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Excellent work, congratulations. All the best for your sales!


Nice work and innovative.

thank you, i appriciate it

thank you

Good Work, wish you best sales

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

thanks a lot

How can i use multiple times in page? can we use it with getElementsByClassName() method? i try it, but not working

Try execute it into a loop.

var buttons = document.querySelectorAll(’.example’); function(item) {

new CA_select({ 
    selector: item, 
    bgColor: '#009688', 
    iconColor: '#FFEB3B', 
    items: [ 
        {class: "fa-apple"}, 
        {class: "fa-android"}, 
        {class: "fa-windows"}, 

} )

Excelent work, congrats!

Thank you


eliaseg Purchased

Is it possible to use your own icons instead of font awesome?

It is possible into the new version


eliaseg Purchased

I understand this product isn’t supported, it was my fault for taking a chance that I would just code around any difficulties. Bottom line, it just doesn’t work. It has dependencies on web resources that are no longer available, load times are incredulous and render the product useless in any practical application. It should be taken out of the marketplace.

Styles dependencies and react dependencies removed from the new version


eliaseg Purchased

That is awesome, thank you! I’ve updated my review. The only feedback I would give/ask is that you give an example of how to add URL’s to the items in the documentation. That part isn’t trivial using callback, so any help to users would be greatly appreciated. All in all, I retract my previous comment, this is good stuff.