Discussion on JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform

Discussion on JustFans - Premium Content Creators SaaS platform

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Hi There, Great work overall, Just finalizing and going live for larger audience, however I have few questions?

1. Is there possibility of showing Latest Featured Posts or Users under “sign in/Login” page? (as OF does) 2. Have you been thinking about adding possible page builder so it would be easier for admins to work with the landing page for example?

Thanks :)


I’ve embedded the DRM video on this website. You didn’t see the IDM button for downloading this video file. You can try to make a video screenshot and then play back to see. What’s happened? You will see its dark screen.

That is the storage I want to use on the Justfans for my website. Could you please integrate their code into the Justfans for me? URL:

Regards, Pat.

Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know, wasn’t aware of such services and, yes, on a preliminary check, it does look like such DRM does indeed blocks video recording as well.

However, there are a few other considerations:

1. It requires videos to be streamed as HLS streams instead of static mp4 files – requiring different storage for videos aka more overhead & bigger costs for admins.

2. The video stream can still be decrypted via quite popular available extensions due to DFA attacks

3. The video can still be recorded as simply as launching a Windows Sandbox machine / Any virtualization software and recording that one (came up with this one on the fly)

Also – there seem to be no fans-like sites using such protection, but rather streaming services (like Netflix/disney+) are using it primarily. I think costs vs value is the main reason.

Anyway – we noted down your suggestion and we will look more into it.

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.

Is it possible to add the field: “Bank Name” in withdrawals?

Hi there,

We will look into this possibility. We left withdrawals fields as less as possible, as we wouldn’t be able to cover all necessary fields anyway, that’s why we left the “Message” field around, so users can add more info in there (eg: Bank name, address, swift, etc).

Thanks for the feedback.


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So we are using Google Workspace for sending emails. How can we configure this in the script? I tried using the SMTP option and even after adding the details correctly, It is giving an internal error occurred message.

It works fine when I use Sendmail as an option, but I would like to use it through Smtp via Google.

Hi there,

Yeah, sendmail most likely will have low deliverability rate, so SMTPs are recommended.

Generally – all SMTPs should do the trick, I know that for personal gmail SMTPs you might have to bypass the 2FA.

Also – you can get the actual error code within the storage/logs/laravel.log file (or send it to us), which should help in debugging the failed sent emails (usually a thing related to port/protocol).

Anyway – let us know if you have more details (preferrably via a DM).


Great product.

I was wondering would it be possible to customise the code to allow for Discord integration?

The use case is, a subscriber can connect their discord and get access to the creators server inside of Discord for ongoing chat etc.

Hi there,

At the moment, I don’t think there is any other possiblity than the creators manually messaging new subscribers. I think, having auto-messages for new subs (which is something on our backlog) might facilitate this flow.

Let me know if you have any other ideas & thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for letting me know.

This is a big use case from Patreon so subscribers can build a community around the creator.

You connect Discord to your Patreon account and are then verified as a paid member so you get access to the Discord server.

Would it be possible for us to do it ourselves?

Good evening, I was configuring wasabi, and I typed a wrong key, right after saving, I can no longer access the administrator part, it is giving an internal error.. An internal error occurred Sorry, something happened on our side.

Please try again or contact us if the error persists.

.. what procedure should I do to reset the wasabi configuration fields without accessing the admin? Thanks in advance

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Yes – that sometimes happens due to storage driver misconfiguration, usually bucket name.

You can follow this quick guide for resetting it to local storage: .


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Hello there, Hope you are doing well

1. Can you create Basic strip up to pages includes: logo, site name. like ( )

2. There are many types of media doesn’t upload and shows the reason: [error 500] i don’t know why! I tried to solve that with developer but still a lot media doesn’t upload. Is there anyway to be able to upload ANY TYPE without issues? Especially videos

3. Can you allowing crop and filter(Editing) for any images and videos uploaded, whether for Icons, profile photo, posts…etc.

4. Can you add a very simple page include only logo and stays only for a seconds, the page comes after [log in] and before [Feed page]

5. Can you allows users to choose their (Username) during the registration. (with prevent username already used, and determine minimum No. of characters)

6. Can you add visa, Mastercard, Descover and American express icons. on all payments positions behind stripe logo.

7.  Can you add an option as (optional) that allows user to upload files on this page ( ). It may use for uploading bank details...etc.

ic0de Author

Hi there,

1. Can’t say at the moment if that’s something we’ll be able to add. Noted it down and will go over it.

2. By default, the post upload & feed support all type of images, videos and audio files.

3. This is something we got tracked already – can’t say at the moment when or if it will be implemented

4. No plans for such a page – could be achieved with custom changes.

5. Can’t say if this is something we’ll be adding, but noted down the suggestion.

6. No plans for such change – could be achieved with custom changes.

7. No plans for such change – users should enter their payment details via the fields/notes field.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hii, ur script have a feature for disable comment in post?

ic0de Author

Hi there,

No, unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t such option.


it gives 500 internal server error ONLY when I enable http/2 protocol

ic0de Author

Hi again,

As mentioned, the protocol version shouldn’t matter. There are many instances running on LiteSpeed for example, which comes on http2 by default.


i have error like this when I enable http2 on apache server on whm PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Devfactory\Minify\Exceptions\DirNotWritableException

That seems like file permissions related issue.

You could try to set chmod 755 for public folder as well, as for vendor, storage & bootstrap folders & make sure the folders are owned by the correct web user (though this should be covered by WHM).

But once again – this sounds like an environment related thing.


I bought the source code, and saw that there is a website with a subscription function, but I didn’t see it in the source code. Which file is about the subscription function?

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Yes – the platform does feature recurring subscriptions, but the payment system is a complex, multi file and multi scoped system, there isn’t a particular function or file that does it, but multiple ones.

If you are looking into custom changes, I’d recommend opening the platform up in your editor and start following the payment flows, in order to accommodate with the tech stack.

If on the other hand, you’re looking into adding new payment providers, the easisest way would be to include them on the deposit page only, then leave the local wallet do the rest (subscriptions included).


Hello, can someone help me with User ID field, its not using a search dropdown but instead its just using a basic input text box field. We need to be able to search and select the user when filling up the forms.

You could check example in withdrawals, User ID is using text field only.

Where can I see the updates for this or how can we fix this? Thank you so much!

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Unfortunately, at the moment, that is not an existing feature nor can we say if it will ever be – but I think that’s something that could be achieved via custom changes.

The admin panel is based on a CRUD like format, so things like user/transactions IDs must be filled in accordingly if you decide to add new records from the admin panel. Also – all the data can be found by navigating to the specific entity table (eg: users/transactions IDs).



pleucux Purchased

They have an error when you want to send a paid message, you can put the number 1-54 or any other number. or 1+55

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Yes, this seems like and edge case indeed. We’ve got that fixed and will be included in the next update.

Thanks for letting us know.


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O cookie “app_feed_prev_page” foi rejeitado porque já está vencido. O cookie “app_prev_post” foi rejeitado porque já está vencido.

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Can you give a little more info on this one? Is this a (JS) console error you’re getting? Can you let us know the steps needed to reproduce it?



gaelpx Purchased

Hello, for storage, for wasabi, and to add policy the code you give in documentation gets an error message: principal field required.

Here is the working policy so you can update it in your documentation tutorial:

{ “Version”: “2012-10-17”, “Statement”: [ { “Sid”: “AllowPublicRead”, “Effect”: “Allow”, “Principal”: { “AWS”: “” }, “Action”: “s3:GetObject”, “Resource”: [ “arn:aws:s3:::your-bucket-name”, “arn:aws:s3:::your-bucket-name/” ] } ] }

ic0de Author

Hi there,

That’s weird, they must have changed things around recently.

Noted this down, will test it as well, and update documentation accordingly in the next version.

Thanks a lot for letting us know!

Hi there, I would like to ask you about your product about how customizable is it, even if you don´t do it yourself or maybe you charge some more money.

The thing is that I want some token based payment method, in which you can enter your own real money to buy them or earn them by free by watching ad videos or getting more people into the platform.

Do you think that is possible with your product?

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Unfortunately, by default, our product doesn’t allow any token based currency and at the moment, there are no plans for such integration. Our platform does support local wallet, but the currency is treated as USD (or selected currency) at a 1:1 ratio.

So I guess that will some custom changes, this could be achievable quite easily.

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi!, Is it possible to enable a user role to see the “Media” section within the Admin Panel that monitors folders and assets but cannot delete content?

ic0de Author

Hi there,

Unfortunately, no, that is not possible at the moment. We noted it down and look into it when possible.


Sent a sent for a 500 error request.

ic0de Author

Replied you over DM. Thanks.

ic0de Author

Actually, not sure if that email you contacted us from is valid – my email is failing to be sent.

Quote from our message:

Hi there,

At first look, this indicates missing/corrupt files (maybe controllers or route files).

I’d recommend either restoring files from the latest backup or the latest update – which should fix the issue.

CSS changes shouldn’t have affected the site in this way.

Let me know.

Probably a dumb question, and it may fall under installation, but when I set it up on my local machine I had access to the admin dashboard. I installed on my hosting provider and I can only get to the user admin panel and not the site admin where I can configure and administer the site.

Yep, that was it. Thank you so much!

New problem, and I’m assuming it’s related to the problem above. I upload images and they’re not showing up. That’s true for both site logo and profile images. I’m guessing it’s a path-related problem? Thanks!

ic0de Author

Hi there,

That might happen due to invalid value for the following setting

Admin > Settings > Site > Site url
path, which should reflect the correct site link.

Anyway – let us know if you need any help, via a DM.


Hello, I hope you’re have a good day.

I just saw on the demo site that there is now a referral system feature added.

[12/1/2022] v5.3.0

  • Added referral system with the following options: - Referrals earning fee percentage - Referrals months limit - Referrals fee limit

I would like to ask how could I get the latest version for the project, also can you please elaborate how the referral system works.

When user has a referral, does it own every transaction? thank you

ic0de Author

Hi there,

The latest update is available in your CodeCanyon downloads area.

You can follow this guide for updating your instance – .

The referral system works like:

  • The referral system only applies to creators (people who sell content)
  • It applies to all transactions
  • Admin settings allows you to set the referrals percentage, max referral duration and money limit

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.


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