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One more question, can you add on your premium setting? so people not stealing my source video link or hot link on their site

Hi begoo. I like the idea, I will consider it for a future release ;-)

HI, can you enable embed video function on this one? What I mean is, we can embed videos from different source like openload,etc (so not only youtube)

Hi begoo, thanks for your interest. My plugin is just a way of using JW Player in Wordpress; what it can play is what JW Player can play. You can find detailed informations about in this page: Thanks again.

Jwplayer If you have a premium key Does Google Drive support?

Hi bose996633. JW Player requires always the direct link to the media source, the only exception is YouTube. You can do your tests with the free version since it works in the same way. This post could be interesting for you:
Hello :)
Some Question before buying this awosome Plugin
1- Can I view Youtube list as buttom playlist with custom css modifications ?
2- Can I add single video before the playlist as an intro ?
3- Can I add default logo for video player and video covers too ?
4- Can I add share buttoms that share the site page url not video only ?
5- Can I add blank div with full video screen to disable right click or double click issues ?
6- Can I add Google Drive Folder as Playlist like this plugin ?
Thanks in advance :)

Hi GalaxyMarket, thanks for your interest. 1- You can create playlists but without css modification 2- No, it is not possible. 3- Yes 4- Yes 5- No, it is not possible. 6- No, it is not possible.

For more informations about all the functionalities available, please visit these pages:


Hi, Generate post from youtube via feeds with this plugin, I wanted to know if I can integrate your player with short codes to include in the embed settings: {{}} video_url

thank you

Of course, an example url is this, the video is imported as a feed in Automatic and in emebe video settings you can still customize, its emebed code that is generated is this:

{{}} Video_url {{}} Video_description

thanks and good job

I tested a fvplayer player where the VAST is working, the text is in this other url, where I put the player’s code in the settings and it works, i hope you like with your product it works

[Fvplayer src = “{{video_url}}”]


thanks and good job

No excuse now read that you need extended license ads on the player. Thank you for your time

Hi, Support rtmp ?

Hi rustyx. Yes, the plugin supports rtmp striming.

Hello, Is there a way to resume a video after someone left the page and came back or reloaded the page? Examples would be Netflix. Thanks :)

Hi TheCbaZ. Not at the moment but this is an interesting functionality that I can consider to add in a future release ;-)

Hi, I’m trying to understand how this player is different from the official JW7 WordPress player at:

Is your player the same one as the JW7 Premium player described on the JW7 pricing page?

So if I buy your player, it includes a licence for the JW7 Premium player as described above?


Hi henscu, thanks for your interest and sorry for the late. This plugin is just a way for using JW Player into Wordpress but what you can do with it, depends from your JW Player license. The good news is that JW Player is great in the free version as well so this product is useful also with it; most of my customers have not a JW Player premium license. What are the differences with the official one? It is just another product, thought in a different way. There is a free version of my plugin as well, please have a look here: This is the premium version and it’s full of tools for your video publication. Hope this helps ;-)

Pre-sale question. I’m assuming the “related videos” are videos that can show up after a video is done playing no? Also is there a way that after a video is done playing to play the next video in the list say if nothing is clicked after 10 seconds or so?


Hi jkash23686. There is not autoplay for related videos at the moment, since they take the user to another post/ page. Here you can find more informations and see how related videos look like:

gsmdude Purchased

please move autoplay option in main plugin setting, this is to hard to tick every video post, because i use a video theme.

Why not? I think the best solution would be have both, the general option and the one specific for every single video. Already in my to-do list, thanks ;-)


gsmdude Purchased

Thanks. :-) we are waiting for update.

I cannot find jwplayer key? do you know how to find it? I clicked tools on dashboard, but thereis no secret key for jwplayer, am I missing something ?

Hi Begoo. No, you’re right. Something is changed this week. At the moment, new JW Player free accounts are not able to download the player anymore. As you can read, the message invites you to upgrade your license. I’m going to add these informations to my product description right now. If you need any other informations, please contact me at

Hi, is it possible to play live stream hls source video?

Hi akumada. My plugin supports what your jwplayer license does. More informations here: P.S. Slow response? It’s Christmas, I just have a family.

Ups Sorry Bro, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday :) ;-)

Hello! Then I push to button “Videopreview” on page “JW Player for Wordpress – Premium” there is start Video-lightbox. Is it made with JW Player? Can I make the same if I buy this plug-in? I need 3 column video-wall, with clickable picture.

Hi NSS2014, thanks for your interest in my product. No, the modal window effect is not included. You have to develop it, for example with Bootstrap, or add it to your site by using a specific plugin. After that, you could add the video player by using the shortcode [jwp-video].

where i can find the Premium Key?

Hi malghanimanan, thanks for the purchase. At the moment the premium key is not released to who get the product from Codecanyon. Don’t worry anyway, you will receive a notification from Envato when a new version of the plugin will come out.


gsmdude Purchased

i get error: It seems like your Premium Key is expired. Please, click here for prices and details. There is a new version of JW Player for Wordpress – Premium available. View version 1.5.2 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.

Hi gsmdude. The premium key is release only when the product is bought directly on my site, it is useful for updates and support. Here on Envato, you receive a notification every time a new version is released. Then, you just need to download the update and replace the plugin. As you can see, the version available here on Code Canyon is the 1.5.2, the last one. Hope this helps ;-)


gsmdude Purchased

Thanks.. now done..

Perfect ;-)

Pre purchase question. If I buy this do I get a premium key and can host unlimited videos on my website or do I have to sign up to your monthly subscription?

Hi nesdam1981, thanks for your interest. The premium key is useful for support and updates but, if you get the product here on Envato, you don’t it. You will receive a notification every time a new version has been released, then you’ll be able to download it and replace the old one on your site. Keep in mind that a JW Player license is required, pricing here:

Hope this helps.

So, to answer my question. The subscription IS required for this plugin to work? And buying it here on envato is just to get update notifications?

This plugin is a way for using JW Player into Wordpress, the most used actually, but you need a JW Player license, it is not included in this product.

Is their a non Wordpress ver of this scrip?

Hi stancarr. No, this software is just for WordPress and there is not a different version of it. Of course, you can use JW Player in many other ways, try first the official dashboard and see if you can find there the tools that you need.