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Demo doesn’t work.

Confirmed, demo is a no go.


Now it works, enjoy :-)

Does every Page Got There own Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description ?

It’s a Must This !

All pages use one, it’s designed for public, sorry not meet your requiremet.


This looks great!, a question regarding image search field. Is that by image name, or some other criteria? I viewed your image to see the name then tried a search but it came up blank.


It’s search by image description

Purchased ! I will try to add extra fields in page edit for meta tags for SEO but you have to add them to. this is must Thing for every website…

Good Work

Sorry, I’ve told you All pages use one, it’s designed for public, not just designed for you, if everyone askes for requirement one by one, then the project would be endless, hope you understand, also you might have seen the online demo, the admin area, it’s clear the meta tag is set to all pages. If you still want this, please wait v3, in the feature. Or you can just set manually in index.php or showimag.php. Anyways, thanks for your purchase. If you like this product, please keep it in mind

did not come with complaints i just suggest… and i already put it manually… You understand it not right.

I only recommend you and sad that this is must thing and not mentioned that i didn’t know what i’m buying…

And i told you that this is good work

Why you are angry :(

I’m not angry, just hope you understand, it’s designed for most people, can not meet everyone’s req, I do wana make it more customizable, and I hope JPPG can be bigger in the future, like wordpress, joomla, anyway, it’ll grow.

I have to be 100% honest, thats the worst design I’ve seen on this site. Just bad work I think…

Poor use of colours, looks like a site produced 5 years ago with equilivant tech. Bland, bland, bland… Sorry!

Just my 2 cents -

che merda sea sta qua… ma neanke i sorsi compra na roba del genere

Thanks for your comment !


when I active the plugin.

It give me a error syaing:The plugin does not have a valid header.

kins regards Ziggy

please follow the userguide. What do you mean active the plugin?

After installing the plugin, I need to activate the plugin. Then the error appears with the text: The plugin does not have a valid header.

I can not install the plugin.

please tell me exactly what’s the name of plugin? Untill now, all purchaser’s do not have this probem before, so I wonder if you installed properly of if you have fallowed the installation user guide.

more then year after i purchased this script And nothing new i didn’t see here. Jiayuanhua so what did you tell me ? it was build for everyone and not just for me ?

The things i wrote to you that this are a must things you didn’t even heared me. More then year this script is here and only 41 sales ?

No updates as you told once so please don’t make products just for me but for everyone but that this script is not worse any money.

I just made mistake that i purchased your script and didn’t recommend it to anyone

This script just another 2 cent cms of some php bigginer guy or something..

So Jiayuanhua but thats what it looks like

Script is not optimized for SEO so don’t bother yourself with quastions why … becouse no meta tags and no dynamic titles included this script. Every page you have same exact title and no meta keywords and meta description…

No, Juayuanhua do not make product just for me but for everyone. How you write this in previuse comments ?

it’s designed for public, not just designed for you, if everyone askes for requirement one by one

LOL . yea 41 sales in more then year… i understand this is for public and everyone. never thought that everyone and public can be 41 ppl and i am sure that everyone who bought this script are angry.

But you know what ? I am not angry becouse its our fault who purchase this awesome cms.

Yea… Good luck becoming Wordpress and joomla like as you sad once there in comments…

It’s just your opinion, as a product, it can not fit everyone’s requirement.

Yea whatever you say….

Hello, I just purchase this script…...and doesn’t work proprety. The script is here: http://pluscomputer.ro/portofolio-gallery user and passw is same. Please take a look ….. and dive me some help

I’ve send you email, please check

I purchased this and I realized that I need the Title under each thumbnail. Is there a way to do this?? please help!

Hi, yamaha I can make a special order for you if you like, that would have a cost.

Demo doesn’t work…

Hi, sorry for the inconvinenent, because my business website is doing huge upgarde, and may take one week to finish. send me your email then I will tell you when it’s ready. Then you can also view v4 on my own server.

you can purchase v4 at zhaohuastudio.com


The livepreview link is broken. I like your plugin but I wish to see how this works