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Discount accepted % or just fixed price?

ah sorry only fixed price mate

How much do you charge to do this job?

sorry mate am not available :(


bnwraj Purchased

Razor pay is not listed in <Points can apply only on the following options>

How to include Razor pay in that list so that when user pays via razor pay points should gets added

hi mate

it will be updated on next update

here is the quick fixed open the file module/pointsprogram/components/PointsProgram.php look for functions paymentOptionsList()

add this razor pay on the list


public static function paymentOptionsList() { return array( 'cod'=> t("Cash On delivery"), 'ocr'=> t("Offline Credit Card Payment"), 'pyp'=> t("Paypal"), 'pyr'=> t("Pay On Delivery"), 'stp'=> t("Stripe"), 'mcd'=> t("Mercadopago"), //'ide'=> t("Sisow"), 'payu'=> t("PayUMoney"), //'pys'=> t("Paysera"), //'bcy'=> t("Barclaycard"), //'epy'=> t("EpayBg"), 'atz'=> t(""), 'obd'=> t("Offline Bank Deposit "), 'rzr'=>t("Razorpay") ); }


Hi basti, I bought kmrs. when you update Loyalty Points Program?

hi mate

after i release the update in merchant app and driver app

Ok thank you :grin:



Nabiali Purchased

How to install Karenderia Loyalty Points Program with latest Application because some step or file not exeiting


Nabiali Purchased

So i have installed and now i want Subcatogary in main Catogary and Time update when user goign to submit order and update delivery fee and delivery fee on postal code base colucolate

so can u give me ho to do this or u can update in next update

hi mate

sorry but it will have big changes on db if you want to create subcategory

i think you are confuse its the other way around

the food category = is the main category

the addon category is the subcategory

what you will need is to have a parent category for main category


Nabiali Purchased

Can u make in Main Admin that amdin can add Catogery and addon ffod and marchent can selet if they want it make eaiser to complate menu card

like Cuisine admin can add in admin aread and other counder can seletct

hi mate

sorry but its not intended for the admin to manage the category of food item

Hello my friend, It would be very interesting if you implemented an option to earn points by invitation, where the person invited a friend to install the application and this would generate a reward on the first request. Such a function would speed up downloads and consumption within the application. Is it possible to launch an update with this function?

hi mate

already added on my update list


is it compatible with the apps ?

hi mate

yes it is :)

Hi Basti, have a question about the loyalty points. when I dedicate the points to several dishes and when a customer order 1 ( exact ) dish 3 times…you will get 1 point instead of 3 points ( when 1 dish is equal to 1 point). How can i resolve this?

you can change that in the file components/PointsProgram.php

look for functions saveEarnPoints

hi bAsti mollie is not listed in the list

hi mate

i did not added the mollie in the update :) someone paid for it :)

i sent you reply

reply sent

Hi, Basti I have some questions about this points program:

1- The customer adds points even if the request is canceled or refused (should not)

2- The trader should have the option to participate in the points program or not

3- should have 2 types of options to consume the points: the restaurant chooses if the points that the customer will use are points accumulated in all restaurants or if the customer can only use the points that were earned with purchases in his restaurant keeping Loyalty to the establishment

Would it be possible to have these options?

hi mate

1. yes these is not yet updated

right now you can adjust the points by the customer once you cancelled the order

2. sorry not yet available

3. sorry not yet available

Hi Basti!

Is it possible to enable only a few restaurants for Redeeming Point? I need redeeming to be available only in some restaurants, not at all.

I have not bought this plugin yet, but I’m interested in buying.

hi mate

sorry those options is not yet available :(

I am thinking in changing the name “Offline Bank Deposit” to “Payment with points”. Therefore I need the system to display the “Redeeming Points” option only if the restaurant has selected the “Payment with points” option in merchant panel. Is this possible? If it is possible, I will buy this code now.

hi mate

i think that would be possible but again the merchant has no options to turn off/on points system only has admin the options to turn on/off


Hello Mate Customer will earn point when install the app, very important Point can be enable and disable in different restaurant

hi mate

will do take note mate on next update i believe this is already on my update list

thnk when can we expect the nxt update?

sorry mate no date yet :(

after configuring the loyality point program , the voucher disappeared ?

sorry what do you mean?

voucher not found in website when i added loyalty points

hi mate sorry but am still confuse can you send me screenshot?

voucher not found if what part? in mobile app web etc ?

Is this integrated with the app also?

yes it is :)


vicckal Purchased

Hi Basti, this points money will be deducted from admin account or the restaurant /merchant account? who would pay for these points?

hi mate

if your merchant is membership there is no issue cause merchant gets all the payment

but if your merchant is commission it will be deducted from merchant