Discussion on Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery

Discussion on Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery

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Hi, I am using justified image grid on my blog together with Infinite Scroll. Unfortunately the shortcode of the pages loaded by infscroll does not get processed. Infscroll has a callback function you can run scripts after it has done its work. But which function do I have to call after infinite scroll has loaded the next page?

This would be it:


It’s considered AJAX and it’s not officially supported yet. If you need a customized version that works well with it (pre 1.7, but fresher than 1.6.2), you can contact me from my profile – if the above code doesn’t solve it.

AJAX support is included in the form of unconditional script loading setting, JIG v1.9 was released today.

Hi, since the last jig update I do not have image tags under my thumbnails anymore. You provided me with a modified jig.php earlier, but I cannot seem to find if the fix below is still present there.

jig.php: line 6400 $ng_tags_for_description = wp_get_object_terms($image->pid,’ngg_tag’,array(‘fields’ => ‘names’));

Can you help me out here?

Thanks a lot. Regards, Rolf Smeets

Hi, I remember, isn’t it this?

//$d['description'] = ucwords(implode(', ', wp_get_object_terms($image->pid,'ngg_tag',array('fields' => 'names'))));

It’s still in the plugin, undocumented, but try just to uncomment line 6455

Yep that was the right line. I did not search well enough. Thanks and keep up the good work. Rolf

No problem!

Been reading through docs and have a pre-sales question. Plugin seems to come with a number of presets which you can adapt – but are you able to save the changes you make as your own preset for future reference? If not do you plan to introduce this? Would save a lot of hassle if you didn’t loose everything if you try another preset. Thanks.

You can’t save a custom preset yet, sorry. That feature is on the to-do, however. You can try presets and settings via the shortcode, no strings attached, that has nothing to do with the global settings and can ‘fool around’ with settings there and can’t really break anything if you read the contextual help for the settings you wish to use. You can copy the shortcode over to other posts, widgets etc, this comes closest to custom presets.

Hi Firsh, sounds like an incredible update, thank you. But I didn’t read anything about using my own lightbox with filtering. I had mentioned this before, I’m using a customized version of colorbox for all images and filtering would not does not allow my colorbox to work right. Sorry, I don’t know the technical issues or terms.

Was this or will this be addressed? Pretty please with sugar (and a donation) on top!...? Lol

Thanks again for the best gallery plugin ever! :-)

It’s on the to-do, but couldn’t make it into the update as it was already growing too long and I had to release it due to important bugfixes. I rather have what’s already implemented working well before trying new features. The custom lightboxes and a built-in ‘re-caller’ for your own lightbox would be one of the next things on the list though. I’ll tell you when this is available (as a beta).

Hi, this week I discouvered your plugin and I was testing it and enjoying it a lot. But, since the new release, 1.7.1, it stopped working on my test pages and I’ve no idea why.

I am using it together with Foobox.

I’ve tried going back to the old version and it started working again, but I need the Filtering advances you’ve created for the 1.7.

I hope you can help me to figure out how to make the new version work.

This is the testing page: test

Thank you,


You can also contact me from my profile for a possible fix.

Thank you very much. I disabled one of this plugins and now it is working again. Thank you!


Hey Firsh..what are the changes?

v1.7.1 – October 3, 2013 – Hotfix update

Bugfix: Instagram video thumbnails were not detected properly
Bugfix: The lightbox would not activate when the grid is resized due to scrollbar appearing
Bugfix: FooBox v2 is now detected properly

With regards live preview version, why do I have to hover above the menu wording to display menus. When hovering on the wording nothing happens. I am currently using latest Firefox browser.

Preview site confirmed. I have to put the mouse above the wording to see drop down. Using home PC with Windows 7, 64 bit i5 CPU with monster graphics card GE Force GTX 660. It is also same with Internet Explorer 10. I have also tried on my laptop which is only 32 bit windows 7 and it is also the same. Just noticed if I remove frame at the top its all OK!!!

Yeah that frame can cause problems. I started seeing the error too bu I don’t know how to remove the frame though :(

I fixed it with some CSS I agree it was kind of breaking the dropdown functionality. If you remove the frame at the top it also brings back my slider. I have no idea what happened with this but there is some cross domain JS policy error regarding a facebook script that’s preventing further scripts from running on the page it seems. Really weird though.

Hi, one question: every time i click on image, the plugin refresh page and counts as one page view every time? So i click on 5 five images, it counts five page view on website?


I don’t know why your page would refresh, are you using AJAX for navigation? Does it not refresh if you disable prettyPhoto deeplinking (lightboxes tab in the settings)? If you have no luck with these, send me a link to the page where you experience the error. Where do you see this, on my preview page? If on your page then why don’t you have a purchased ribbon here?

Hello !

Thank you so much for support plugin and updates.

just one question:

Can I made and use my custom preset? ( In future if no ? )


No problem! It’s on the to-do, but currently you can’t make custom presets without a little PHP coding. You can copy paste shortcodes though, that comes closest.

Hello, I have a little issue using your plugin with “Minimum Theme” These theme can use animated transition on page change.If I use no animation,the plugin works smoothly,while when I choose for instance page up/down transition,I get this message “The Justified Image Grid JS is not loaded.” I tried to change the plugin settings with other kind jQuery but I had no luck. Do you think there’s a conflict with JS? Is there any way to sort it out? I’m building my new site and soon I’ll move a domain to the new host. For the moment being you’ll see it at, click on Portfolio and then on the image on upper left (animation is on) The problem doesn’t happens with normal WP Gallery. I just like to let you know that my actual site uses your plugin,but as I said as soon as I will have finished the new site domain will be moved,so I’m not using the plugin on two different site with the intention to violate the license agreement.

That is likely because of AJAX. You can contact me from my profile for an AJAX enabled albeit older version to sort this out. I plan on making JIG ajax compatible in the future.

AJAX support is included in the form of unconditional script loading setting, JIG v1.9 was released today.

I seem to having some sort of major conflict – when I activate JIG, everything seems to be fine. However, my site crashes if I have JIG active, and then activate Media Library Assistant, and/or Nivo Slider (this combination works on my other websites).

Furthermore, something seems to be very wrong – if I have have JIG active, Media Gallery doesn’t even work. If I’m on a page editor and click ‘add media’, nothing shows up in the media library.

If I deactivate JIG, all these problems disappear. How can I fix this?? I’ve updated everything and re-install WP 3.6.1

OK – I looked into that, I was using about 37MB of PHP memory. I increased my memory limit, and now everything loads fine and the site no longer crashes when I activate all plugins. But – when I have JIG active, I still can’t add media (there’s nothing in the media popup) and i can’t even upload new images (i get an error saying “error uploading media”)

Everything works fine again when I deactivate JIG

Any ideas? Thanks

Actually – let me get back to you – it appears to be working to some extent, but i need to test it. I’ll comment again if I have continued problems!

It should be working to full extent. How did the memory situation change, how much is your used/total? If you’d like I can log in and check it out for you.

wonderful plugin!!!

Thank you! :)

When I launch the lightbox after clicking on an image it appears great. However, if an image is up in the lightbox AND you resize the browser window the image disappears and the container becomes white. When you click on NEXT or LAST it resizes as if an image is there but it is still white. Any ideas?

Do you have v1.7 of the plugin? Do you also experience the problem on the preview site? A problem like this has been fixed and the fix was released yesterday. I’m assuming you are using prettyPhoto.

Ok, i just downloaded 1.7. How do I upgrade? Should I delete the 1.6.2 first?

Yes then install the new. Your settings will be kept.

Is it possible to pull specific posts in a category into a grid? IE, the second, third, and fourth post of category “highlight,” or something like that? I’d like to use this to pull in three posts to highlight in a specific area on a page, but not the first post in the category (which will be highlighted in a different way on the same page).

Okay—but what if I want to display all but the most recent post in a category—is that possible?


No, there is no such thing as ofsetting or skipping x number of posts. But you can manually exclude certain posts by ids or category. If you wish to display this on a home page or in PHP via a template tag you could write a custom PHP snippet to get the most recent posts’s ID and supply it to the post_ids_exclude setting.


Hey how are you I am sorry for my ignorance but I have a small problem with my site We have a few images that we use as links on the top of the page but they also appear within the plugin. Is there a work around so that those images don’t appear with the plugin? It also happens when using ids. ill gladly appreciate it your help thanks.

Can you post your shortcode here? If you are using the ids then just uncheck the images you don’t need. Otherwise there is an exclude setting on the general tab that you can use, it also accepts ids.

Hi Firsh

Love the plugin, sorry if you’ve answered this before, I’ve scanned the comments but not come across anything, I’ve tried using an rgba value for caption_bg_color and looks great in all browsers other than useless ie8 is there a way of setting the alpha for the good browsers and leaving ie8 as a hex color? Or is it to do with the shadow ( I hope this makes sense ) caption_bg_color=#b4d6f1 caption_text_color=#456c8f caption_text_shadow=”off” works fine, caption_bg_color=rgba(180,214,241,0.85) caption_text_color=#456c8f caption_text_shadow=”off” shows the text as the image behind in ie8.

It doesn’t have anything to do with caption_text_shadow.

You can try the extra setting called gradient background, see if you like it.

Can you send me a screenshat? Does the blue caption background not show up for you at all?

Just sent a pm

Got it

I found a bug in pulling images from instagram. When clicked “Load more” button, it doesn’t work on my website Same photos are displayed in the last row. Visit my site and check the bug.

Cool, thanks for the bug report! Please rate the plugin :)

Wonderful plugin!!!. I already rated 5star.

Thank you!

Hello! I purchased your awesome plugin long ago. Thanks for JIG upgrade to 1.7. Does JIG 1.7 work with Instagram video ? Unfotunately it doesn’t work in my site. Can you please let me know how to retrieve videos from Instagram?

It does but there is a bug I’ll soon fix. It works in a way that they open in a new tab and play on Instagram. In the future I’d like to add some kind of play-in-the-lightbox feature.

Thanks for quick reply. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

The update is in the review queue, contact me from my profile if you need it right away.

Somehow this comment didn’t get posted right last time :S

Is there anyway to center a grid that doesn’t have enough images to span 100% of the vertical width assigned?

text-align:center for that div doesn’t seem to be working . . thanks for the help, great plugin!

If you just set it up for the client, using the global settings, and there is a one-width-fits-all then you are fine. Otherwise there is no way to center without a custom width sorry. Native centering (when images don’t fit the entire row), without custom width is on the to-do though.

Great that would be awesome, is there an rss for update info somwhere? thnx

No but you are notified via email if you check update notifications for this plugin under the downloads of your account.

Hi Firsh,
since Update to JIG 1.7 an FooBox on some Pages i get PrettyPhoto and FooBox as a double….
The Pages efectet are pulling the Images from Flickr. like that:
[justified_image_grid preset=12 flickr_user=XXXXXXXX@N05 flickr_photoset=XXXXXXXXXXX flickr_caching=1440 flickr_link=yes]

if i try to set it to FooBox, no Change, because the FooBox dont Apear on the Settings….

The Generalsettings say, FooBox (not Active)

I’ve dropped a mail to FooBox as they changed someting so JIG can’t detect their latest version. I don’t see however why you are getting double lightbox, could you send me a link where that happens?

thats the Site with the above code.

If i change the Code with lightbox=foobox it works fine… Example:

Before the Update it works all fine, “out of the Box” so i think the Problem is that what you say, JIG can´t detect Foobox and switched back to PrettyPhoto

Yes it believes it’s set to prettyPhoto. Stay tuned for updates regarding this FooBox v2.


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