Discussion on Karenderia Merchant App Restaurant

Discussion on Karenderia Merchant App Restaurant

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birken Purchased

hi i am confused,

1. this app is for the restaurants owner to take the orders right?

2. if yes, what is the difference by taking the order on main KRMS website?

3. if i have 500 merchant on KRMS do i need to buy 500 restaurant apps?

hi mate

1. yes

2. this is an app can be installed in your phone while kmrs website is web

3. no mate you need only 1 merchant app


driver app is now available for sale here

thank you

Hi Basti, I am facing Error: Network Error on PWA

i went through the comments and made sure ur recommendations are made. So it has nothing to do with api, modules or live domain. I have sent you email with login access please let me know soon. on the browser inspection I see this ERROR : Ensure CORS response header values are valid

reply sent

Hi Basti, I got purchased new addon of Karenderia Merchant App but I can not upload it via addon section as I get 500 ZipArchive::extractTo(): Permission denied can you please let me know other way to upload via FTP as my server gives me this error though I have given 777 permission to upload folder.

it means your server has no ziparchive library

ask your hosting to install or enabled this for your

Hi Basti – I see you have same tutorials for Merchant and Driver Apps. I am confuse about it because those app really use Keystore or firebase etc. settings? in your old apps those were not require. Please confirm and elaborate details about both Merchant & Driver apps installation.

– Video tutorials (ALL ARE SAME AS CUSTOMER APP SETTINGS) Build your app Configure firebase project Create keystore Configure google login Configure facebook login Change android package ID and package name

in terms of compiling the app i have all the same process

only in driver app you need to create firestore database this is to save your driver location so we can show them in map in real time


Hi mate I see that the driver app is done so congratulations, So is there any news about update for merchant app Thanks

hi mate

1. auto print is already available when you add your printer tick the auto print

2. noted


Number 2 when you will add it Thanks

i cannot promise any at the moment

but i added on my list for updates

Friend, I found some confusion when I approve a delivery order. It has the pickup status. This is when the delivery person does not accept the order. Is that really how it is?

hi mate

you mean when you set pickup status the rider still receive notifications even he did not accept the order?

if yes i think that would not happen cause am checking driver id of the order if is has driver already

no friend. I will print it for you.

ok mate please do so i can understand

Hi guys

delivery app is now avaialable for sale

for those doing update to kmrs

– Update notes: update process has been change in version 1.0.7,
step 1 extract the as before
step 2 no need to run the backoffice/update anymore just go to admin panel -> ulitities -> fixed database, this will create all new tables and menu

for those who waiting for email and question
will answer all your queries tomorrow
thank you

Hi Team, We have purchased both Karenderia Merchant App Restaurant and Karenderia Multi Restaurant App. We build Karenderia Multi Restaurant App and its working fine. Then we build Karenderia Merchant App Restaurant also. But in both the app its showing only merchant app. Kindly do the needful

hi mate

:) that is not possible both have different files

so please verify

Friend a doubt to this script.

If I access his PWA via computer. The printer is installed on the computer via the NETWORK. Can I have automatic printing features?

Can I have the function of automatic printing and acceptance of the order when it arrives at the merchant’s panel?

hi mate

sorry you , you can only use specific printer for auto printing and print via wifi

using this

hl1afg Purchased

After build merchant app, upload which folder for merchant pwa? I upload pwa folder to and visit by mobile, just empt, nothing show.

to run pwa you need to copy it in your sub domain


also how do you copy the files? there should be no folder on it

Hi BASTI, for the webapp PWA do I need to buy this merchant app script? also does it print to any local printer?

hi mate

no mate it comes with this app

this app is available for android, ios and PWA

for printer you can use any bt printer as long its using esc/pos command

take note the bt version should be ble


Hi Basti, where can I find the notifications sound code in the merchant app. I have some notifications for the merchant after a specific order status which I don’t want to play the sound like it does for the new order. I wanted to find a way to keep the sound only for new order and other notifications to be silent But checking src-capacitor but haven’t found a file that has notifications or pusher in it

hi mate

all good?



Hi mate… Where is the driver :) We need driver. Driver Driver :(.....

When it will be live ?

lets just wait to be here on sale in cc

Hi mate. I refresh page several time per day. How much usually take it? Did it will be this week. I plan to start work and wait for the same and just to plan iot.

lets just wait i think max is end of this month

Hi Basti, I can not download SCRIPT for Karenderia Merchant App | Full Applications item, it says Item removed, how can I download ? please guide. I had purchased it but its not visible to download?

Hi Basti, I contacted you few times with no reply so far, please can you send me the download links, I had send you email with gmail ID. Please bro can you reply to it.

hi mate

done check your google email i added you to google drive

Please provide us update or guidance on all app translation in mean time… without translation we can’t go live that’s why requesting you again n again… thank you.

Hi mate,
Restaurant need sales report every day night as below

Otherwise restaurant staff after get online order, have to retype to POS system, but if they can get this report don’t need retype to POS system. It’s have to print by USB POS printer and FEIE 80mm WiFi Smart Printer.

hl1afg Purchased

Hi mate,
I can’t “npm install” on visual studio, I try many time but can’t. I got error message
I can not make pwa and Android App for merchant, what is my problem?

hl1afg Purchased

Hi I changed short pats on the computer, then can work. Sorry.

:) cheers

Hello, is that App working with Sunmi V2 Pro or only with the normal Version (Sunmi V2)? Many Thanks for an answer.

hi mate

i tested the app with sumni v2 only for pro am not sure but you can try cause am sure they have both features only they updated the android version


Hi Basti, I sent you an email yesterday for my problem

Hello Basti, not sure if youve found a solution to the esc/pos special character printing but this might help

thanks mate will do have a look



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