Discussion on JusTalk - Mobile+Web Video Conference for Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Online Training

Discussion on JusTalk - Mobile+Web Video Conference for Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, Online Training

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What backend is this used with? Also is it using external authenticator service, also will I host this project on a VPs or shared hosting ?

Hi I’m imterested in you app its can use in android and iOS right? I have ordered the video call similar to this app os its cannot be run in iOS system I want to know this app sure its can be run in both android and ios right?

Can I use this app using intranet (locally hosted server connected thru router)? I am looking for group chat app to use in my company. Not to use with internet.

Hey i am interested in your product , but i want to use my self hosted Jitsi , and i couldn’t see any option in your demo admin to Configure the Jitsi url..

Is it firebase chat or free with admin panel own…???i wann buy but don’t want to pay to firebase account anymore.

I wann free chat service…is it available??

hello, I’m interested in buying this solution, follow the instructions and download the app from googleplay, but I see that it is different from the one mentioned or shown here in the technical sheet, in fact, the one that I downloaded from googleplay has a QR code and it has fascinated me , I am worried about making the purchase and that this code or this app does not correspond to the one on googleplay, I would appreciate your prompt response to execute the purchase

Hello, everything is same. We just changed the color themes. For more information please contact us on


I installed the web version on ‘’ however when you go to the domain it opens up the root folder, you have to enter to get to the website.

How can we get it so the site loads up just entering and nothing else. We want to remove the /public part. hope you understand.

I went ahead and changed the document root to just point at the public folder. Unless you have a better way? Thanks!

hi there,

Yes right, you have to change the document root to public folder.

Thank you

Hello, I have purchased the code, but I did not receive the application code, can you send it to me by the email where you bought it

sir, we have mailed you please check.

my friend buyed this code, and the code is not complete there are two zip files, both consist of admin files, please dont buy this code they dont give android and ios code with it

thanks for informing us. when did you buy this code? and if you facing this type of problem why you did not contact us?

Tried to contact but no response from your end…can you please tell me why does file contains only admin code and not android and ios

we didn’t any get any mails regarding this. can you please connect on with purchase code.

much loved solution have a question: how can i earn money with this solution?

right now there is no any packages, but we can add package with limits like, with free package user can only host 5 meeetings, with standard package, user can host 25 meetings for example. so at that way you can earn money

how do you monetize this app?

app does not have monetization

Hello, we are using Workreap Freelancer marketplace theme and it’s integrated with WP-GUPPY wp plugin. Is it possible to add video call to WP-GUPPY using your product? And what’s the difference between this and your other product and just using jitsi? TNX

Hi, Yeah you can integrate it with your theme, some modification may required. and the difference between another app and jusTalk is, jusTalk is jisti based while go Meeting in pure webRTC.

Hey Pls add schedule meeting feature and update, we will buy it.

Hey. We will add it in our next version.

does the app have deep linking. clicking on a meeting link will take you directly to the meeting room on the app. if user doesn’t have the app, it prompts the user to install the app and join the meeting

Right now app don’t have deep linking. we will add it in our future version.

1.- is posible to add your own jisi server? 2.- is posible program meetings in a specifi date.?

1) Yeah its possible, but its required modifications. 2) right now there is no option for specific date based meeting. we will add it in our future version

Will it work on Shared Hosting ?

I have a question? 1/ With this package I will have source code of Android/IOS/Web admin/Web client? 2/ Have source code for server or not? And which server I can use? Linux or windows


thond Purchased

OK, I bought package from you. But when I checked the source code, I only see Website. No source code of Flutter app

can you please send mail on so we can do further discussion.


thond Purchased

You said that I need to contact the Email above. But why you didn’t answer me. Waiting for long time. Why?

How long we can be in meeting ? And How much members can be added

You can meeting unlimited. Max to max 40-50 peers you can connect.

it doesnt create moderated meeting as per ur update…

Can you please contact us on with you query please.

It’s showing error… Not starting meeting

next time i logged into admin account and tried to host meeting without changing details, it showed this page -

/home/galaxyco/public_html/justalk/ Illuminate\Database\QueryException SQLSTATE23000: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘kbjbkewg’ for key ‘meetings_meeting_code_unique’ (SQL: insert into `meetings` (`meeting_code`, `meeting_title`, `user_id`, `remarks`) values (kbjbkewg, zvvdsvas, 1, wegwegwe))

We are sorry for this inconveniences, We are going to fix soon. Thank you :)

We resolved the error sir, please check now :)


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