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New Release Date — Final

Version: v1.3
New Release Date: Feb 27, 2017 — Final
Reason: Bug fixes, tests and new documentation.

Changelog v1.3

- treeToOptionList() in /app/Models/Traits/Nestable.php

- Working with listing category when none is assigned.
- user_verified_mark() helper method not using the correct user instance.
- ShareThis button.js file served using HTTP protocol when website is using HTTPS.
- Verified icon with hardcoded url.
- vue-resource.min.js served from a CDN
- Search alert state not working properly on certain conditions.
- Listings with an expired "On Top" date being removed from search results, not the expected behavior.
- Search results not showing newest listing first.
- "On Top" attribute not being set when creating new listing.
- Query params not added to pagination links
- Missing UpdateCategoryRequest
- Meta field options add/edit not working properly
- Fix creating empty category translations (Causing SQL error)
- Fix creating empty page translations (Causing SQL error)

- Hierarchical theme system.
- Widgets
- More user friendly (basic) 404 page
- SEO meta tags (description and keywords)
- XML Sitemaps
- Logo
- Infinite Category Nesting
- Car Part compatiblity system enabled based on category (like meta fields) — This makes Junker a multipurpose classified script!

- Removed PHP strict comparison operator from SendNewMessageNotification event listener, causing problem on some servers. (Really strange!)
- vue-resource.min.js v0.9.3 to v1.0.3
- "Change Plan" page now shows plan's features for better user experience
- Settings forms refactored; replaced BootForm with standard HTML for flexibility.
- Catch any exception (and log it) when retrieving setting using the helper method setting().
- Category Selector now support "infinite" nesting
- Categories now being retrieved from API for a cleaner HTML/JavaScript.
- Better vehicle selector (inspired from eBay)

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Hello, are you available for customization services and does it support French or have a translation file I can easily modify?


Yes, depending on what you want. You can translate the English language package, click here for more information. :)

Hola, mi hermano está mostrando este error cuando intento instalar mi pais , Brasil ”: país”, como previamente instalado.

pero cuando veo mi país se instaló hace nada, me puede enviar un nuevo enlace para descargar con mi lengua incluye como valor pagado más por ello.

Pero tengo su apoyo mi búsqueda no tengo ningún problema Esta solución tiene más me ayude por favor.


Disculpa, no logro entender bien su pregunta. Si está teniendo problemas con el país “Brasil”, intente eliminarlo e instalarlo nuevamente. Para eliminarlo vaya a Settings > Locations > Countries > Brazil (haga clic sobre el nombre del país), y oprima el botón rojo.