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does this allow me to add a sidebar to a page on a wordpress site where a sidebar is not currently available?


You can add sidebar for any page what you want, but sometimes you have to know php for this.


I purchased this plugin and I am trying to install, no luck.

I read the readme and my theme doesn’t have a sidebar.php file. And I am terrible at PHP.

Can I get a refund because figuring this out is beyond my expertise. Thank you.


Can you send me email with login and password for your site? I can help you install plugin.

I too am interested in setting a default sidebar to 300+ posts. There has got to be a way to assign a sidebar to that may pages, without having to open each page and select the custom sidebar, right?

You can add ‘if conditional’ into your code.

Dose this also support WP posts as well? Other custom post type pages?

You can add supporting by string:
add_meta_box( 'kakapo', __( 'Use custom sidebar', 'kakapo_textdomain' ), 'kakapo_inner_custom_box', '%post_type%', 'side' );

file choice_sidebar.php

Does this plugin work with Wordpress MultiSite?


This option has not been tested.

HI Got this bundled with a theme Mexin and Im having problems it might be the theme it might be the plugin. I cannot get a sidebar when posts are displayed. I’ve had to duplicate posts as pages (With Same Permalink) to get them to render the way I want. Any thoughts?


1. Can you write me email?

2. What the version of WP?

3. What the version of Kakapo?

4. Have you written to theme developer?


1. After installing and changing the sidebar code to kakapo’s, other options in the existing widgets are collapsed.

As I keep adding sidebars (using new page), the new side bar is pushing the widgets menus of existing ones’ downwards.

For example: If I add a new side bar – “Sidebar1”. In the Widget area, yes, I could see “Sidebar1” is present but existing widget menus are automatically passing on to the next existing sidebars. This way, all the widget menus are getting collapsed.

I need to rearrange the widget menus again and again whenever I create a new sidebar using kakapo’s sidebar (through new post).

2. The widget menus are displaying beyond the website’s frame. The existing sidebars are showing the widget menus properly, but newly created sidebars show all the widget menus (for example: categories or latest posts) out of frame. The size is broadened.

How to overcome these two issues?

Thanks in advance!


I have wasted my money by purchasing “Kakapo – Custom Sidebar”. If anyone asks for a review of this seller/developer (Morfi) I would kindly recommend NOT to buy. The plugin doesn’t work as said and there is absolutely NO support.

Other user don’t have any problems with plugin, maybe you wrong installed it.

Running Genesis theme and just installed the plugin. Created custom sidebar and selected it to show on a specific page. Primary sidebar is showing instead. Help please?


Do you added ’<?php if(function_exists(‘kakapo_sidebar’)) kakapo_sidebar(); ?>’ into your sidebar.php?


Hi, Morfi. I just recently changed themes and the new one doesn’t support Kakapo. I don’t have any .php experience, but I saw that you were advising other posters to insert if(function_exists(‘kakapo_sidebar’)) kakapo_sidebar(); into this file. Is that the solution for me, too? Here is my sidebar.php syntax:

<div id="secondary" class="widget-area sidebar" role="complementary"> <?php global $post; global $woocommerce; $post_type = get_post_type($post); if ( is_page() || is_front_page() ) { if ( is_active_sidebar( 'sidebar-2' ) ) { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-2'); } else { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-1'); } } elseif ( ( is_single() || is_archive() ) && ( $post_type == 'post' ) ) { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-1'); } elseif ( is_search() ) { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-1'); } elseif ( $woocommerce && is_shop() || $woocommerce && is_product() || $woocommerce && is_product_category() || $woocommerce && is_product_tag() ) { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-woo'); } else { dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-1'); } ?> </div>


You can write me email.


Do you provide the feature to clone and sync connected widgets in the sidebar. For example, if I have used the same widget in 5 sidebars; will the widget be updated in all 5 sidebars if it is updated in any one of them? This feature is provided by custom sidebars pro plugin (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/custom-sidebars-pro/) but it is very expensive.. Please let me know. :)


Sorry, but this function not supported.