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testing demo: if i select a country change automatically the currency?..because if i set USD in admin panel, and then select spain the listing show in EURO? because the listing is not show in the country selected? and how can the people in spain set EURO to listing?

No, currency isn’t set automatically based on selected country. At the moment currency can only be set through the admin dashboard.

We will add a currency setting to the frontend (just like the language setting) soon.

well, currency by country! :) Great Job!

Hi, please let me know if the following can be done right now with your script or in the feature :) 1)Add a “sold” sign in a listing by the owner 2)change how many days will the listings be valid and/or show days left in listing details. 3)change columns in category view so images become smaller 4)in home page show all categories/subcategories in grid style 5)display premium listings at the top of their category 6)add breadcrumbs 7)show youtube video in listing details 8)show category link in listing detail 9) make custom fields values in listing details clickable so they can be used for search (like tags)

Regards George


  1. Can be done with a customization. This is not supported out of the box.
  2. You can change how many days the listings will remain active under each recurring plan. Listing’s don’t show time remaining, can be done with a customization.
  3. Columns in search cannot be changed within the admin dashboard, a customization is required.
  4. Categories can be added to the homepage as you describe with a customization
  5. Listings with “On Top” feature enabled will/should be on top of all search results.
  6. Listing video will be added in future releases.
  7. Clickable custom fields in listing’s page is a great idea, we will add this soon.

Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay. Hope this is the answer you were looking for. Let me know if you want to know more.


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I notice that the categories when adding a listing are not showing in Chrome, do you have the fix for that? thanks!


I have tested it in demo and everything seems to be working as expected.

Send instructions to replicate the error and screenshots to support[@] We will continue the conversation there. :)

I think this script would be ideal for what I am looking for, other than the lack of commenting ability on the listing themselves. Are there any plans for this feature? Also the ability to rate sellers, similar to ebay feedback. Thanks.


Comments and seller ratings will be added soon! :)

How about mobile app?

We will create an iPhone and Android app in the future. Great stuff coming!

Ideas and feature requests are welcome and appreciated!

Hello, Can we use adsense on this website?


Yes, you can insert Adsense code through theme widgets.

soon updates? :), im ready to buy.

Yes! We don’t have an estimated date yet, but we expect to release the update soon.

We are working on the Listing’s Import tool and other nice features.

Thanks for your interest in Junker. :)

hi.. Featured item Under normal item liste ?



1 2 3 4 5 Product


New Products

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 12

list okey ?

thanks :) When does it come out new versiyon ? I’ll wait..

Soon! We don’t have an estimated date yet.

answer my e-mails

thank you

The db.database format is invalid.


I have received your email. You don’t need to replicate your message on every support channel. One email is enough. Also, emails and comments are responded within 24 business hours. We do our best to respond within a couple of hours but that’s not always possible. We need to validate every issue and find a solution if there is none at the moment, this cannot be done in 5 minutes, unfortunately. Thank you for your understanding.

I have replied your email.

Hello, seems that this is a great item and could help us with a niche project. my question is for the data already installed. We have a niche that we would only want the categories/ data per that niche to be populated. Do we have access to publish, hide data per admin or code?


Categories cannot be activated/deactivated right now, but you can always delete as many as you want and add your own. Same goes for custom fields. Vehicles data won’t appear on listing form unless you create a custom field of type “vehicles”.

Should you have any other question please let me know. :)

Thank you, I’m looking to purchase now but want to know if it’s mobile responsiveness and or when do you plan on intergrating iOS/ android sdk? I’d be interested in helping team update with user interface aesthetics and optimizing structure as well. No bigger if you guys are open we can chat if not just let me know when you plan on releasing content. I really want to help this script grow.

It’s mobile responsive. We plan to develop Apple and Android app in the future. Public API is planned and will be integrated soon.

Thanks for your interest in helping with mobile app development, I’ll let you know at the time of development if needed. Huge thanks for your interest in Junker’s success! :)

Is it posible listen first Vehicles and than category


I don’t fully understand your question. Can you please give me more details or examples of what you are looking for?

Thanks for your interest in Junker. :)

Add listen first Vehicle and than parts

I don’t understand, sorry. :/

Can you give me an example?

Can you do customer modifications? This is a bit different t from what I want so I would appreciate if it can be customize to what i need.

Yes! Send me an email with your modifications, we will continue the discussion there.

the currency by country is very important

I’ll try to implement this for the next update. There’s lots of work! Thanks for the suggestion!

Any idea when you plan to develop Apple and Android app? Waiting to buy apps if they become available. Also when is the next update for Junker and possible new features to expect? Thanks