vCard - Digital Business Card Builder SaaS

vCard - Digital Business Card Builder SaaS

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vCard is helpful to start your own startup which offers a SaaS (software as a service) service to individuals, companies, or organizations. You can use vCard for your personal use, or you can use it for your business. Just Install, Create Plans, and Generate Passive Income.

Digital Business Cards are the modern way to share contact information. Also known as vCard, Virtual Business Card, and Electronic Business Card. Digital business cards are more interactive, eco friendly, and affordable than their physical counterparts. One major benefit of digital business cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere, simply show your QR code, or send the link over email, text, or social media.

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Admin Panel:
Admin: / 12345678
User: / 12345678

Features for Users / Subscribers / Company of vCard – Digital Business Card Builder SaaS

My vCard

You can manage your all vCards from here.

All vCards: All vCards willl be listed here. You can view, edit, delete and clone your vCards from here.
Theme: Set theme, color and font for your vCard.
Profile: Profile picture and basic details can be set here.
Contact Details: Social Fields / Block / Custom Fields can be created here.
Products and Services: Products and Services for you vCard can be created here.
Portfolio: Portfolio for you vCard can be created here.
Gallery: Gallery for you vCard can be created here.
Testimonials: Testimonials for you vCard can be created here.
QR Code: Your QR code for your vCard will be shown here.
Custom Sections: You can create custom sections for your vCard from here.
Custom Domain: You can access your card direct from your custom domain.
Reorder Sections: You can reorder card’s all sections.
Advanced: You can set custom CSS, JS and enable disable basic thing on your vCard From here.

Features for Super Admin / SaaS Admin / Owner of vCard – Digital Business Card Builder SaaS

Frontend / Landing page

You can manage the Frontend / Landing page from here. You will get three inbuilt beautiful customizable landing page from where users can see information about the vCard product and features.


Powerful dashboard where admin and subscriber/user can see overall usage statistics.

Subscription Management

Subscription Plans Management: You can manage Subscription Plans from here. You can add, update, delete Subscription Plans. You can set free, trial plans and also, force users to buy a plan after registration.
Orders: From here you can see all orders made by your Subscribers / Users.
Offline Request: Your Subscriber / Users send you an Offline Request for buying a Subscription Plans. You can see that request here. Also, you can see payment receipts from a user and can approve or reject the requests.
Subscriber / Users Management: You can manage Subscribers / Users from here. You can add, update, delete and change their Subscription Plans.

SaaS Admins

Here You can add more SaaS admins to handle the vCard SaaS application. Share the workload with other admins.


You can easily customize vCard SaaS according to your need from the setting section.
Settings: You can change the name of the application, colors, footer, logos, time zone, date format, and many more options for your convenience.
CEO: Set SEO meta data for Search engine optimization.
Ads: Set ads for free vCard users. Like, Google AdSense
Social Login: Set google login option in vCard Application.
Payment Gateway: Set PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Bank Transfer / Custom Payment options for Payment Gateway.
Google reCAPTCHA: Set google reCAPTCHA for forms.
Email: Set SMTP settings for emails.
Email Templates: Change email templates for vCard application.
Languages: Create, edit and delete languages. Make application multilingual.
Update: Update application on new update release.
Custom Code: Add custom code to application.

One Click Future Update

You can easily update your application with one click. No need for coding knowledge.


You can create a support request to the administration if you need any help.


You can purchase plans from here as per your requirements.


Your Transactions will be listed here.


You can update your user profile from here and also, can delete your profile if needed.

Team Member / Multi-user

Add Users/Employees/Team Member who can create and manage their vCards by themselves.


Admin can add taxes here which will be applied to the Subscription purchase.


Users will get invoices for their subscription purchases in this section.

Salient Features of vCard – Digital Business Card Builder SaaS

  • Fully Customizable
  • One Click Future Update
  • vCard The Fully Secure Application
  • Dashboard with a Graphical Representation
  • Secure Database no SQL Injection
  • Protected against CSRF and XSS attacks
  • Bcrypt Password Encryption
  • Totally Ajax
  • Built-in using Most Trusted CodeIgniter Framework

The Guarantee

  • Our excellent support.
  • Feature updates.
  • Answer to all your questions.
  • Bugs fixes if any have.
  • Help to set up and install.

Frequently asked questions.

Question 1: How to install vCard?
Ans: You can easily install vCard just by following the step in the installation wizard.

Question 2: vCard have documentation?
Ans: Yes, Full documentation included.

Question 3: vCard is multilingual? Can I translate it into my language?
Ans: Yes, vCard is multilingual. Also, you can add or edit languages from the admin panel.

Question 4: What is the server requirements?
Ans: PHP 7.x+ under PHP 8, MySQL 5.7+, mod_rewrite enabled, unlimited space and bandwidth.

Question 5: How custom domain works?
Ans: Once user / subscriber point domain to your server and make request for custom domain you have to add that domain to your Server / Host like normal domain with same directory access as main domain.
NOTE: There is no guarantee custom domain will work because it’s totally depends on you Server / Host. Support will not provided for this feature.

Change Log

Version 2.9 – (31-Aug-2022)

[Added] Team member
[Added] Invoices within the Transactions and Orders section
[Added] XML Sitemap
[Added] New google login library
[Added] Custom card URL disable option in Plan
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System Improvement

Version 2.4 – (31-Mar-2022)

[Added] Four new predefined card themes
[Added] Custom domain for card
[Added] Custom QR code editor
[Added] Langugae change option on card
[Added] Show card view count on card
[Added] Video thumbnail in card gallery
[Added] Carousel slider for the content of Products and Services, Portfolio
[Added] Drag and Drop reordering of all main card sections
[Added] Drag and Drop reordering for Products and Services, Portfolio, Gallery, Testimonials
[Added] Email template for inquiry forms
[Added] Deactivate language option
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System Improvement

Version 2 – (30-Jan-2022)

[Added] Card's theme background (Color, Image, Gradient, Transparent)
[Added] Card's background (Color, Image, Gradient, Transparent)
[Added] Card's font 
[Added] Card's font color 
[Added] Easy icon picker for fields
[Added] Predefined social fields
[Added] Drag and Drop reordering fields
[Added] All fields in a VCF file
[Added] Custom sections in card
[Added] Advance card options
[Added] Separate email for inquiry form
[Added] Show/Hide Add to Phone Book
[Added] Show/Hide Share Button
[Added] Show/Hide QR Code
[Added] Show/Hide QR Code
[Added] Search Engine Indexing
[Added] Custom JS, CSS
[Added] QR code in share popup
[Added] Force new user to buy a plan
[Added] Clone card in one click
[Added] SEO settings
[Added] Social login
[Added] Custom 404 page
[Added] Support system
[Added] Custom payments options with upload receipt
[Added] Admin can log in into others account
[Added] From email added
[Added] Registration page logo size reduced
[Added] Turn of registration
[Added] GDPR acceptance on registration
[Added] Text area expandable
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System Improvement

Version 1.4 – (27-Sep-2021)

[Added] Unlimited vCards
[Added] Photo & Video Gallery
[Added] Inquiry Form
[Added] Default WhatsApp Button
[Added] Inquiry Button
[Added] QR Display on vCard
[Added] Hide Product Price
[Added] Google Analytics
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System improvement

Version 1 – (7-Sept-2021)