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Hi, I have already purchased kmrs and want to purchase this but have some questions.

how to remove confirmation option for driver? I don’t want to give my driver confirmation option to accept or decline a order. I want it by default to be accepted by the driver.

hmmm sorry no options for that you will need to modify the code for that

also i think this will not work if you have many drivers

The driver can not receive (Special Instructions) from the customer when they order

Driver not receiving (Special Instructions) on Driver Mobile App


vicckal Purchased

Hi, I have following questions, 1. How to manage admin deliveries for different cities, e.g. city1, city2, city3, because there is only one admin account. 1.1 Is it possible that one driver to be part of two or three different teams/restaurants? 2. Can you tell how change color of an orange strip at the top – link here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9doPLR8NxUPdUFWUER0SEhRbUk/view?usp=sharing 3. Will you be able to incorporate order printing option for merchants through app in future versions to be able to print using general bluetooth/wifi settings and how soon? 4. How to make Auto-loading of restaurants during browsing faster? Because, otherwise one has wait for more restaurants to load during browsing. Is there any setting?

Sorry all questions at one place because I have all your products.

And one more issue, When order is placed and accepted by merchant app, an auto-assign message goes to the driver app. And after 2 minutes another message goes about ‘TASK CANCELLED’! This is really weird thing happening without anybody actually cancelling the task. Do you know what would be causing this?

I tried to upload my files into phone gap , but i can’t do it. It show me an error: “Default PhoneGap has been updated to cli-6.5.0 (iOS 4.3.1, Android 6.1.2, Windows 4.4.3) malformed config.xml”

what should i do ?

malformed config xml that means your config.xml has special characters

check for any special characters


in your config.xml change the line

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" >


<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-googlemaps" source="npm" spec="1.3.9" >


i have issue with push notifications on the merchant app (posted there yesterday but you’re not active there), they stopped working for some reason, the mobile customer app is working fine, i have these cron jobs running every minute

wget -O – domain/app/mobileapp/cron/processpush wget -O – domain/app/mobileapp/cron/processbroadcast wget -O – domain/app/merchantapp/cron/getneworder wget -O – domain/app/merchantapp/cron/processpush wget -O – domain/app/merchantapp/cron/getnewtablebooking

what could be the issue or where and how i should investigate?