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Nice. Does this support vimeo as a feed?

Hi CHRISTHREE, thanks for you interest. Vimeo is not supported by JW Player, you always need the direct url of the media source. The only exception is YouTube.

very good work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks Eric, very kind from you ;-)

Do you have a live preview available anywhere? I’m really interested to see how the chapters and subtitles work.

Hi cacurtis, thanks for your interest. You can try the free version of the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jw-player-7-for-wp/ If you want to see a preview of the chapters tool, please have a look here: http://www.ilghera.com/jw-player-7-for-wordpress-premium-chapter-markers/ Keep in mind that subtitles works in the same way of chapters. This new version (1.3.1) lets you select between them, chapters and subtitles, using the same tool. Thanks again.

JW Player Ads license is required. Biggest downfall for this plugin.

Hi HpnotikQrew. You need a JW Player Ads license only if you want to use the video preroll tool, as specified in the product description. All the other options are available with a free license.

Does this pull YouTube’s thumbnail automatically? I tried the free version and it doesn’t show a thumbnail. Thanks

Hi awsjulio. This new version 1.3.3 includes the functionality that you were looking for: YouTube videos now get thumbnails automatically.

Hi ilGhera, this is an awesome update, thanks for adding this feature, it worked great. So before this was added I started using the plugin “Automatic Featured Images from YouTube / Vimeo” which is VERY convenient, it fetches the YouTube thumbnail and saves it to your media and adds it as the “Featured Image” for the blog. While I can now bypass the step of grabbing the featured image URL and pasting it on the JW7 plugin image url, Im still keeping both plugins for the auto youtube to featured image function. That could be a great option to add in a later update too. Its a great option to have for content distribution websites. You should check out the plugin (its free) and how easy and helpful it is. Again thanks much for the quick addition to the auto video thumbnail feature.

Hi awsjulio, happy that you like the update! I know that plugin, “Automatic Featured Images from YouTube / Vimeo”, I used it many times in my projects. Since I grab the YouTube image directly, what I can do is add an option in my product for letting the user set that image as post Featured image. It could be useful in a video blog where the contents comes mainly from YouTube. Thanks for your support ;-)

Hi, does it support 360 vr videos?

Not at the moment, sorry.

I am a Chinese user, I would like to buy, can support some of China’s video sites, such as Youku, Tencent, such as video?

Hi wuyifan, thanks for your interest in my product. Keep in mind that JW Player needs always the direct media url, the only exception is YouTube videos that work with every kind of link. Anyway, you can do your tests using the free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jw-player-7-for-wp/ Thanks again.

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi. Please, use info@ilghera.com for support and let me have a page link for seeing the problem. Thanks.

I’m in search for a Wordpress video player plugin which support multiple subtitles (which this one does apparently) and multiple audio tracks. I searched for more details on JW Player and it also offers this feature:


Any chance you can add it to your player or customize it for this (for additional fees)?

Also, does the player plugin support adaptive streaming?


Hi tluongsi, thanks for your interest in my product. You can test the adaptive streaming with the free version of the plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/jw-player-7-for-wp/ Talking about the other request, we can discuss together about your needs and decide how to proceed, no problem. Let’s talk about it by mail: info@ilghera.com Thanks again.

hello, I’ve installed the free one but when trying to add google drive video files link, it doesn’t play and show the error loading media: file could not played? any solution please and does it support google drive video files?

Look if i can do the same with your plugin without any problem, I will but you plugin now but first need to know how he adds the google drive files without any problem. its player works fine in all browsers and devices. I need to do that and second I need to have a download button within the same video if you notice that! Can you do that for me? I’ll buy your plugin and and its extend. Please reply me fast. Thanks a lot

here is your plugin working good on safari only http://www.imovie-time.com/فيلم-الجريمة-الفرنسي/ . can u fix it to work on any browser or any device?

Bad source url. Please, write me here: info@ilghera.com

Great! GLWS!

Thanks st1s ;-)

Hi sabedott. I don’t know this service and I couldn’t find any informations about that in the official JW Player site. My product does not include any specific tool for using exoclick, sorry. I found this source that could be interesting for you. https://www.exoclick.com/it/news/press-release-exoclick-introduces-new-in-video-advertising-solutions/ Maybe you can do some tests with the free version of the plugin.

Does it support to self hosting video?

Does it support to self hosting video?

Yes, of course asortik!

ciao, supporta streaming video in m3u8?. Grazie

Ciao Niscama, grazie per il tuo interesse. Si, JW Player supporta quel formato e di conseguenza anche il mio prodotto. Ecco una pagina test dove puoi vederne un esempio: http://www.flairvideo.net/test-3

- Are you can add subtitle to videos with this player? - Yes But one by one :) All lines… I feel stupid myself.

LOL! Obviously that tool is not for add subtitles to an entire movie, it is good for short videos. A different method is coming with the next release.

Hi mustafakenan! Have you seen the new tool for loading subtiltes introduced with the version 1.4.0?

Hi again, Thank you for great update! I try now.

How can I use rtmp with this? I have valid locations, and need it for streaming?

You can try your media source in this JW Player tester online: https://developer.jwplayer.com/tools/stream-tester/ If it’s working there but not with the plugin, please let me have the url for testing purpose, ok? info@ilghera.com Thanks.

Can I add .srt or .vtt subtitles on my video/movie with premium version?

Hi ofarukcaki, thanks for your interest. This option is coming with the next release in a few days so… stay tuned ok?

Good to hear, thanks.

Hi ofarukcaki. You can now load subtitles (vtt, srt, dfxp) as required ;-)