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Hi Basti, how are you?

I followed all the information to compile Karenderia Mobile App. The compilation has no errors but I get Network error has occurred please try again

https://developers.google.com/mobile/add This link also no longer works

Please, help me


Hi mate

I followed these tutorials in detail https://youtu.be/38wRUk8Gujc https://youtu.be/cqZlMfQ6zKI https://youtu.be/W6d4PvqdJBQ But always getting as answer Network error has occurred try again So I followed this tutorial kartero creating google api key https://youtu.be/Wy4m5DhTVy8 compiling kartero app https://youtu.be/tRBzguspu2g


https://developers.google.com/mobile/add Google has changed how to create Cloud Message. Now it’s through Firebase The ID of the config.js file can not be pasted into Firebase I think that here is the big problem. Firebase creates the project name as the ID Project name does not accept xxx.xxxxxx.app Project name must be xxxx In your tutorial you created the project as kartero and the Android Package Name as kartero.driver.app Which is actually the ID Now in Firebase you can not create an ID this way

Mate, I do not know what else to do. I think your tutorials need to be updated.

Please help me solve this compile problem I need a definitive solution. A correct guide. Because the issues I am having with the Karenderia Mobile App build I do not want to have with Karenderia Order Taking App and Karenderia Driver Mobile App

Tanks in advance


http://localhost/applocal/www/cordova.js its given this eror above how i can see app local ? thank you

Hi Basti, can you help me with this change? In the application, by default, the order tracking map shows two paths (two lines on the map), the driver path to the merchant, and the path from the merchant to the delivery address. I need to display on the map, only the driver path to the customer’s delivery address. How to change this?

Hi Basti,

I created keystore to root bin. But when I try to get the SHA 1 key running the following command (keytool -exportcert -keystore C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144\bin\release.keystore -list -v -alias androidreleasekey ) I don’t get the SHA 1 key.

The keystore is located in the bin file. Do I have to move the location of the keystore file? What is going wrong?

In the documantation it is telling that the keystore is typically located at ~/.android/ As far I know we don’t use Android Studio to compile. So what is the way to get the SHA 1 key?