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The script is steep, but if the ability to download price lists from users?

Hi there,

No at the moment, maybe in a future release. :)

  • hello, some pre-purchase questions:
  • your demo doesn’t seem to be working, as I get is a blank page, but all ot her pages are ok
  • is this a complete script, or a plugin?
  • since I can’t see the demo, based on the item details, does this app allow users to also sell their own specific products, just as the site admin can also sell his own products? Similar to a multi-vendor marketplace?
  • although this app seems to be specific for vehicle parts and accessories, can I also add categories of other industries, like real estate, etc., and can site members also sell their own products that are not in the vehicle industry, like animal pet care (shelter, sanctuary) industry, medical industry, etc.?
  • does this come with a child theme?
  • I am in the Philippines, so I presume all the regions, provinces, and cities in my country are included?
  • do you offer free installation?

can you please check your demo since I am very excited to view it immediately.

thank you. Gracias amigo.

Hi there,

  • Just tested and demo is fully working. Alternatively you can use the test server:
  • It’s a complete script.
  • Yes, users can sell they own items…
  • Yes, you can add other categories not related to car parts but keep in mind that Junker will always display the compatibility system on listings and forms. Junker will become a “multipurpose” classified/marketplace script on future updates.
  • No, just the default theme (the one that you see in demo). In the next version (v1.3.0) you will be able to modify the aesthetic and layout by extending themes (creating child themes).
  • Junker comes preloaded with Geo Data, but I can’t guarantee that your area will be included, please check the demo. List of included countries.
  • No, I don’t offer free installation, sorry. If you want, send an email and I’ll let you know about the cost of this service.
  • Geolocation only include the list of countries, regions and cities. No Latitude, Longitude or listing map… Maybe in future releases.
  • Kilometers, miles, centimeters, inches, meters or feet aren’t needed and therefore not requested… You can create metafileds that meet your specific needs if that is what you are looking for.
  • Metafileds can be marked as required, also as “searchable”.
  • No, Junker comes just with PayPal payment method. Offline payment methods isn’t supported at the moment.

Thanks for your interest in Junker. :)

  • thank you for your very quick reply. Yes the demo is working now, so the problem must been on my end, most likely my very slow internet conneciton.

well, unfortunately, offline payments are the bread and butter of online merchants here in the Philippines, as most users do not use Paypal. This is extremely unfortunate since your script is what I have been waiting for, but it becomes totally useless to me, for now, if we and our sellers cannot accept offline payments, which I hope you will include in your next update.

thanks again.,

I understand. Offline payment will be added in future releases, if you want send me an email through my profile or the support tab, that way I can notify you when the feature is released.


rokumanu Purchased


any chance for us to reconfigure the payment and email system after the installation has been finished?


Yes, you can reconfigure the payment and email system after the installation. Just open the .env file located at the root directory inside the main Junker folder and change the respective fields. You’ll find more information in the CONFIGURATIONS.html file inside the documentation folder.

Let me know if you need more details.


Siar Purchased

Hey just tried to installing the script but I keep getting error 404 page not found, I have followed the installation document in the documents folder but still can’t get the site running. I’m using Cpanel and installing on a subdomain. Do you have screenshots or Video on how to install? Thank you


Please ask your hosting provider how to change the document root configuration, this is different for every hosting.

I can’t say which folder to use as I don’t know how your specific hosting works, you should put Junker in the appropriate public_html directory and then update the document root to point to public_html/public. If you don’t change the document root, you could access the site by adding public to your URL (e.g.: (isn’t recommended). If for any reason you can’t change the document root, let me know and I’ll send you an alternative.


Siar Purchased

Hi I have worked out the installation process.

Now I need help with the footer pages, none of the footer links are connected to any page, where is the contact us page or how can I make it?

Thank you


Footer links are for demo purposes only, they aren’t functional out of the box, Junker doesn’t have a contact page. You can add to the link and a dialog (from the computer) will be opened to write and send an email.


mummers Purchased

how can i change grid column’s count in Junker Search? it’s 3 columns now. i want change it to 5 columns, 5 items in raw.

in resources/views/search/index.blade.php,

in main.css,

i have to change something source code in main.css ? or index.blade.php ?

any exam code plz?

plz help me!

it is important problem to me ..

Hi there,

In order to have 5 columns instead of 3 you need to modify main.css. I can’t help you on how/what to change. You can use the browser inspector to locate the CSS rules and modify them as needed. Keep in mind the site responsiveness.

I can do it for you if you want… just write me at support[@] and I’ll send you a price quote.


hi gerardo

can u change it to 4 coumns ???

price ?


Yes, I can change the 3 columns to 4, write to support[@] so I can send you the price quote. You can also write through my profile or the item’s support tab.

Thanks! :)

does the current version have social share buttons like on the current demo?

Yes, but I think there’s a problem displaying the buttons when using HTTPS connections in the current version. The library URL is different for secured and non-secured connections, this problem was solved and will be available in the next update.


Siar Purchased

Hey when is the new update coming out?


By the end of January. :)

Can you customise it according to my requirement? let me kno by email if you can jamal at

Hi, I have sent you an email. :)