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Hey good idea!!

Nice! Bookmarked it :)

Really nice idea! Any chance you could make a WP version? Then, you’ll have a sale.

I’ve never made a WP plugin before but I’ll look into it (:

Deployed a minor bugfix. Buyers should be notified when it has been reviewed and accepted.

Just sent an update with a new feature. The new feature gives the user the ability to target elements on which the parallax effect should apply.

The plugin falls back on the body if no elements were targeted.

Buyers will be notified when the update has been accepted.

Very nice and looks easy to implement. I do have a question:

Can I target multiple divs with multiple settings?

For instance “div one” has a speed of 5 while “div two” has a speed of 8. Is this possible?

No it is not. It would get kinda chaotic if div’s started scrolling at different speeds don’t you think? (;

It is possible to select multiple elements by ID, class and tagname.

Thanks for the quick reply.It might be interesting if done tastefully, maybe not. Was a curious thought though. If I find an application to do this or I see it done tastefully I will share.

New feature.

Added the functionality to let parallax targets initiate when they enter the screen. This way it can be used on target in that are placed somewhere lower on the page.

Buyers will be notified when the update has been approved.

The feature has been approved and is ready to be downloaded.

Does this work on iOS?

Sadly no. iOS does not allow javascript to be fired while the user is scrolling. I hoped Apple wouldve fixed this in iOS 7 but they didn’t

Hopefully they will provide a fix in later versions

We’re trying to use this in addition to http://srobbin.com/jquery-plugins/backstretch/. Backstretch fires but your script doesn’t seem to. Any ideas?

Are you aware that you’ve bought the Javascript version of this plugin and are using it on a Wordpress website?

I made a Wordpress version especially for that CMS. This version can be dropped in your Wordpress plugins directory, enabled though your plugins page on your Wordpress site and then easily customized with an options page on your site.

This plugin can be found here : http://codecanyon.net/item/wpjustparallax-a-parallax-plugin-for-wordpress/5163957

If you are not interested in the Wordpress version you’ll have to customize and call the plugin yourself through Javascript.

The documentation about how to do that can be found here: http://codecanyon.net/item/justparallax-an-easy-javascript-parallax-plugin/full_screen_preview/4929247

Yeah, well aware. We went with the JS version for more configuration.

Everything required to make the javascript work is coverd in the documentation, it seems that you have not yet initiated the function on your page. If you do so, the script should work.

Hello, Love the plugin and it works well. Just adding to the requests for the parallax to be applied to multiple elements please! Thank you, nice work.

If I purchase an extended license can I include this with a theme on ThemeForest?

Thanks, looks great!

Sure, as long as you keep my name in the plugin and send me a link to the theme on codecanyon when you are done (;

Awesome, thanks!

Oh I forgot to ask, can it be used to create parallax backgrounds (multiple instances) inside elements? I wanted to use it to create parallax backgrounds on rows/columns.

If not, maybe I can pay you for some custom work?


Beautiful job!