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Hi Frish,

I’ve recently been getting a considerable amount of hits on: /wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/timthumb.php

That is causing my CPU usage to spike quite badly.

I am hosting with Siteground and use the latest version of JIG.

Any ideas why this could be?

Thanks in advance.

That’s reasonably normal since that’s how thumbnails get created. Once they are done, however, it’s less straining on the server. I usually advise combining your hosting with a CDN or at least the free CloudFlare. It recognizes created images and doesn’t poll the PHP file anymore so it won’t spike the CPU.

I’ve had your plugin installed for over a year and never had this issue until the last update. Has anything changed that could effect this as the spikes are so high.

I don’t think so, it could be a change in your traffic patterns. But what version did you have previously? If you had a really old one, it could have had no retina features. Allowing retina devices to request higher resolution thumbnails can spike your server CPU since it could be that a user with a new phone with an unusual(ly high) resolution device visits your site for the first time, then that device gets its “own” thumbnails. Next time a similar device is used to visit the site, no more processing because thumbnails for that device are already created.

Therefore if you have a sudden surge of mobile visitors with high end devices that can explain a temporary spike.

Hi Firsh, I’m having trouble with rss feed autoplay using youtube as a source. I’ve copied the Taylor Swift youtube feed example from on! and replaced the youtube source url with my channel feed. The items show up fine, but only the Taylor Swift videos autoplay while my channel videos show up as images in a gallery and do not autoplay. Any suggestions?

Hi, what is your shortcode please? Contrary to what the name suggests, YouTube is no longer using actual RSS feeds with JIG. It’s a legacy that I continue to support it in the RSS feeds feature. But in reality it just scrapes the YouTube pages. Therefore you need to give it your channel in the same format, and not an RSS feed URL, since they changed how that works.

It’s not a matter of autoplay on/off, your version of the gallery doesn’t link to videos, it links to images. Did you accidentally use the “RSS links to” setting? Make sure it’s not on “image”. The thumbnails need to link to the video. Once that is achieved you can choose an appropriate lightbox – I recommend Magnific Popup as it’ll work fine and the same way on both dekstop and mobile.

So it must be something simple (if you gave it the correct URL).

Changed the RSS setting to display links instead of images and it worked. Thanks!

Sounds good!

Hi Firsh,

I have a big problem with the plug-in.

I’m using the plugin to fetch image from my Flickr account, the plugin seems to work ok, but at the bottom of the page theres hundreds and hundreds of broken link image. that make the page load so slowly.

What’s funny, is that happen only on the front page. If you can take a look here’s the front page :

then the exact same page cloned :

Those two pages are exactly the same but the frontage shows at the bottom the bug and not the other one,

And if I switch the pages in wordpress to make the /home page to be the frontage the problem switch pages.

I tried several settings in JIG and WP and, none seem to solve the problem.

Can you help.


Forget this, W3 total cache solved the problem

When a content source changes, it doesn’t counts as cache invalidation in W3TC. Only when you re-save the page/post the gallery is on. Make sure that the caching plugin garbage collects sometimes.

Also some 3rd party sources invalidate their image URLs every now and then (Facebook). JIG has internal caching towards the external content sources, which you can use or skip and also reset when necessary.

Note that the caching plugin doesn’t just cache pages, it can cache database objects as well.

Dear Firsh,

I like JIG a lot. However, I do have a small CSS issue (even with the latest version) that I seem unable to solve.

I basically want to change the font size of the captions which I understand is easy do-able with the “Caption title CSS” and “Description title CSS” settings in JIG “caption” settings. However, this CSS seems to be overwritten inline by your plugin with “font-size:12px !important” in class ”#jig1 .jig-caption-title”.

I assume this has something to do with other JIG settings fixing this font-size but I do not see the reason why. I changed the DOM in Chrome manually to check if it looks good and all works fine with other (larger) font sizes. However, I cannot find a way to turn the override off.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated!


Nevermind, I found the issue. My shortcode set “caption_title_size=12px” manually. Solved!

Yes it can be directly controlled by the shortcode. The one with !important was you own value :) I rarely use !important on properties that I expect to be customized. In other places they exist to force resolve some incompatibilities by themes.

I have recently purchased JIG for a site I’m replacing, for use with NextGen. I have always used NextGen to change the sort order of galleries. I’m reasonably sure I was able to do this on my new site up until now, when I noticed the image order is wrong.

I have different kinds of galleries and I use JIG shortcodes for them. But it appears that the sort order button in NextGen has vanished. Apparently there is no way to order a JIG gallery unless I use the same default setting for all of them. Am I wrong? Is there something I’m missing?

And to avoid copypasting you might want to look into automatically taking over NextGEN content.

I’m using Fusion Builder, but I meant just like NextGen, ie.

When I use either the default visual editor or a text area control inside Fusion Builder, the NextGen control will appear.

Aaaha that. Yeah that’s something on the to-do. Thanks for the suggestion!

Do I need to renew my support in order for you to reset my license? I’d like the plug-in to automatically update and it doesn’t right now.

Where is the visual composer that is supposed to be bundled with it? not in the downloaded zip. Documentation is rubbish, does not actually give a “how to”. Wish i had never purchased it, does not make any sense at all. Where is the front end for building galleries?

Hi, there is generally no such thing, it uses sources you already know. So you put galleries together on Facebook, Flickr.. or upgrade your existing WP galleries. Or use NextGEN, WP Real Media Library.

“This is not another gallery management plugin… you don’t upload photos or create albums. Instead, Justified Image Grid is a display that connects content sources you already use to lightboxes. What connects things is a beautiful “bridge”, the grid itself. So you don’t need to learn a new gallery plugin. Most importantly there is no need to move what you already built! At the same time, still show galleries with the nice new look. This makes adapting to Justified Image Grid easy and fast. Apart from deciding the visuals, there is not much to work on.”

You can choose what to show in the shortcode editor.

If you are not satisfied with it just ask for a refund.

Please give me a refund

Ok please request it formally in your account.

Hello Firsh, love your plugin, bought 4 licenses so far, maybe another one soon. Is it possible to create a grid that mixes both WP recent posts and an Instagram feed?

Seeing an answer to this please!


Sorry it’s not possible. Also, the Instagram source is quite dormant at the moment, to use it to the full extent to how it was, you need a 3rd party access token. I no longer advertise the Instagram feature, even though it remains in the plugin as some people can use it still.

I wrote to you last week re: images being off center. Thanks for the help. Although the code you sent did solve a lot of the problem, the images are still getting cut off and not centered with visual composer. I researched VC and found that they have a “no padding” row adjustment and I’ve researched the theme settings and it also is set to 100% with 0 padding. Somehow VC has a default padding setting of 15px left and right and even when it is turned off, the JIG seems to be out of alignment by about 30px which would be the off center amount calculation of what is being cut off. Any thoughts around this? Could the JIG calculations be still working off of the VC inner row with the padding?

What’s odd is that I have one row on the link below called Research Uprights by Price Category which corrects itself but the other rows are all off center. I’ve looked through the shortcodes and can’t find the difference in the settings. I used a preset on this but even using the same preset, I just can’t seem to replicate the center justification. Upon reload of the screen, you can actually see the correct row move over but the other rows do not.

Your advice on this is greatly appreciated. Regards

Perhaps we need to further delay the script that re-aligns the grids (because as soon as your resize the window after page load, everything gets the right size). But not sure how further as this will already cause a noticeable delay. Can you ask the VC support if there is an event fired when the row is turned into full width with JS? If JIG could react to that, it would be the best.

hi there, can yo please reset my license? in the wordpress plugin site it doesn’t automatically update the plugin any more…

I am using JIG with the Divi Word Press theme and Next Gen Galleries. When I change the mobile row height in general settings (200) and purge the cache, this mobile setting overrides the desktop settings (450) on certain browsers: Firefox and Chrome. Safari displays properly.

Any suggestions would be great.

Perhaps somebody visited on a mobile device and it got cached again, then you see the cached mobile version on desktop. Try:

And it doesn’t display on Safari as it could be the browser you use to log in to WP? In that case caching is disabled so you get the proper look? Not sure.

Hi there! Great Responsive Grid.

I’m looking to purchase it, but have some questions about it.

Does this grid work outside wordpress? If so, then does it care that there aren’t any gaps (between images) going all the way from top to bottom?


You can disable the thumbnail spacing but it’ll remove the horizontal gap as well. Though it doesn’t work outside WordPress, it’s tightly integrated to it.

I have it and it is great.

Only thing missing for me and would be fantastic is WooCommerce products through RSS. I need to pull WooCommerce Products from other websites to mine..

Hi, does such feed exist on the other site? It should be there as any other post type archive’s feed. Perhaps the result would be not as nice as creating a WC grid from Recent Posts. Though the feed should exist first on the other site.

Hello. I have removed my purchase code from all hosts and only left it on one. But I still get this message when I try to update the plugin:

There is a new version of Justified Image Grid available. View version 3.5 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. Add your license key to JIG settings for automatic updates! Automatic update error! This purchase code has already been used on another host! You need one regular license for each different site. You can setup your staging area in a subfolder to have autoupdates on both installations. Contact JIG support to reset your license (only the username is needed).

Can you help?

Thanks Waldemar


I have a gallery showing my latest Instagram posts. In the lightbox (Photoswipe 4), even non-square Instagram posts are displayed square. It it possible to display the images in their original aspect ratio in the lightbox?

Shortcode I use: [justified_image_grid row_height=80 height_deviation=0 mobile_row_height=80 mobile_height_dev=0 link_title_field=title img_alt_field=description caption=off mobile_caption=off caption_opacity=1 caption_bg_color=”transparent ” lightbox_max_size=large limit=10 max_rows=2 aspect_ratio=16:9 randomize_width=0 instagram_recents=331885281 instagram_caching=1440]

Site is here:

Yeah the thumbnail can have whatever aspect ratio you like, but in the lightbox you see directly what came from Instagram.

For example:

It should be this:

Have you cleared JIG’s “Instagram caching” (in the Instagram caching time field’s help bubble in the settings) after you ticked the nonsquare checkbox?

I’ve cleared the Instagram cache, yes. Still no luck. Also double checked that I have Non square media enabled in the app.

Hi, then I’m not sure, it seems you have everything set up correctly.

Anyway, you might have noticed that I no longer advertise Instagram source and it looks discontinued for now. It’s just a coincidence/miracle that it still works for some people and the “recent 20 content of your own profile” generally works.

I can get a working access token for you so you could use it for more than just your recent content. Maybe it can also help the way your images are retrieved.

Please contact me from my profile, I’ll need to log in with temporary wp-admin access and check it out.

Sorry for the late reply.

Hello—All the features look good. Can I generate a new URL every time user goes to the new photo? That way my google ads are refreshed and each photo generates a page view. Is that possible??

Well each image has its own # url but it doesn’t cause a page refresh and doesn’t constitute as a different page, so no it would not generate page views.

Is there a way to use the gallery without using javascript? i am trying to use scapes plugin – but because the gallery page uses javascript – it does not work.

Sorry there’s absolutely no way to do that. It’s based on JS and WP.

Is there a way to have the last slide in a lightbox (photoswipe) to display a clickable call to action (eg contact me, see another gallery etc)? either an actual slide or iframe?

PhotoSwipe lightbox doesn’t support iframes or videos. Magnific Popup does. What you could do is point the last image/thumbnail to a page in an iframe, which is opened by the lightbox. Then you can place you call to action in the content of that page. You must have a visible thumbnail in the grid that opens this, so it will not be an “after the last image” thing. It can be the last and it can appear after the last normal photo, but you’ll see it’s launcher thumbnail in the grid itself. It does not matter how this thumbnail looks like, you can hide it with CSS if you wish.

This is how you do the custom linking:

So essentially, yes: with some workaround and a compromise (different lightbox).

recently noticed that my updates made in Google Photos, example hiding or delete a image are still showing on website?

I just now tried to update the plug in and getting an error

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home/**5/public_html/

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

The new ones no, the old ones yes. I’ll work on an approach with direct API access if possible, eventually. What I have for Facebook/Flickr.

should I move everything over to NextGEN ?

Yes but if you are ok with a paid plugin, this is better:

Love the plugin!

Found a potential SEO issue. When tools such as Raven do a site audit they look for both Alt and Title tags on all images. JIG only lets you configure Alt tags on images and Title tags on the links. Would it be possible to also add Title tags to the images themselves? Would this be something rather easy to modify or could it be put on your roadmap?


It’s more customary to use title on the links and alt on the images. If I were to add a setting for “img title” it would be more chaotic, no? I think it’s fine to use only “alt” from the image itself and put corresponding text onto the link. The information is still bound to your image, as you can see when you search for exact descriptions of images in google search. They don’t need to be on the img tag. To modify it you’d need to change the code in some places.

Currently these are settings primarily bound to lightboxes since they by convention use these 2 attributes and none of them use “img title”.

That text appears in link title. And in the caption.

Show the text to visitors in form of captions, don’t just write it for google. Then everything will be all right and there is no need to use img title.