is there any way to get the app to search the translation first? Change some of the code? To avoid the problem until the update comes out?

right the only options to add new page that loads the translation

means you need to create another page this page will load first before the main page of the app

called it like intro page and called the translation api from there


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basti , can the customer track delivery guy on map .

yes make sure you have driver app modules it will only be available if you have driver modules


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hi mate, since yesterday my app suddenly could not return any result of restaurant search. it usually took around 9-11 seconds to load the result but now it takes like forever. it happened on both iOS and Android and we haven’t done any changes. i reboot the server, update the databases… still no use. please see screenshot here https://www.dropbox.com/s/15yfmg752zu7s67/IMG_0354.PNG?dl=0

i’ll email you the login details just in case you need it.


hi mate, appreciate that. yes the access is still the same.

reply sent

hi mate i just emailed you back with the sever spec.


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Hi Basti,

merchant admin -> merchant info -> information, this information is only visible in the website for me. Can that information also be visible in the mobile app?

Yes i know that we have info for merchant but in the app is missing the info we can add manually.


technically you can you just need to add those info in the api and edit the mobile app to include those information

Can you show how to do that ?
For shure there will be more users ho will be interesting for this.


why i can’t get the delivery cost depend on table rates? and how you calculate it, using user coordinates from mobile location or user address then geolocation?

hi mate

did you turn on the table rates? make sure you have default delivery fee in merchant -> settings

and for calculation merchant address -> customer address

Hello Basty, is there any configuration ready to use google analycts in the application?

sorry mate none at the moment


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Basti like having a signature to upload the application to play store

sorry what do you mean?

Hey Basti, I need help. In MobileApp the system do not let redeem points when merchant has an offer. On the web this is not problem. I have error message (your rquest cannot be applied…) Pls help. Thank you.

hi mate

actually on the website you should or cannot apply redeem points if you have already discount this will cause double discount

Thats ok, but should work together the web and the app.

The web allows offers + redeem points at checkout, the app disallow offers+ points.

They must be work equal.

its not fixed yet in web it will be fixed as many suggested you cannot have double discount


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Hi Basti,

when downloading the app from PlayStore ore from AppStore it appears in English till restarting the app than it opens in my language.

I have only one language install. From Set Language i have mark only my language From admin -> manage language ->settings -> Default Language: is my laguage.

Having some people testing my app and all of them mention the language problem.



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The problem seems to be that the the first time opening the app the language file is not loaded .


hi mate

i understand in next update i will have to change the translation process as the current one does not work well

Hi basti!

I would like to set a 30 minute gap for the pick up time order, so the merchants have some time to cook while buyer drives for pick up

THANKS! launching soon

hi mate

i think putting message in merchant menu about the 30mins preparation? will that work

Do you have API Documents aboit mydomais.com/api its work fine with app. but I need use it in another software using the same api that APP use to access. But I have documentation about it.

hi mate

sorry but i don’t have api docs :( you can take a look at the apicontroller.php you will see there the required parameters

or try to use firefox with firebug you can see the request in console you will get the idea how to consume the api


When setting up Android push in https://developers.google.com/mobile/add is the sender ID given in https://developers.google.com/mobile/add the one that goes in config.js file?

Hi, im very interested in the system and the apps, how much will cost for generate the mobile app and the order taking app and publish it in my play store and ios account? Thanks. The web version i can install.