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Hi GERARDO! I sent you two letters about Robocassa and the import of the catalog. Please answer me Thanks!

Hello, I’ve replied your emails.

Please note that responses to support messages, comments and emails are within 1 business day. :) – Compatible Vehicles – After filling out the form, there is no OK button. The form can only be closed without saving the data. Please check

Confirmed. Just tested, data is saved and applied to the search query. I’ll add the missing button for the next update. Thanks.

In the admin panel. Dashboard >> Listings >> Create listing There is no scrollbar in the category list. Only the first 6 sections are visible. Please check.

A screenshot will be useful. Make sure you have more than 6 categories, if there’s 6 or less the scroll bar won’t be visible.

Just checked demo website and categories block is working properly.

I understood

I found a little bug with “Page’s”. Check this: if u creating a diferrent pages like: and but u cannot go in about. I think u understand what i mean :)

I don’t understand what you want to do, sorry. Can you give me an example?


komiciano Purchased

I’m trying to make page title by vechile model, make, yers. Example: Audi A8 2008

That’s not an easy customization. Unfortunately I cannot guide you through the process of how or where to apply the changes as this takes time and isn’t covered by the Item Support Policy.

Hi, what version of laravel is the app using?


Junker is using Laravel 5.2. We are working on the upgrade to Laravel 5.3. This upgrade is not necessary right now, but will be useful in the future. :)

Thanks. Regarding custom fields, are users able to add them or only the admin? Also, could you add a non-admin user to your app so that people can see how the script works for non admin users

You’re welcome!

Custom fields are created by administrator. These fields will appear in the listing form after the user has selected an associated category. In demo, if you select the category A/C, Heating & Engine Cooling > A/C Condenser & Evaporator, you’ll see the meta field “Compatible Vehicles”.

You can use the demo account to access all the frontend, to access the regular user account click over the username and then “My Account” ; or click here. The frontend doesn’t change for the admin/regular user.

I can not find how to delete the user?

You just need to click over the user username. You will see the delete button in red. See it in demo. Easy.

hi Gerardo,

I have copied everything on server:

bootstrap/app.php (modified) bootstrap/constants.php (new file) config/app.php (modified) config/auth.php (modified) config/sitemap.php (new file) config/theme.php (new file)

And now I have this message / error:

Fatal error: Class ‘App\Junker\Application’ not found in /home/.sites/8/site9652211/web/junker_src/bootstrap/app.php on line 14


ossigroup Purchased

pls. check now if everything OK / if new updte perf. installed !

thank you


ossigroup Purchased

and tell me pls. how to delete Price Plan

I have tryed to change But price I can not change and delete also

Plan price cannot be changed on saved plans. To delete a plan go to Plans > Edit Plan > View². You will see the delete button there.

² You can also access the plan overview section by clicking over the plan name under Plans

im interested! woulbe interesting a version for real estates, well i was looking the customization for other uses, and the label: ( Compatible Vehicles ) or vehicles section how can i configured to real state? :)

That’s great! :D

Cmpatible vehicles field is part of the meta field system, you can disable or enable it based on categories. You can also create more fields related to the Real Estate market. Some of those fields for example may be amenities, area, views, house type, etc. You get the idea. :)

Hi. please help to install. I put in a folder junker public_htm or does not work here link what happens

You need to buy the license first before asking for support.

Any intentions on adding a more user friendly (dummy proof) image uploading functions for users :/ resize, crop, rotate. EXIF. seems the current function is generic and not everyone will know what to do if they get that error notice “The Image #1 has invalid image dimensions.”, giving another notice of the size is a pointless action as you mentioned in an earlier comment, constructively it doesn’t help the inexperienced users uploading images, besides forcing large images isn’t productive for the site nor will it benefit mobile users with slow loading images considering mobiles are used more and more these days. resize, crop and rotate options before each upload, that’s all this needs to be the perfect. Just saying.

Could be added in future releases. Thanks for your suggestion.